A Big Thank You Discount

Thank You All

I want to thank everyone for their support in 2018 and wish them a wonderful 2019…

To everyone who has bought Wild As The Wind products, (usually FACIAL OIL No. 2), and have been kind enough to send in some amazing reviews… For those that have read and shared Wild As The Wind blog posts, and for those that have simply told their friends about what Wild As The Wind does…


All of your interactions with Wild As The Wind have helped the valuable information on this website to reach and help more people.

There are so many nasty medications out there for reasonably straighforward conditions. Only this morning I shared a post on Facebook about a cystic acne sufferer being reduced, very quickly, to being willing to take a product that caused spontaneous abortion and still left the sufferer covered in extreme scars.

Acne Cure?

This is the comment I left with the post:

Horrendous… so many Acne sufferers are so desperate they’ll speculatively take something that is so toxic it’ll cause a spontaneous abortion! Then they’ll still be left with appalling scarring… WHY!?!
FACIAL OIL No. 2 by Wild As The Wind gently heals acne as well as the scarring that goes with it…
And, instead of a spontaneous abortion, it gently balances your hormones and improves your mood, so, if anything, you are more likely to conceive…!

Acne Is Only One Problem

But, acne is only one problem that can be healed using FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8

Even FACIAL OIL No. 7 will get rid of acne and associated scarring, amongst a plethora of other conditions…

But, enough about ACNE already!!!

Thank You Discount

And, onto the purpose of this post…

My thanks!

As a way of expressing my gratitude I am offering 15% discount on the two most popular face oils.



Have A Wonderful 2019!

With lots of love from Wild s The Wind!

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Rachel passionately supports creative endeavour and independent thinking. "The future, if it's good, will see a triumph of quality over quantity, substance over style and give rise to truly inspired thinking born of fearlessness and compassion."

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