Bergamot FCF Essential Oil In Brief

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil is an uplifting but calming citrus oil that would be photo-toxic if it weren’t furocoumarin-free, (FCF). The photo-toxic constituent in Bergamot Essential Oil is bergaptene, which is removed from the FCF essential oil.

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil Health Benefits

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil Health Benefits :: Analgesic + antibacterial + anti-inflammatory + antiangina + antiarrhytmic + antihelminthic + antimicrobial + antiseptic + antifungal + antioxidant.

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil Main Uses

  • Relieving emotional pain + grief + tension + stress + blood pressure + anxiety + depression + schizophrenia
  • Cystitis
  • Reducing Food cravings + recovering from loss of appetite + digestive support + relieving halitosis
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Relieving joint + muscle pain
  • Headaches + muscle tension
  • Stimulating hormones + digestive juices
  • Anti-cancer
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Bergamot FCF Essential Oil For Skincare

  • Purifying and cleansing
  • Soothes skin irritations + itching
  • Treats Psoriasis + Acne + Eczema
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria + acts as a natural deodorant
  • Regulates oily skin
  • Heals scars
  • Relieves and heals abscesses + boils
  • Treats cold sores

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Combines well with: lemon + cedarwood + sandalwood

Contraindications: Diabetes: monitor blood sugar levels often: may affect blood sugar control

Active Constituents: Limonene + Linalool + Linalyl formate + Linalyl acetate + Sabinene + Gamma-Terpinene

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil Interesting Fact

Add one drop of Bergamot FCF Essential Oil to a cup of normal (black) tea to make Earl Grey

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil is an important ingredient in FACIAL OIL No. 8

Further Reading: Bergamot Improves Schizophrenic Brain Function

A great article that lists a host of other health benefits including Bergamot being anti-cancer, reduces cholesterol, and restores digestive health and immune system function.

Citrus bergamia – European Medicines Agency – Europa EU

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