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Wild As The Wind came into being in 2017 with the intention of providing the most healing products and health information possible.

All ingredients and finished products are cruelty free, and use a minimum of plastic packaging. All amber glass bottles can be reused or repurposed by Wild As The Wind customers.

Wild As The Wind blended products are made by hand, with an applied dedication, and a lot of love.

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Facial Oils

Essential Oils

Healthcare Products

There are a number of new products in the pipeline.

Covid-19 has slightly stalled product development, but it’s hoped the new facial oils, which have been promised for this year, will appear before the end of 2020.

Wild As The Wind Website

Hi, I have been blown away (in a good way) by all the amazing info on your website. I wish there were more people like you who question things… Thank you.

Ivana, East Harptree, Somerset

Up until recently you used to be able to find the Wild As The Wind Information Website via two different routes:



However, www.wildasthewind.com is now a dedicated online shop for the full Wild As the Wind Product Range.

And, www.wilddigital.co.uk/ remains an important portal of alternative health information.

The way Wild As The Wind differentiate between the two websites is as follows

Wild As The Wind Info Website

Wild As the Wind Shop Website

Environmental Credentials


We are proud to be a Bristol Green Capital Partner.

We use a minimum of plastic within every aspect of our business. Products are presented in amber glass bottles with aluminium lids, and we work with suppliers who deliver their oils in aluminium canisters.

Plus, we reuse all of the ‘void fill’ packaging from our suppliers when we fulfil our online orders.

I have just received my first order from Wild As The Wind, plastic-free packaging, a lovely personal note and beautiful quality oils, what more could I ask for? Thank you.

Carly, Umberleigh, Devon

Wild As The Wind Permaculture Advocates

Wild As The Wind are firm advocates of Permaculture farming methods, particularly Forest Gardening. When Wild As The Wind is sufficiently established we will invest all of our profits into the creation of a Forest Gardening Project, which will hopefully help to supply food to local communities.

Wild As The Wind are business members of the Permaculture Association.

If you would like to support this mission financially or with your expertise, please get in touch.

Read the Wild As The Wind Ethos

Wild As The Wind :: The Back Story

Wild Digital morphed into Wild As The Wind in 2017 after many years of study in the field of alternative health by the owner, Rachel Wild.

Rachel Wild has also been a professional writer, specialising in health matters, for many years. Since the inception of Wild As The Wind Rachel has devoted her time almost exclusively to writing alt-health and spiritually oriented articles predominantly on behalf of her own business, and occasionally published elsewhere.

It is so utterly liberating to write what you want, when you want, about the things you’re most passionate about, knowing that you can potentially help a lot of people in the process. That’s the definition of fulfilment for me.

Rachel Wild

The true origins of Wild As The Wind date back to 1992, when Rachel, having just completed her massage course, went to India to set up projects for the Body Shop, as part of their Trade Not Aid effort. Read the full story here: Language Barrier.

Prior to Wild As The Wind, as it became known in 2017, Rachel Wild was a professional writer and the Creative Director of Wild Digital, a digital agency in Bristol. She had grown increasingly unwell over the process of a number of years, owing to the heavy workload and stress associated with an online business.

Her deterioration in health was gradual but constant. The effects were felt for a long time, but ignored.

Why Health Matters To Wild As The Wind

I continued to work online day and night, with my adrenals growing increasingly depleted and my bodily aches and pains growing more and more intolerable. By the time my health fell off a cliff I was in constant pain, I had food intolerances across the spectrum, my chronic fatigue never lifted, and I could barely finish a sentence. It was like I had early-onset dementia without the mental faculties to realise it. And, raging arthritis and fibromyalgia etc…

I was toast.

Wild As The Wind represents the culmination of all that I’ve learned in the process of restoring my health back to what it is today. The skincare and healthcare products are what I continue to use to support my health and appearance, and the articles I’m writing contain all of the information that I have used to get well.

I feel very grateful that I am in a position to share everything I’ve needed to know to help myself recover. But, it’s a shame I had to suffer such severe health issues, and undergo years of recovery, before I was forced to start looking after myself…

Those years were dark!

I knew a lot about alt-health already, but I didn’t know enough to understand how my constitution had crashed at a systemic level. That took a long time to piece together. It was tough, and sometimes very scary. It didn’t help that I faced everything alone.

However, I know that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if it weren’t for the fact that I got really sick.

And, I love what I am doing!

Why wouldn’t I? I’m hard-wired to help and share with others… so yeah, may be the fact my health went into a tail spin was actually a gift in disguise… so yeah… may be all that suffering is a blessing after all…?

Rachel Wild

For anyone suffering from any of the following I recommend you read Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. (I had most of the following!)

Handmade Skincare & Healthcare in Bristol, Bath & Somerset

Wild As The Wind is probably best known for the ever popular FACIAL OIL No. 2 and the increasingly popular FACIAL OIL No. 8. Hydrosol Facial Cleansers, We are also gaining a reputation for selling therapeutic grade essential oils. Although essential oil sales are slower than hoped, our commitment to supplying them remains strong.

It is my profound hope that everyone who approaches Wild As The Wind for advice is inspired to start taking responsibility for their health, instead of looking to others to simply heal them. It’s clear our health care provision is in crisis, and that Big Pharma has patently become all about greed as opposed to healthcare provision. If ever there was a time for us to become our own doctors it is now! Luckily, nature, in the form of essential oils and herbal medicines, as well as Homoeopathy and Acupuncture, are all we need in order to thrive.

Rachel Wild

We also supply Shungite Pendents and Shungite Pyramids.

Wild As The Wind is progressively increasing the product range over time. We like this sensitive organic approach to business.

Wild As The Wind Organic Growth

There’s a number of influences that help us decide which direction to follow:

  • feedback we receive
  • insights obtained from continued research
  • intuitive insights
  • new developments within our environments

What doesn’t influence our decision-making is marketing intelligence!

We know that natural skincare and healthcare is a growth industry, but the whole point of Wild As The Wind is to respond to the needs of our customers as well as we can. We would lose sight of this objective if we shifted our focus and allowed our decisions to be influenced by industry insights.

So, we have moved away from our marketing roots pretty much across the board.

It feels so good.

The digital marketing agency was always a compromise. I was willing to do it because I love to write, And, these days if you want to write, you need to be able to optimise your content.

But it’s exhausting. And so, so dull!

Yeah, if feels amazing to be writing about what I really care about, knowing that I’m building up an amzing resource that is hopefully going to help a lot of people.

Now I’m finally doing what I’m meant to be doing!!

Rachel Wild

Wild Digital Marketing & PR

Previously, Wild Digital was exclusively a digital marketing agency.

These days we rarely take on new marketing clients as we prefer to devote our time to Wild As The Wind healthcare and skincare products.

Somewhat ironically, within weeks of making the decision to commit Wild Digital to the promotion and production of healthcare and skincare products, Wild Digital was named one of the three top digital marketing agencies in North Somerset by Best Rated.

Before contacting us to discuss marketing and PR services please be aware we now only take on new marketing and PR clients in exceptional circumstances. Unless you are an allied or complimentary business that espouses the same principles and ethos as Wild Digital, please do not approach us to provide marketing and PR services on your behalf.

Here’s the old content relating to Wild Digital as a marketing agency:

Wild Digital came into being in 2013. Although a relative newcomer it is already enjoying very high levels of visibility within search engine results pages, occupying positions on page one of Google for highly competitive keywords.

This is because Wild Digital is powered by years of digital insight, allowing it to seamlessly rise to prominence within an aggressively competitive niche.

Work With Wild Digital

Vying for online attention can be a very rigorous and lengthy process. There are no quick fixes. But, working with agencies that clearly illustrate their ability to achieve online visibility, can usually make the process a lot less arduous, and quite often will prove to be considerably less expensive in the long run.

Wild Digital provides uniquely tailored digital marketing solutions to accommodate all of the differing objectives that businesses may have. We are also able to adapt what we do to provide great results even if we are working within tight budgetary constraints.

Call us now to discuss how we can help you achieve an impressive digital presence.

Wild As The Wind are listed in the UK Small Business Directory.



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    Could you please recommend something for my legs,they feel like they are asleep with a band around them from the calf down , I have already bought oil no 2.

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