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Wild As The Wind is committed to making affordable natural skincare. In fact, the ingredients in Wild As The Wind products are cleaner and more effective than almost ALL of the big named, high-end products…

So, why, if our ingredients cost more, do our products retail at a fraction of the price of high-end products…? And, what have you got to do with it…?

It would be easy to charge over £100.00 for FACIAL OIL No. 2. It is tried and tested, with gorgeous ingredients and amazing feedback to support it.

*Thank you everyone! As I explain in more detail later… I am very grateful to all those who actively participate in the online dialogue about Wild As The Wind products and articles. Your feedback is profoundly appreciated…

But, for now, to distill what everyone says about FACIAL OIL No. 2 :: It works… It smells amazing, and everyone seems to love it…

And yet…

Why Affordable Natural Skincare?

FACIAL OIL No. 2 Anti-Ageing Ultra still retails at £29.00 for 30ml

In fact, FACIAL OIL No. 2 is one of the most affordable face oils available… even though Wild As The Wind refuses to skimp on the ingredients.

With Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil, the creme de la creme of all Rose Essential Oils, retailing at £37.50 per 1ml, Wild As The Wind would be more than justified in hiking the price into triple figures.

A lot of the high end facial serums and oils, which sell for £100+, contain Rose Maroc Absolute. This is an entirely adulterated Rose Oil made using an inferior rose.

However, the type of rose is rendered irrelevant because adulterating an essential oil robs it of all of it’s therapeutic benefits.

*This is why it’s important to read the label and learn what the ingredients mean. We all know manufacturers, in the main, are all about profit… and, if they can somehow make grandiose claims about their products, which are wholly unsupported, whilst obfuscating the truth in the ingredients list, by using terms we don’t recognise, then we will continue to be duped forever.

Hardly anyone knows what an “absolute” is… but it’s an adulterated oil that’s doing us no good at all! It’s potentially even harming us, even though it’s passed off as being the bees knees.

So, in light of all of this why do Wild As The Wind insist on producing affordable natural skincare?

Affordable Natural Skincare… For What?

Simple. Wild As The Wind are in the business of operating with integrity, which is a tenet we hope continues to catch on!

Wild As The Wind just wants to help wherever it can…

Which actually means that I, the founding person behind it, just want it to help as many people as possible

Why? Because I want to contribute towards a world that I want to live in!

The Hype Behind Affordable Natural Skincare

I have already written about the ‘greenwashing‘ of a lot of affordable natural skincare products… which obviously makes those cosmetic products an awful lot more affordable for manufacturers to make… but with a very real cost to us as consumers.

The low costs to manufacturers is at the expense of the naturalness of the products. These face oils and creams ultimately transform the term skincare into skin-harm!

I have also written at length about the adulteration of oils, so, I won’t bang on about these things here…

What I will say, (because so many companies, like The Body Shop and Faith In Nature etc, are regularly featured on the Soil Association greenwashing hit list), is that, because of this, we need to remain ever vigilant and learn the terminology!

Even the low end of the mid-range products market are cheating to maximise profits!

Here’s a list of the top skincare ingredients to avoid.

How Not To Offer Affordable Natural Skincare

So, why are so many businesses, both high-end and mid-range, failing to make genuine affordable natural skincare?

As mentioned already, one of the key reasons is because their primary intention is to make money, and so, if this is their focus, then everything else is subsidiary.

Everyone is always willing to compromise on the subsidiary concerns in order to achieve their primary objective!

But there’s another key reason ->

It costs a whole lot of money to market a product that isn’t as good as the claims being made about it by the manufacturers!

Best Face Oil

Have you ever entered the following into Google?

Best skincare products?

Best facial oil

Best face oil

Top 10 Skincare products

Top ten facial oils

Etc… etc… you get the picture!

If you have, then you are most certainly not alone.

Magazines and newspapers, as well as the big commercial blogs, use titles like these because there’s a lot of people using this kind of criteria for what they are searching for online.

Magazines and newspapers know how to keep Google happy, ultimately earning themselves good positions in Google results pages.

And, in return, magazines and newspapers, are all beloved by Google because they produce really well written online content many, many times a day… which, of course, is Google’s stock in trade.

BUT, magazines and newspapers have been hard-hit by the success of the internet, and have witnessed their circulations diminish to a fraction of what they once were.

Pitiful circulations = nominal revenue from the readership!

The last ten years has seen bloated staff writing pools at these publications being replaced by skeletal journo teams, with an ever-increasing reliance on freelancers…

How Did Google get The Press To Love Them?

Or, more to the point, how does all of this add up?

Hmmm… Google loves the press, but it’s Google that has largely brought the press to it’s knees…

So, how have the magazines and newspapers turned things round and made the situation work for them…?

Easy! Our independent media* essentially sells out on a daily basis to the highest bidder… and Google backs them all the way…

And, guess what? There’s some pretty hefty highest-bidders in the monstrously inflated world of skincare and cosmetics!

This is why we see all of the kind of headings above appearing on page one of Google search over, and over, and over again.

It means that magazines and newspapers can list 10 or 15 different skincare products, or skincare manufacturers, within these kinds of articles, for which Google reciprocates with page one positions because their algorithm is geared to support this kind of content from this kind of content-producer, whilst the articles themselves are all awash with links to buy the featured products, thereby keeping magazine and newspaper advertisers exceptionally happy, indeed.

Readership revenue is replaced by inflated advertising costs, making the reader less important and the advertisers the main priority!

Soooo… finally…. EVERYONE’s a winner!

Oh wait… maybe not EVERYONE!

Is It Impartial Reporting?

Errrr… Nope!

Advertisers are the priority and readers are subsidiary… so guess what…?

There’s nothing impartial about it… but, by the same token, there’s nothing newsworthy to report either, and so from a reporting standpoint it’s equally barren!

You’ve been sold down the Suwannee for a few more gasps of dying breath of the not-so-independent, independent press we’re all hoping to read!

How To Offer Affordable Natural Skincare

Affordable natural skincare isn’t easy. But it’s also not impossible.

All you need is an ex-journo, book and feature writer who also happens to have run a digital agency for a number of years, who is utterly committed to helping people rediscover their health, (as I have had to do), inspiring them to, once more, look and feel utterly at their best.

Yes folks, that’s me and my humble little life in a nutshell…

Well, without the bit about setting up projects in India for Trade Not Aid, which was wholly owned by the Body Shop, where I learned a lot about corporate greed and bare-faced lying, first hand…

Yes, it was quite something! And, it depressed the hell out of me… Well, of course it did… it would depress the hell out of any right-thinking person, wouldn’t it!?!

Did you know that the first of all of the thousands of shops in the Body Shop chain was set up next door to an undertaker? Says it all really, doesn’t it!?!

Skincare Articles

Here I’m going to witter on, a little sardonically, about me for a very short while, and then it’s all about YOU, I promise!

Is That Affordable Natural Skincare I hear You Say?

So, what’s required from that ex-journo, ex-digital agency operator, ex-project manager, ex-coffee chugging, ex-fag smoking, adrenaline-junkie and derailed juggernaut? Oh, you know… just a willingness to use all of their unpaid time to write masses of content which is then published for free online, (usually at midnight on a Saturday!@*!?!*@?!).

Oh and then, after spending endless hours researching and producing content for free, embarking on the no-small-task of disseminating this content through social media, email marketing channels and by posting to third party blogs in their comments sections, (it’s a bit sneaky, but it works), as well as endlessly hand-writing the titles of posts on bits of paper and handing them to people in person, advising people to read them, all helps me to run a small business which can provide affordable natural skincare products.

But, ULTIMATELY what makes affordable natural skincare a very real possibility is YOU!

Affordable Natural Skincare Because Of You!

It’s your feedback (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

It’s your interaction with social media (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

It’s your interaction with the content of this website (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

It’s your sharing of posts and content from the website (thank you, thank you, thank you!)


(thank you, thank you, thaaaaaaaaank yooooooooooou!)


You see, we are all in it together!

We are all in the business of supporting the business of operating with integrity, which is a tenet you are directly helping to catch on!

Well done US!

And the long and short of it is, Wild As The Wind will insist on producing affordable natural skincare as long as you continue to help us do just that…

Your feedback and interaction are helping us change an egregiously exorbitant industry one tiny step, click and interaction at a time…

Do You Want Affordable Natural Skincare?

Gives us a share, give us a thumbs up and leave a comment.

THANK YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

But Why Does Your Interaction Keep Prices Down?

All interactions and shares help people discover Wild As The Wind. The more people find us the more likely someone is to buy something… eventually the economies of scale start kicking in.

Wholesale prices reduce. One litre of oil costs more per litre than two litres of oil, and so on and so forth…

But, that’s not all…

If you help me reach more people then I will be able to reduce the amount of days I spend on freezing cold markets telling people about what I’m doing… This will reduce my costs, (freezing cold markets aren’t cheap), thus helping me make the current pricing of Wild As The Wind products future-proof.

That’s how, together, we can all enjoy genuine, affordable natural skincare that works.

All those in favour of affordable natural skincare click, comment, tell and say AYE!

THANK YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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