Essential OilsUsing Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils is vitally important if people are going to take responsibility for their health and learn how to prevent a lot of the nasty bugs and infections that do the rounds. But, Essential Oils, as the name suggests, are very concentrated oils. If used undiluted, essential oils will harm the user… in almost every case!

Undiluted essential oils can variously, depending on which type, cause:

  • Organ Dysfunction
  • Photosensitivity & Burns
  • Toxicity
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Skin Dryness

Aside from the dangerous side effects of using undiluted essential oils, the reality is that all we need is a 1-5% essential oil dilution to achieve the health giving benefits of any essential oil.

Essential oils are expensive. The making of essential oils requires an awful lot of plant matter, and so there’s an environmental cost to making the oils as well as a human cost. Why would we want to waste our money as well as cause negative environmental consequences by using too much essential oil even if it were safe to do so?

There is no good reason not to dilute oils. But there are very definite benefits to using a carrier oil. Some carrier oils are deeply healing and nutritious and can support the action of the essential oils being used.

At Wild As The Wind we produce blended oils with a minimum of eight essential oils, and usually with five or six carrier oils.

For example, our ultimate anti-aging FACIAL OIL No. 2 has six base and eight essential oils and our dermatological defense facial oil, FACIAL OIL No. 7, has six base oils and ten essential oils, making it ideal for supporting and improving the condition of all forms of problematic skin.

Wild As The Wind sells individual essential oils so that people can experiment with their own recipes for healing their skin conditions and other issues. We passionately support and strongly advocate the importance of individuals improving their personal knowledge of complimentary healing methods.

Not only are we willing to supply the basic ingredients to help people in their personal exploration of the healing benefits of essential oils, we also publish a lot of free information to provide people with all of the insights needed. to experiment accurately and with confidence.

We hope you are one of the people we inspire to take their personal health into their own hands and begin a healing journey that is rich and enlightening.



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