EMF :: A New Man Made Evil

EMF :: A New Man Made Evil


Based on the insights of Nick Pineault

It’s thought that the only danger of EMF is when these frequencies heat up the tissue, ‘the heating effect’, but this is not the case. There’s a biological impact that is happening on a cellular level, that’s impacting the mitochondria… It effectively stresses every single cell in the body that comes into contact with it and causes the ‘rapid aging syndrome’, just like other toxins in our environment.

EMF is the kind of foreign invader that we should be concerned about… not the Eastern Europeans!

Wild As The Wind Facial Care Study 2018

Wild As The Wind Facial Care Study 2018 The Wild As The Wind Facial Care Study 2018 aims to poll as many people as possible, (both men and women from all age groups) to determine what we are doing to care for our facial skin and how we are doing it…

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Morning Detox Protocols

Rotten On The Inside

Morning Detox Protocols Morning detox protocols are so important that I spend much of my time telling people all about them. This essentially means that many of my conversations either start with, or eventually swing round to, discussing how to start the day in the most healthy way possible. My priority is to try and […]

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Are We Doomed?

Are We Doomed? You’re response is required! We’re going to let Katie Goodman present the case for this one… Now, watch this video and let me know what you think! Feedback accepted in the comments, via email or on social media, as usual…

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Organic Meat

Soil Association Logo

Organic Meat & Our Fraudulent Economic System We, at Wild As The Wind, advocate the moderate eating of healthy meats, particularly organic chicken liver, Organic Lamb and the brown meat of Organic Chickens, found on the legs and underside of the bird. We are also strong advocates of making bone broth from the carcass of […]

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Spa Treatment Days :: Call Out

Spa Treatment Day Call Out

Spa Treatment Days :: Call Out Wild As The Wind is coordinating a number of Spa Treatment Days this year. These events will be held in village and town halls and will bring complimentary therapists, alt-health and fitness practitioners and people producing small scale, healthful products, (like us), to the provinces of North Somerset. Winscombe, […]

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Let’s Make The Ebb & Flow Of 2018 = LOVE!

Wherever there is progress there will always be reaction. The conservatives, (read those that have most to gain from the old establishment), will always push back and try to cling, by the claw, to their position of power. Attempts to assuage the future will always be marked by struggle and conflict…

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Mood Disorders and Hormonal Imbalance :: Medical Intervention or Natural Therapies?


Mood Disorders and Hormonal Imbalance :: Surgical Intervention or Natural Therapies? Which would you prefer? Surgical intervention or natural therapies for treating mental health and hormonal imbalances? Don’t answer yet… let’s make an informed choice shall we…?

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Bathing In Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Rock Salt and Baking Soda

Bathing In Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Rock Salt and Baking Soda Salt baths can be very healing. They not only sooth and relax, but they can also cure a good number of persistent and uncomfortable conditions. Bathing In Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Rock Salt and Baking Soda, either individually, or as […]

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Talks and Workshop Schedule

Talks and Workshop Schedule The talks and workshops schedule will begin with Rachel Wild in January 2018 and will continue indefinitely. We will also be inviting guest speakers and hosts to join us, particularly speakers that have been recommended by you, or who we have invited because they specialise in a field that many of […]

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Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil Image

Organic Orange Essential Oil Organic Orange Essential Oil, or Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil as it’s also known, is a real therapeutic powerhouse. It possesses anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-arthritic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, antispasmodic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and aphrodisiacal properties. It is also believed to treat colds and flu, increase circulation, aid digestion, improve blood pressure, support lymphatic drainage, boost […]

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Real News Sources: The best online news resources

Real news sources

Real news sources are becoming increasingly important. We are standing at a pivotal point in human history and the stakes could not be higher. If we are to create a world that sustains all, instead of it continuing to be perilously plundered and polluted for the profits of a few, we need to stay informed […]

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Bristol Marketing Featured Business: The Railway Inn At Sandford

Tangent Books: Thatchers Then and Now Image

Thatchers Cider have done something extraordinary. They have renovated an old village pub, situated close to their offices and farm shop, transforming it into a glistening spectacle so splendid that, when inside it, one could genuinely believe that all is truly well with the world… By: Rachel Wild

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Twitter For Business: 55+ Twitter Tools

Twitter Logo 150px

Twitter For Business: 55+ Twitter Tools An invaluable list of free and paid Twitter tools that will do all of the heavy lifting for you on Twitter, saving you time and money, whilst optimising ROI on the Twitter platform.

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Bath Marketing: Featured Business – One Tree Online Gift Vouchers

One Tree logo_1

One Tree, a City Of Bath based digital business, provides Online Gift Voucher services to enable businesses to seamlessly provide customers with online gift vouchers whilst also allowing service providers instant database management of gift voucher schemes.

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Google+ Collections: Another Reason To Love Google+


Google+ Collections: Another Reason To Love Google+ is part of the Bristol Marketing series of free resources for businesses in the Bristol, Bath and North Somerset region. Google+ Collections is effectively content curation at its best… Users of Scoop.it + Pinterest + Instagram + Paper.li etc. will all love Google+ Collections. Here’s why…

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New Online Tool Makes You Happier

Journal.Today- Wild Digital Blog Post

Journal.Today is a new web based writing app designed to make you happier. Be one of the first to use it, and let us know how much happier you feel afterwards! (And, let Journal.Today know too.)

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The Power OF Goodwill In Business

Litsters Traditional Butchers in Winscombe, North Somerset

How to generate word of mouth marketing, free press exposure, and create networking opportunities whilst improving website SEO. All of these things can be achieved by operating on a basis of googdwill.

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Bristol Marketing: Angela Yon’s Incredible Pop-Up Restaurants


‘Angela Yon’s Incredible Pop-Up Restaurants’ is part of the Bristol Marketing series published via the Wild Digital website. We will be creating a case study around Angela Yon, of Yon Events, detailing the pro bono work Wild Digital has done to support Angela in her quest to expand her already flourishing business. Please subscribe to […]

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Twitter For Business

Twitter Logo

Wild Digital is launching a new business blog series focusing on the use of Twitter for business. We will compile all of the Twitter insights articles into one comprehensive 20+ page report and will make it available to our subscribers without charge. As well as including the full list of articles (below), it will also […]

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Bristol Marketing: Website Spam Detection And Deletion

Links - Referral Spam

In a recent Bristol Marketing post we introduced you to Akismet, the WordPress plugin that filters spam comments from your website. Spammy comments are bad for your website for a number of reasons, but there is another form of spam that is equally deleterious, if not more so. This other form of spam is link […]

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Bristol Marketing: Essential WordPress Plugins and WordPress Websites explained

wordpress logo

Wild Digital advocates using WordPress to develop business websites. We offer a number of WordPress services to support Wild Digital clients here in the UK. We advocate using a small number of plugins on your WordPress site, please skip to these if you are already familiar with the WordPress platform. What is WordPress? WordPress is […]

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Bristol Marketing

Bristol Marketing: Digital Insights and Strategies

Bristol Marketing is a new initiative of Wild Digital Marketing and PR. It will be regularly featured in the Wild Digital Blog and will focus on digital marketing for independent business. It aims to highlight how independent businesses can leverage digital marketing channels and online PR to obtain greater online visibility…

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Twitter, Please Alphabetise Your Lists

Twitter, Please Alphebetise Your Lists Image

Twitter lists are invaluable, but they simply take too much time to create and maintain. If we highlight the issues will Twitter improve their list facility provision… to perhaps something as friendly as the Google+ approach?

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Moz Analytics Is The Answer To Your Marketing Woes

Moz Screen Shot For Wild Digital Blog

If you are not using Moz Analytics, or an equivalent suite of marketing software, then you are not running the business you think you’re running. What you are doing is operating a betting shop.  

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Best Free PR Tools For PR Professionals And Business Owners

Free PR Tools

List of the best free PR tools currently available online. Includes news syndication, free media lists, social sharing apps and methods of sourcing media opportunities. By Rachel Wild ♦ Google+ ♦ Twitter.

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Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Using social media keyboard shortcuts saves time and reduces frustration. Learn how to navigate your favourite social media platforms using this infographic. By Rachel Wild Rachel Wild has been writing for digital publication for many years. She is regularly published within various online formats. You can connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.    

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Crowdfunding Stats 2013

Crowdfunding Statistics 2013

The Crowdfunding Stats 2013 report, published by Massolution in April 2013, quantified the crowdfunding market in the following way: By Rachel Wild ♦ Google+ ♦ Twitter. Crowdfunding Global Market: The 2013 Crowdfunding statistics reveal a very interesting story. Growth rates are exponential with every indication that they will continue to rise very rapidly. $2.7 billion was […]

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