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Bath SaltsWild As The Wind make a beautiful range of very healing bath salts that are infused with very high grade essential oils.

All hand blended and wrapped in lovely natural muslin that acts as an age-defying exfoliating face cloth the moment you decant your gorgeous bath salts into a glass jar when you get them home. (Storing the essential oil infused salts in a glass jar keeps the salts fresh. As essential oils are volatile oils, they will soon disperse into the air if they are not kept in an air-tight container.)

Beauty-full… really lovely, nurturing & cleansing on every level…

Lara, Bristol

These really healing bath salts are directly available from Wild As The Wind at the Wells Saturday and Wednesday Markets, and Winscombe Market on the last Thursday of the month.

Buy our full range of Bath Salts infused, by hand, with Essential Oils, and then wrapped by hand in a natural muslin face cloth, from the Wild As The Wind Etsy Store :: wildasthewinds

Retailers who stock the Wild As The Wind Bath Salts include:

Brockley Stores, in Brockley, North Somerset

Scoop and Spice in Yatton and Winscombe, North Somerset

Chi Wholefoods in Bristol.

We will soon be putting in an appearance in Bath also.

The Healing Properties Of Bath Salts

It is calculated that as many as 75% of us are chronically dehydrated, and that as much as 70% of the population is magnesium deficient… But, that’s not all… There are other mineral deficiencies that have reached epidemic proportions, such as zinc deficiency, iron deficiency and calcium deficiency, amongst others…

Mineral bath salts, particularly those infused with high grade essential oils, like the ones from Wild As The Wind, are extremely curative, deeply relaxing and can help replace the mineral deficiencies in our diets. Each of the three salts used in our bath salt blends, Himalayan Rock Salt, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt all have different healing properties, as do all of the essential oils.

Learn more about the healing properties of the Wild As The Wind bath salts.

Decoding The Bath Salts Labels

The retro hand-printed luggage labels are partially hand written in a shorthand as follows:

1 = Himalayan Rock Salt
2 = Dead Sea Salt
3 = Epsom Salt

The different essential oils are used individually with each pack of 1kg salts, (i.e. one oil per 1 x 1kg sack of salts).

L = Lavender
G = Geranium
YY = Ylang Ylang
CS = Clary Sage
F = Frankincense

So, in combination the following applies, for example:

1L = Lavender Scented Himalayan Rock Salt

2G = Geranium Scented Dead Sea Salt

3F = Frankincense Scented Epsom Salt

Healing Properties of Bath Salts

  • Dead Sea Salt (20+ minerals from a very ancient source – very curative for angry, red skin conditions)
  • Epsom Salt (essentially magnesium (sulphate), which is best absorbed trans-dermally, and which many of us are deficient in.)
  • Himalayan Rock Salt (88 minerals from a very ancient and pristine source)

Read the full list of healing benefits of our bath salts.

Use Packaging As A Facial Cloth

The beautiful natural muslin packaging has been chosen as it’s the perfect size and texture for using as an exfoliating face cloth.

Using a mildly abrasive cloth in the process of removing dead skin cells helps to increase the renewal rate of facial skin cells, which has a very anti-aging effect on the skin.

The quicker facial skin cells are renewed the more young-looking we remain.

Remove Packaging & Store In A Glass Jar

Bath salts are best stored in a glass jar, preferably with a glass lid. Salt can be corrosive to untreated metals, however, pickling jar lids are coated in a protective layer of plastic, so these are also ideal.

Use your natural muslin for making nut milks or for straining other liquids in the cooking and preserving process. Recycle the 100% degradable plastic bag.

Alternatively, use your muslin cloth as an exfoliating face cloth, as directed above.

How To Use Your Bath Salts

It is estimated that the first 20 minutes of a bath, or foot bath, with healing salts, is when the toxins are drawn from the body, with the following 20 minutes of the bath allowing the minerals in the salts to be absorbed.

Salt Baths

Place 200g of salts (approximately 1/5 of the 1kg bag of bath salts) into a hot bath, and then soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, or for up to an hour. Bathing for approximately 40 minutes, as a minimum, allows the salts sufficient time to be absorbed by your body, and for the detoxifying action of the salts to work effectively.

Lie back and enjoy!

Foot Baths

Foot baths can be equally as healing as full body baths, and in some respects they are preferential to immersive baths. It is possible to achieve the 1% salt to 95% water ratio (1:100) for an affordable, environmentally acceptable, and optimally healing salt solution.

To truly take advantage of the full range of healing benefits from salt baths, the salt concentration has to be equivalent to, or must exceed, the salt ratio of your body fluids (approximately 1%). Only this will activate the osmotic exchange ratio, allowing optimal levels of toxins to be removed from the body and for the minerals in the salts to be absorbed.

This is much easier to achieve in a foot bath than it is in an entirely immersive bath!

Note re. Himalayan Rock Salt :: The ferrous element within Himalayan Rock Salt, (which is what makes Himalayan Rock Salt pink), does not completely dissolve. This means a few very pink crystals will remain when everything else has gone into solution. For this reason it is best to place Himalayan Rock Salts at the foot of the bath to ensure you’re not sat on any of these abrasive crystals whilst bathing. Epsom and Dead Sea Salts are not ferrous and so they both dissolve completely.

Why Our bath Salts Are Extremely Good Value

These heavily aromatic bath salts are hand blended and then hand wrapped with love. The label is hand printed and partially hand written before it is tied, by hand, to the bath salts to add the finishing touches.

The essential oils that the salts are infused with are of excellent quality. Over 75% of all essential oils being sold as being pure and natural are, in fact, adulterated. This means that they have been manipulated in some way (often in several ways), which can diminish or negate the oils healing properties. in a lot of cases the adulteration actually transforms a lovely healing oil into a toxic glob of nastiness that you don’t want to put anywhere near your skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and things can be absorbed and can easily enter the bloodstream. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you only use health-giving oils in your skin and healthcare regimes.

How Do Our Bath Salts Compare In Price?

A quick scoot around the internet revealed these over-priced options… none of which are packaged in such a nice way as the Wild As The Wind bath salts.

Corinne Taylor Aromatherapy Bath Salts :: 70g for £22.00

Kiss The Moon Bedtime Bath Salts :: 400g for £20.00

Living Sea Bath Salts :: 400g for £18.00

Boots Dead Sea Bath Salts – unscented – boxed :: 1000g for £7.89

Superdrug Dead Sea Salts – unscented – plastic packet :: 1000g for £6.99

How Much Do Wild As The Wind Bath Salts Cost?

Even though we use the best quality ingredients, and despite the packaging being far superior to the alternatives, we retail 1kg of salts between £6.50 – £7.95, for plain salts, or salts that are infused with a single essential oil.

Our Psoriasis and Eczema blend has a good amount of bicarbonate of soda as well as a very targeted healing blend of essential oils.

500g of the Psoriasis and Eczema Salts blend, with natural muslin face cloth, is £5.95 and 1kg is £9.95.


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