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Wild Digital is the digital home of Wild As The Wind Skincare and Healthcare products.

We are proud to be a Bristol Green Capital Partner.


Handmade Skincare & Healthcare in Bristol, Bath & Somerset

Previously, Wild Digital was exclusively a digital marketing agency.

These days we rarely take on new marketing clients as we prefer to devote our time to Wild As The Wind healthcare and skincare products.

Somewhat ironically, within weeks of making the decision to commit Wild Digital to the promotion and production of healthcare and skincare products, Wild Digital was named one of the three top digital marketing agencies in North Somerset by Three Best Rated

Before contacting us to discuss marketing and PR services please be aware we now only take on new marketing and PR clients in exceptional circumstances. Unless you are an allied or complimentary business that espouses the same principles and ethos as Wild Digital, please do not approach us to provide marketing and PR services on your behalf.

Here’s the old content relating to Wild Digital as a marketing agency:

Wild Digital came into being in 2013. Although a relative newcomer it is already enjoying very high levels of visibility within search engine results pages, occupying positions on page one of Google for highly competitive keywords.

This is because Wild Digital is powered by years of digital insight, allowing it to seamlessly rise to prominence within an aggressively competitive niche.

Work With Wild Digital

Vying for online attention can be a very rigorous and lengthy process. There are no quick fixes. But, working with agencies that clearly illustrate their ability to achieve online visibility, can usually make the process a lot less arduous, and quite often will prove to be considerably less expensive in the long run.

Wild Digital provides uniquely tailored digital marketing solutions to accommodate all of the differing objectives that businesses may have. We are also able to adapt what we do to provide great results even if we are working within tight budgetary constraints.

Call us now to discuss how we can help you achieve an impressive digital presence.







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