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Testimonial Love Hearts

We get a lot of people mentioning they absolutely must write a review about their amazing Wild As The Wind products, who then never get round to writing an actual review.

Also, because we do guest spots in various towns and cities around the UK, we often get emails from people wondering when we are going to pay them another visit, as their initial purchases are all nearly used up and need replenishing.

This page is dedicated to some of the more inspiring, as well as, entertaining ones!

I promise to write you an overdue review very soon. I love all your products – currently very ‘into’ the cellulite oil – and getting great results.

[The] thing is, your ‘stuff’ is SO SO good – and your knowledge and passion means I can only imagine you getting busier and busier. I feel very strongly about the work you’re doing – and if there’s ever anything I can do to help you – just let me know.

Katrina, Wiltshire

(Uses: FACIAL OIL No. 2, Hydrosol

Cleanser & Toner, Cellulite

Vanishing Oil & Sun Tanning Oil)

I purchased some of the facial oil no. 2 at Wells Market… I absolutely love it, it makes my skin feel so soft and youthful – much needed for a 62 year old gin guzzler!

I’ve got pretty horrific cellulite even though I walk for England, so thought I’d give the massage oil a try. If it’s as good as the facial oil I’ll soon be wearing Daisy Dukes!

Veronica, Skipton

Line Of Love Hearts

Hi, when are you next at Altrincham market? I need some more face oil. It’s bloody amazing!!!!

Jenny, Altrincham

I would love to do a testimonial too as my experience with your oils is wonderful

Jo, Glastonbury

I used it early this am after I walked back to my air bnb and discovered I stepped into stinging nettle! It helped a lot 🙂

Jodie, Huntington Beach, California

who just discovered a new

use for FACIAL OIL No. 2!

I absolutely adore this oil and don’t think I could live without it now – so please never stop making it!

Cheryl, Exeter



Hi Rach, loving the products and your new website and of course all the subject matter. Sorry I haven’t replied to your email yet as to how the products are going … in short they are absolutely fabulous X

Vanessa, Heswall, Wirral

FACIAL OIL No. 2 & No. 8

Sake-Up Makeup Remover

Essential Oils

Organic Raspberry Seed Oil

Thieves oil For Hormone Detox


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Used the new oil last night – fabulous!!

BD, Bristol

In response to the new FACIAL OIL No. 2 formulation

with increased Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil

Iona Gibbons Rose HydrosolI use Wild As The Wind Rose Water to bounce up my curls

Iona Gibbons


Iona also uses


as her facial moisturiser.

Yes, much as I wanted to rave about your organic pine oil and facial oil no. 2, I too could not figure it out on Etsy.

Shauna, Cheshire

***Oops! Etsy only allows comments if you subscribe to the platforms

So Near Yet So Far…!

Hi Rachel. Since seeing you in Wells, I’ve finally got down to writing that rave review about the facial oil No 2 and how it got rid of two potential tumours on my shoulder and face. I don’t know if I’m being daft but please let me know how I write a review/give feedback. Thanks again for all you do – you are a star!

Claire, Somerset

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