Anti-Ageing For Free

Are you forking out a fortune for your anti-ageing protocols?

If my experience is anything to go by then the answer to that question is a very firm ‘yes’.

I spend a lot of time talking to people who admit they’re spending vast sums of money on their anti-ageing regimes… and that’s even before people resort to botox and laser treatments, as well as other invasive procedures…

But, a lot of the most expensive anti-ageing protocols are ineffectual at best, or actually damaging to our health, and therefore speeding up our ageing processes, at worst…

Anti-Ageing For Free Is Usually Our Best Option

Because there are so many ingredients in conventional skincare that we should most determinedly avoid, it is sometimes better to do nothing rather than adopt anti-ageing protocols that incorporate conventional products.

And, of course, we would NEVER advocate things like Botox and other injectables under any circumstances…!

As conventional products and protocols are so prevalent it is usually better to do nothing rather than something involving what’s at hand… or. at least this is true in the vast majority of cases.

Natural Muslin Anti-Ageing For Free

Wild As The WInd wrap our 1kg Bath Salts in a lovely natural muslin. We do this because we want to encourage people to minimise their waste and also start exfoliating their skin without the use of any products.

Simply wetting natural muslin with hot, (preferably filtered), water and then gently cleaning the face with it will do wonders for the quality of your facial skin.

Sloughing off the old and dying skin cells, thereby generally increasing the skin cell turnover rate, will ensure a more youthful appearance.

We advocate doing this two or three times a week.

Sleep For Anti-Ageing For Free

Not only does this make you look better, but it makes your brain function like a much younger person too. Everything in your body improves when you get a good nights sleep.

Essentially what happens os that we heal when we are asleep…

You can’t fix a car when it’s hurtling down a motorway, and we can’t heal the body until we’re asleep!

So, our entire system is improved when we get a good nights sleep. Even our immune system is boosted by getting the right amount of sleep.

Regenerative Sleep

Anti-Ageing for free is reliant on you getting regenerative sleep.

But, what is regenerative sleep as opposed to poor quality sleep?

Well… Ideally, you go to bed between 10.00pm and 11.00pm and sleep until 6.00am and 7.00am.

It also means that the sleep you are getting is uninterrupted.

And, it means that you don’t wire yourself with stimulants before going to bed! The key stimulants include:

  • Coffee / Caffeine
  • Blue Screen
  • Sugar
  • Being over-stimulated by any form of entertainment, or by aggressive or angry exchanges just before bed.
  • Being dehydrated
  • Being under-nourished
  • Alcohol and other poisons

Any toxic input, whether it’s sugar or coffee, or psychological or physical will all impede your ability to achieve fully regenerative sleep.

Clay Mask Anti-Ageing For Free

Are you lucky enough to live in an area that has beautiful natural clay? If so, you could make your own clay face mask for free!

Obviously, it’s important to use clay that isn’t contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, or even larvicides, which sadly are everywhere within our environments these days… But, if you’re one of the lucky ones that lives in a priistine clay producing region them you are potentially going to have great skin if you invest a little bit of time harvesting and applying the clay.

And, if it’s for free, then we advocate using the clay all over your body! It will draw out the toxins whilst also delivering vital nutrients and minerals to the skin 🙂

Follow the instructions for using Dead Sea Mud with your home-made clay.

Swimming In The Sea Anti-Ageing For Free

If you live on a clean strech of the coast then we advocate swimming in the sea. All of the negative ions, the salt, and the gentle, relaxing motion of the sea are all profoundly healing. And, because of this, the sea is very anti-ageing for free!

Doing Nothing To Achieve Anti-Ageing For Free

I love it when people tell me they never use products on their face. This means that the ‘holobiome’ is likely to be perfectly in tact.

The holobiome is a body-wide extension of the microbiome found in the gut. It essentially means that the microbiome is extended to cover the entire surface area of the skin, both inside and outside the body.

The reality is that there is good bacteria on every inch of our skin. It’s not just confined to the gut… This means that the term microbiome is an inadequate description for what is actually occurring, and so the term holobiome much more accurately describes the situation.

If our holobiome and microbiome are deficient then our immune system will be compromised. If this is the case our ability to stall our ageing processes will be compromised, and of course, we expose ourselves to the risk of serious illness as well… which, will inevitably mean that we are actually speeding up our ageing processes.

People who have refrained from moisturising and treating their face in any other way, other than using a water dampened face cloth, should, in most instances, have a great holobiome, and will have no need for any of the facial oils that Wild As The Wind provide.

However, if the same person has taken antibiotics, or eats a very poor diet, then there may be a need to intervene with products. This is most likely due to the need to treat ‘outbreaks’ on the facial skin, usually of Acne, but also, in more extreme cases, due to conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.

Doing A Little To Achieve Anti-Ageing For Free

We firmly advocate de-stressing as an effective anti-ageing protocol.

There are many ways to de-stress, a lot of which are already covered in a Wild As The Wind blog post. Check out Morning Detox Protocols to select a few things you fancy doing to de-stress your life. Quite a few of the options are free, like the brathing exercises, and a lot of the options are very inexpensive, like the Lemon and Cayene early morning drink.

Then there’s the Evening Detox Protocols to consider. These are generally free and are focussed mainly on cutting down EMF exposure and limiting blue screen time.

*I hope you find all of this information useful. Please let me know in the comments.

*Also, please add your own personal anti-ageing protocol in the comments.


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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