Asking Questions About Articles Via Private Message

If you have a question about any of the Wild As The Wind articles please ask it in the comments section beneath the relevant article.

I’m sorry, but I will not answer questions about articles published on the Wild As The Wind website via email, or private message on any of the social media platforms.

If there is a valid question to be asked about an article, due to a serious omission on my part, then the answer to any query about this would be of benefit to all those who read that article in the future. It should, therefore, be posed and answered in the comments, thus allowing all new readers to find the question and the answer to it in the comments section of the article they are reading.

I hope you will agree that it, therefore, makes no sense for me to reply to a private message, thereby leaving myself open to repeatedly having to do this time and again, ad infinitum. This is not a good use of anyone’s time, especially in view of the fact I could be writing new groundbreaking health articles instead.

This is what happens when I do… Can I Ask For Personal Advice Online?

Here’s an example of how wasteful of our time it is for all of us in dealing with these kinds of discussions…

Hi I drink lemon and warm water every morning since being diagnosed with gall stones in December 2018. I am going to try it with cayenne.  Have had no problems since doing this. Noticed note on blog about using a binder. Can you give me more information on this not sure how or when etc. Looking at your website after purchasing facial oil no 2 at wells market on Saturday. Thanks Xxxxxxx

My response was sent at 23.16

Hi Xxxxxxx, I can only respond to questions within the comments of the specific article your query relates to, otherwise I would repeat myself endlessly, and I’m afraid I have no time for that.

I hand blend all my products and am out at markets 4 days a week, plus I run the online business and provide free articles for people to read…. and I hand print and hand write all my labels, and deal with many enquiries about my products, plus I do all of the ordering, unpacking, and parceling up and sending of all of the online orders… that’s why I am still working at this time of night, without having had any dinner… most nights…
Best, Rachel x

Ok I thought you would did this yourself daily and would just know. Sorry to bother you x

My response was a little incredulous…

but I kept it brief as the recipient had clearly not had enough time to read and digest the previous message… Brevity was obviously going to remedy that…

Yes I do 🙂

Ok so can’t you tell what you take it with?

Feeling a sense of Deja Vu, I replied thus…

Yes, in the comments of the post, if you ask the question there 🙂

The link doesn’t work on my emails so this is the only way I could contact you. Have tried again but to no avail. 

I hadn’t supplied a single link to the article, Lemon & Ceyenne Liver Detox Drink, within my emails. The querent can only have found my email address via the Wild As The Wind website.

I didn’t reply to the querent’s final email as I had lost the will to live and everything seemed pointless at that point in time…

But seriously though…

Please be aware…


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