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Wild As The Wind TestimonialsHere are a selection of the kind words some of the lovely Wild As The Wind customers have shared with us. We are very grateful for all of your Wild As The Wind Testimonials, so please keep them coming! ♥

Being a very young business, that is developing all the time, certain products are more well established than others. Like our first ever product FACIAL OIL No. 2 which we launched at the same time we introduced our novel Bath Salts packaged in a face cloth…

As FACIAL OIL No. 2 is our longest standing product, it has inevitably received more feedback than our other, more recently developed products.

Wild As The Wind Reviews

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I started using Wild As The Wind’s Facial Oil no.2 a couple of weeks ago. I had high hopes that my nearly 50 year-old skin would be improved, but the product entirely surpassed all expectation!

After daily use before bed, this facial oil has significantly helped to even both the tone and the colour of my skin – soothing some redness in my cheeks – and leaving my face looking and feeling much younger and healthier.

I found that it was readily absorbed after cleansing and left no greasy residue, it has even been successfully used it as a daytime moisturiser! My skin feels significantly better hydrated and nourished, and the smell is divine..!

BD, Bristol

I love this oil, and it has done wonders for my age spots on the side of my face. The smell is divine.

Where can I purchase some more for my daughter in law, and also myself in Bristol where we live?

Alison, Bristol

I have been using Wild as The Wind face oil for 8 months now and the difference in my skin has been amazing. I am 44 and I developed middle age spots (having never suffered as a teen!). My spots have totally disappeared and my skin feels fresh every day. Not only that, but I am not buying any moisturisers or cleaners so saving lots of money and saving the waste from packaging and plastic that most modern cosmetic products seem to come with. I would thoroughly recommend the face oil to anyone (and I use it on my body too!).

Sonya, Wedmore

I absolutely love your facial oil No. 2. It’s just wonderful.

I love the deep nourishment that it gives to my skin. It looks brighter than ever before… And I love the smell… natural and really wonderful.

Lluisa, Glastonbury

I am loving your oils… especially the No 2 oil, which I have been using everyday… they work really well with the cleanser, so I’m excited about them!

Sophia, Chipping Sodbury

I’ve been using the oil daily and it continues to give my skin a healthy glow and my skin is lovely and moisturised

Well done on making some marvellous natural products.

Sarah, Winscombe

Dropping the heavenly [FACIAL] OIL No. 2 onto my hands, rubbing them together till warm, then inhaling the spicy scent before smearing upwards, all over my face and neck, feels ritualistic.

My skin tone has evened out and my age spots are slowly disappearing. My complexion is glowing and [my skin] feels divinely soft.

Having spent an absolute fortune over the years on Clinique, Clarins, Estée Lauder, and the like, I’m delighted to have found you now…

Natalie: Chelwood, Bristol

Wonderful results with number 2 oil. l use it every day and my skin looks so good and feels fantastic. l recommend it 100% to anyone who is looking to improve their facial skin.

Jannine, Netherlands

Your new products are great. I love the geranium and frankincense scents. Really uplifting…

Heidi, Devon

I bought this Cleanser and Anti Ageing Facial Oil No. 2 for my 60 year old mum. She started using them a few weeks ago on her face and hands.

On her hands her age spots started fading immediately and some even disappeared, not to mention how smooth and silky the skin has become.

On her face, she uses the Cleanser & Toner first which really refreshes the skin and puts Facial Oil No. 2 on it. She has noticed her skin is looking more life like, she has more colour in her face, the skin is very smooth and more elastic and she has also started noticing some of the wrinkles reducing and some around her chin even disappearing. She is very happy with both products so far and is recommending both.

She is also a person with lots of allergies even to some natural ingredients, but these products seem to just be perfect for her! Thank you very much, it was a gift for my mum worth every penny by the looks of it 🙂

Ines, Bristol Re. Renata, Slovenia

Buy Wild As The Wind Skincare Products Online. Currently we offer our full facial oil range and a number of our cleansers via our Etsy shop…

Hydrosol Facial Cleansers

I love using your cleanser/toner because [of] the easy spray bottle. The scent is heavenly and feminine, and when I wipe my hydrosol soaked cotton pad over my face it leaves a warm even glow.

Natalie: Chelwood, Bristol

On her face, she uses the Cleanser & Toner first which really refreshes the skin and puts Facial Oil No. 2 on it. She has noticed her skin is looking more life like, she has more colour in her face, the skin is very smooth and more elastic and…

Ines, Bristol Re. Renata, Slovenia

Dead Sea Mud

My daughter and I had a pamper night and the Dead Sea face mask was amazing. My face felt baby soft afterwards and it was easy to use.

Sarah, Wells

I used to have a really unsightly red rash all around my nose and upper lip every winter. Bumps, like emerging spots, would cluster within the reddened skin. Stress would make them ten times worse. I tried lots of different ointments and creams that promised good results but none of them worked.

The best I could do was cover it all up with foundation, but I think this just made it worse in the long run… Then I discovered Dead Sea Mud. It worked wonders. I couldn’t believe how fast it would clear the rash… and it cleared it completely…. It only takes two or three intensive applications of the mud before the rash just goes. I apply it in the evenings for two or three days on the trot and then the rash just fades away.

Rachel, Somerset

Bath Salts

The bath salts with geranium [Psoriasis and Eczema blend] were a real treat and the psoriasis on my knees is lots better and not as angry looking and scaly.

Well done on making some marvellous natural products.

Sarah, Wells

These bath salts smell AMAZING!

Rachel, Somerset

Beauty-full… really lovely, nurturing & cleansing on every level…

Lara, Bristol









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