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Wild As The Wind HomepageBlending oils to use on the face is a great way of creating a deeply moisturising, gently healing, soothing and uplifting balm that doesn’t need preservatives or toxic chemicals to stabilise the formulation and extend shelf life. Properly blended facial oils are as easily absorbed as creams, and are usually a lot more healthy for the skin than the mass produced products available on the High Street.

Our biggest selling facial oil is FACIAL OIL No.2

Facial Oil Longevity

Adding pure vitamin E oil will not only enhance the healing properties of the oil blends, but it will also help stabalise some of the more delicate oils, such as the queen of all facial oils, Rosehip.

However, the Wild as The Wind facial oil range includes so many oils that are naturally rich in Vitamin E, we tend to use complete oils, in their natural state, as we believe the complete form of the oil is more beneficial in many ways. We only really advocate using concentrated oil isolates to treat a specific skin condition, and only then in extreme circumstances.

Instead we advocate that you buy facial oils in small amounts to avoid issues of rancidity. 30ml or 50ml bottles of blended facial oil are ideal sizes for an individual user. Our 100ml bottle is our largest bottle of facial oil, and is ideal for households with multiple users.

Facial Oil Ingredients

The oils we use in our skincare range are incredibly potent, all offering different healing properties that, when combined, become a powerhouse of anti-aging skin food that also smells amazing.

Natural oils are pure nourishment for our besieged and beleaguered soul suits. Wild As The Wind sources all base oils and essential oils from reputable suppliers who chemically test the oils for purity.

Over 75% of all essential oils being sold around the world today have been adulterated in one form or another, often with synthetic substances that mimic the natural aromas and other constituents within the oils. These synthetic adulterants are often toxic and transform perfectly healthy oils into substances that should carry a health warning.

It is, therefore, vital that Wild As The Wind is continually vigilant in sourcing the highest quality oils and the most affordable prices.

Star Child LogoWe rely on suppliers such as Star Child in Glastonbury to thoroughly process the chemical tests performed on each batch of oil to ensure optimal purity and safety.

It’s the highly prized, incredibly healing oils that command an high price, such as Rose and Sandalwood essential oils, and because of this it’s these oils that are often adulterated to increase monetary gain.

For example, the Star Child Rose oil would retail at in excess of £130.00 for 5ml of pure essential oil if they were to actively sell it.

Both of these oils are ingredients in our incredibly healing No.2 facial oil, and so it is critical that we ensure the pureness of these high value essential oils, and, of course, all of the others too.

Aromatic and Healing

All of the Wild As The Wind facial oils are gorgeously aromatic as well as profoundly healing. In fact, in some instances, the aroma of an essential oil on its own has been scientifically proven to have curative properties.

Perhaps the most commonly known aromatic cure is the de-stressing and soporific qualities of Lavender essential oil. Of course, people have been using Lavender EO for these purposes for centuries, but science has finally corroborated what we knew all along.

Whilst it is now possible to make scientifically based claims, courtesy of the tireless work being done by Sayer Ji and the team at Green Med Info i is important to remember that even the most pure of oils can’t make up for a bad diet, and no skin is ever going to look good if it isn’t properly hydrated from the inside.

This is why WIld As The Wind focus as much on disseminating critically important health information, via the website and within Talks and Workshops, as well as supplying our artfully blended facial oils.


Base Oils:

Sweet Almond Oil

Rosehip Oil

Pomegranate Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Essential Oils:










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The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.







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