Hydrosol Facial Cleansers

Hydrosol CleanserHydrosol facial cleansers are made from the distilled water used in the process of making essential oils. Of course, not all essential oils are made via the process of distillation, but the majority are, leaving us with a lot of choice as to which hydrosol we wish to use as a cleanser and toner.

Hydrosols are also known as flower waters. They contain tiny particles of the essential oil which are left in the distilled water after the extraction of the essential oil has taken place. They are essentially the residue of the plant oils which are suspended throughout the flower water / hydrosol.

How To Use

These hydrosols have a deeply penetrating cleansing action, gently reaching into the base of the pores and pulling out grime and pollutants. Because they are distilled water combined with microscopic drops of essential oil they add pure, clean water to the skin ready for an immediate application of FACIAL OIL No. 2, which will then lock in all that lovely moisture.






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