Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us!

Anyone Would Think They're Trying To Kill Us! [IMAGE]

Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us! has long since been the all-inclusive working title which I’ve been intending to use should I ever publish a volume containing much of what I have written since starting Wild As The Wind. However, it is such an appropriate title for the second part of a long-form article I’m writing for the International Times, I thought I might road-test it on there first…

5G The Big Picture

Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us! is the title of Part 2 of my article entitled 5G The Big Picture in the International Times.

These two articles :: 5G The Big Picture and the forthcoming article :: Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us! have been essentially inspired by a shorter article, published on this website, within the Wild As The Wind blog, entitled Glastonbury Festival Will Have 5G * Is This A Huge PR Coup For 5G?

Glastonbury Festival Will Have 5G * Is This A Huge PR Coup For 5G? was written in the run-up to Glastonbury festival, and was shared as comprehensively as possible on social media amid calls for a massive 5G protest at the festival itself. The posts were always prefaced with the need to prevent EE from performing one of the most enormous and most monumentally EASY PR coups ever staged.

But, because it grew increasingly apparent that very vocal anti-5G spokespeople were panicking and telling everyone to boycott the festival, I felt I needed to increase the volume on what I perceived to be an effective countermeasure to EE’s seemingly inevitable slam-dunk!

A BIG article on 5G in the International Times would hopefully have better reach…

However, it has become increasingly clear that people who are afraid of the implications of 5G are so overwhelmed by the prospect of it, and are not generally the type of people enabled to stage a cohesive and effective demonstration against it. There’s a lot of talking about it, which is necessary; a problem shared is a problem halved, but there also needs to be decisive and coherent action… and, where this is concerned, I see very little.

It looks to me that Brighton, courtesy of the very effective Facebook Group Brighton UK…. STOP SMART METERS & 5G and Totnes, courtesy of a more grass roots level of organisation, are doing the most to raise public awareness and actively protest 5G implementation. Bristol is also doing a lot to very rationally and effectively educate and organise around the subject of 5G via their autonomous Facebook group Bristol Residents Against 5G Technology-Take Action,Prevent the 5G Roll-out.

However, there are also very important efforts by certain individuals on Facebook to raise awareness about the increasingly important grid of regional anti-5G groups. All credit to them for their persistence and foresight!

These groups on Facebook are usually named using this format :: name of the town or local area, e.g Glastonbury or Torbay, followed by “STOP SMART METERS & 5G” There’s also a good central Facebook group which is simply called Stop 5G.

Caveat **I find some of the comments within one of the independent Glastonbury anti-5G groups immensely infantile, egregiously hostile and altogether unhelpful. And, I will name it, because they need to stop harming the overall cause!

The Glastonbury group can be positively viscous at times, especially towards Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. Whilst I agree that Climate Change is an entirely corporately co-opted movement, it is immensely divisive, unnecessary and painfully callous to launch such blood-lusty attacks on these innocent people, some of whom are children. This is not helpful or tolerable under any circumstances, but when the subjects of this abuse are already being abused by corporate interests and remain clueless as to their disabuse, they are rendered woeful victims indeed.

Shame on you! It’s time to grow up, man up and come together for the most important action of your life!

These vicious outbursts on social media are not only ugly… they are regrettably inordinately damaging to the cause.

Incidentally, I hate directing people to Facebook, as I see this platform as being very CENTRAL TO THE PROBLEM and NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SOLUTION!

5G PR Coup

Sadly, the EE 5G PR coup has been extraordinarily conclusive, not least because of the aforementioned lack of focus, overwhelm, divisive inputs, and inability to organise fast enough due to stealth tactics. But overall it’s the incongruence, inconsistency and entirely contradictory information within the anti-5G movement that has meant we have scored such an immense own-goal when we could have seen EE being shot down in flames in the national media. And, this could have turned the tide with regards national and international sentiment towards 5G… which would have led to the recruitment of considerable numbers of new supporters of the cause.

This pitiful own-goal has just made our job SO much harder, because our failure is their victory…

It’s true that 5G is being implemented via stealth with no public consultation. It’s true that we are scrambling to keep up… but, it is still possible to have a uniformity of message, instead of an entirely contradictory one. The latter will only ever have one outcome… that is the thwarting of our efforts to present a cohesive, organised, believable narrative… which ultimately leads to entirely ineffectual actions which play straight into the hands of Big Telecoms..

It’s heart-breaking!

I’ve just written this in the comments on a high profile YouTube Channel which councelled people with tickets to boycott the festival…

I’m sorry… 5 masts doesn’t equal 5G! A transmitter every 100m equals 5G. Glastonbury Festival was a massive PR exercise and nothing else! Anyone with a ticket that didn’t turn up to perform a massive onsite protest has really missed the entire point and played completely into EE’s hands. People really need to wake up to what’s going on here, and anyone with a voice (like you my friend) needs to start making a 180 degree turn in their advice to a very confused public or we might as well not bother saying anything at all. No national press for anti-5G sentiment at Glastonbury Festival has handed EE one of the biggest PR victories ever achieved by corporate interests… in ANY niche! Please read this :: Glastonbury Festival Will Have 5G * Is This A Huge PR Coup For 5G?

Meanwhile the allied press are gloating and making fatuous comments such as these…

“Of course, EE didn’t need to install 5G at Glastonbury – there will probably only be a handful of people with a 5G phone out of 150,000 but EE clearly sees it as a good opportunity for promotion.”

Pocket Lint

**Pocket Lint is a major portal for online pro-tech news.

The Anti-5G Narrative Needs To Be Agreed

It’s time for people to wake up, grow up and get organised!

We need a singular narrative and all action should hinge on this.

It we are unable to achieve this we might as well give up now!

Part 2 of 5G The Big Picture will be available on Saturday 13th July, 2019.

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