Best UK Essential Oils

Buyers Guide For The Best UK Essential Oils

Beautiful, pure essential oils can provide miraculous healing outcomes for people suffering from all kinds of conditions, whether they be physical, psychological or spiritual. However, not everyone is so focused on the healing potential of essential oils. Sadly, some UK essential oil brands are only interested in maximising profit.

Because pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can be very expensive to produce, with some essential oils commanding very high prices, the temptation to dilute and chemically manipulate them for profit is vast.

But, even affordable essential oils, like Lavender Essential Oil, do not escape this kind of unscrupulous treatment. Due to the popularity of Lavender Aromatherapy Oil, a good number of UK essential oil brands offer fake alternatives.

Tragically, over 90% of all of the Lavender Essential Oil sold worldwide is made in a lab using synthetic chemicals, which provide no natural benefits whatsoever.

Online UK Essential Oil Brands

Sadly, a lot of essential oil companies try and pass off substandard UK essential oils as medicinal, pure essential oils. This is especially true of online essential oil companies.

This article lists some of the best UK essential oil brands who sell aromatherapy oils online. It also explains how you can avoid poor quality UK essential oils online.

But, in the interest of transparency, a few words about Wild As The Wind first… (the buyers guide continues after the information on Wild As The Wind Essential Oils…)

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils

Full disclosure: Wild As The Wind is a UK supplier of essential oils.

We stock one of the largest ranges of therapeutic grade essential oils in the UK, in all three categories:

And we really care about what we do…

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Wild As The Wind Ethos

Wild As The Wind source the best therapeutic grade essential oils because we are committed advocates of using essential oils for healing purposes.

So, we go to extreme lengths to supply the best quality UK essential oils as possible. And, thankfully, our customer feedback reflects this…

Etsy: 5 stars Facebook: 5 stars Google: 4.9 stars

To read specific reviews please visit either of the following:

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Premium Quality UK Essential Oils

The only way of ensuring optimal results from using aromatherapy oils is to invest in premium quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.

However, it’s clear from customer feedback, a small amount of which is reproduced in this buyers guide, that finding premium grade UK essential oils is growing increasingly difficult… especially online…

This feedback is the chief motivation behind producing this UK essential oils buyers guide. It is hoped the information presented here will help to turn the tide a little, simply by assisting you to make better buying choices.

Sadly, Wild As The Wind receive feedback like this all the time.

I came across your site yesterday when I was tearing my hair out over ‘how do you choose an essential oil brand’…

I cannot thank you enough for the generosity of your (free!!) advice. I have yet to place an order but will soon when I decide on my priorities. I have also found so many good and reliable sources, all by following your links. This is such a relief after a disastrous order from an allegedly ‘safe and reliable’ site which sent me frankincense (and more) that smelled revolting…and it so shouldn’t!

Gill, Newcastle upon Tyne

Absolutely LOVE this pine oil! I first bought from Wild As The Wind in Wells where I bought the most incredible smelling tea tree oil I’ve ever used! I’ve started using essential oils again recently, and will admit to buying some cheap oils which are truly awful! I’ll not be buying my oils from anywhere else from now on. The cheap stuff really is a false economy.

James, Bath, Somerset

This is my first order from Wild As The Wind, having finally discovered a company that not only supplies 100% pure essential oils but is ethically responsible in it’s entire approach. I have previously purchased oils that claim to be pure, but which I’ve since discovered, are not! I use essential oils in a diffuser, mainly for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Previous ‘fake’ oils have not even emitted a scent, never mind anything else! I put just 4 drops of Wild Is The Wind’s citronella oil in 140 ml of water and the smell emanated throughout every room in my home! It has the most clean, fresh and invigorating lemon zesty smell which I find uplifting and refreshing. It definitely upped my spirits and I can’t wait to try the other oils I purchased. I also received a hand written note from Rachel with the order, which was such a lovely personal touch. I will be purchasing more products without a doubt.

Karen, Corby

In response to where a new customer had found Wild As The Wind…

I wasn’t introduced as such. I just saw your name crop up on some review or other…I went through so many. I just really liked the reviews about you. Everyone seems to like you and look at how you immediately responded so personably to me too! See…I like that.
I also like that you do the 30ml bottles because I feel more free to use the oils if there is more. I know I will go through it faster but I don’t want to feel so guilty at using them and at the cost… I just want to be able to use them more freely than I have been without having cheap rubbish that could harm rather than help. So, thank you so much.

Mandy, Louth, Lincolnshire

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Top Essential Oil Brands UK

It is very difficult to put a list of the best UK essential oil brands together, because ultimately, lists like these tend to be very subjective.

However, armed with industry insight, and a clear view of what is most important about UK essential oil brands, Wild As The Wind is comfortable in highlighting the following aromatherapy brands:

Oshadi Essential Oils

Oshadi Essential Oils shares many things in common with Wild As The Wind. They are keenly committed to supplying the best quality therapeutic grade essential oils, and offering an expansive range of oils to choose from.

They are even based in the South West of England like Wild As The Wind.

As at November 2021 Oshadi have a a five star rating, out of five, from three reviews on Safebuy.

They also have a four star rating, out of five, from four reviews on Trustpilot.

NRH Organic Essential Oils

NRH Organic Essential Oils is one of the few aromatherapy brands which exclusively sells organic oils. They also carry a number of food grade essential oils and are based in the South East of England.

NRH Organic Essential Oils carry good quality organic therapeutic grade essential oils, however, they also stock absolutes.

Absolute essential oils are made via a process of solvent extraction, which has a tendency to leave solvent residues in the oils. Another problem with absolute oils is that they are primarily made for perfumery purposes. This is because absolutes provide the most concentrated form of fragrance of any form of oil.

Absolutes do not only contain essential oil, they also have higher levels of colour and other constituents from the plant, like wax etc.

*Wild As The Wind does not, and will not, sell absolute essential oils.

NRH Essential Oils have a beautiful shop in Brighton.

As of November 2021, NHR Organic Oils have a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Facebook from 28 respondents.

Tisserand Essential Oils

Robert Tisserand gets a regular mention on the Wild As The Wind website, due to the fact he, and Rodney Young, have written the seminal text on Essential Oil Safety.

Tisserand Essential Oils are therapeutic grade essential oils, and they offer a good selection. The only problem is that they sell their oils in 9ml bottles instead of 10ml bottles, which is standard for most UK essential oil brands. It is, therefore, difficult to make price comparisons with other UK essential oil brands’ products, and also makes Tisserand Essential Oils appear less expensive than they actually are.

DoTERRA Essential Oils

DoTERRA Essential Oils are another essential oil brand who sells differently sized bottles. They offer a 15ml bottle size, as opposed to the usual 10ml bottle size of most UK essential oil brands. This may simply be down to the fact they aren’t actually a UK essential oil brand, but are instead an America company who operates in the UK.

DoTERRA unquestionably sell excellent quality essential oils. However, they are the brand who receive the most negative mentions within Wild As The Wind feedback. Nevertheless, it is very rarely the quality of DoTERRA oils that are in question. Instead, it is their business practices and marketing claims which are highlighted.

There is another large US essential oil brand who arguably operate on a similar basis, which is facing a class action lawsuit in America for predatory practices. Both this company, and DoTERRA, are multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes.

As of Novemeber 2021 DoTERRA have a 3.6 rating out of 5 from 68 reviews on Trustpilot

They have a 2.99 rating out of 5 from 41 reviews on Sitejabber

There are a lot of people who are working for [DoTERRA in Malta] and there is quite a bit of info being distributed on how to use them whether food wise, for cleaning, health wise and many work shops on emotions etc using these oils.

*They say there are the only oils that can be ingested. You make your own blends if you wish. I find them very different to yours [Wild As The Wind Essential Oils]. Yours are more upmarket in my opinion and not the same at all to these.

Stefy, Malta

*NRH, Wild As The Wind and Oshadi sell essential oils which are suitable for internal use.

Star Child

Star Child is a UK essential oil brand with a lot of heart. They are also based in the South West of England. You can find their shop on the main shopping street in Glastonbury, within the enchanted realms of Avalon.

Star Child offer a limited range of non-organic and organic essential oils, as well as an extensive range of dried herbs, roots, barks and resins. They also sell absolute oils, candles and essential oil burners and statues.

They also sell most of their product range online.

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is possibly the best known UK essential oil brand, even though the focus of their business has reportedly shifted to the US and Asia.

Over the years the Neal’s Yard brand has changed hands and expanded it’s product range to cover cosmetics, skincare and essential oils.

Neal’s Yard now operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, like DoTERRA, but Neal’s Yard products can also be bought on the High Street, mainly via third party vendors, which do not operate the MLM scheme.

Buying The Best Essential Oils UK Online

The next part of this UK essential oil buyers guide is devoted to the specific task of trying to find reputable UK essential oil brands online…

Want The Best UK Essential Oils?

Are you really looking for the best UK essential oils?

It seems like a silly question doesn’t it? After all, surely no-one would knowingly go out of their way to look for substandard essential oils?

But, if you’re looking for the best UK essential oils, then what you type into Google really matters.

Did you type best UK essential oils…? Because, if you did then you’re on the right track to possibly finding some of the best UK essential oils available.

But, if you typed in something like cheapest UK essential oils, or best price UK essential oils, then, sadly, you’ll be on a fast track to being very disappointed.

Many of the results you will receive for this search term will have very little to do with the best UK essential oils available.

Cheapest UK Essential Oils

Googling cheapest UK essential oils is a sure fire way of finding the cheapest essential oils in the UK. But, the cheapest UK essential oils couldn’t be more different from the best UK essential oils, because cheap essential oils will undoubtedly mean fake essential oils.

These essential oils, which have been tampered with for profit, are known as adulterated essential oils.

Adulterated essential oils can be harmless, but more often than not they are toxic and can even be carcinogenic. However, even harmless adulterated essential oils are bad news, because they have little to no healing benefit.

Best Price UK Essential Oils

Do you think best priced UK essential oils sounds more upmarket than cheapest UK essential oils? It’s certainly got a more positive ring to it hasn’t it? But, search engines aren’t so nuanced…. Online results will deliver the same dreadful, adulterated essential oils if you type in best priced UK essential oils or cheapest UK essential oils.

As they say in Thailand… “Same, same, but different!

Cheapest Essential Oils UK

So, how did you find this page? Did you just type Buy Cheapest Essential Oils UK into your browser? I really hope so!

And, I also hope you are truly beginning to realise that the Best Priced Essential Oils In The UK are very likely to be the essential oils you most need to avoid.

However, once I publish this article, maybe punching Buy Cheapest Essential Oils UK into Google may just mean you land lucky… by bringing you here to learn the pro’s and con’s of buying essential oils online.

But, by and large, websites in the list for Buy Cheapest Essential Oils UK generally won’t be selling oils you can trust.

Buy Essential Oils UK

Have you been struggling to find quality UK essential oils online? Have there been some costly mistakes so far? And, have the mistakes been made whilst avoiding searches for the cheapest UK essential oils, or equivalent search terms which are likely to lead you into deep water right from the get-go?

Sadly, even if you’ve been typing in things like ‘buy essential oils UK‘ or ‘buy UK essential oils‘ or any other permutation of the same generic request, you may still be fed results that have little to do with you being able to buy UK essential oils that are going to make a positive difference to your health!

Sadly, just putting ‘buy essential oils UK‘ etc in your browser will deliver all kinds of results… the good the bad and the ugly.

So what else do you need to do other than search for ‘buy essential oils UK‘…?

Crafting The Best Search Term

Our advice is simply this…

Leave out the word ‘cheap’ or the words ‘best price’ from your Google searches. Most of the websites that Google will deliver for the search term Buy Cheapest Essential Oils UK will not be a good place to shop!

Include all the words which help to really specifically define exactly what you want, like Buy Best Essential Oils UK. Adding the word ‘best’ means you will stand a much better chance of arriving where you want to end up…

Just adding the word ‘best’ to ‘essential oils UK‘ may seem insignificant… but it will make all the difference to search engines like Google.

Buy Best Essential Oils UK

Google understands your intention when you type your keywords into their search box. So, typing Buy Best Essential Oils UK will indicate you are looking for premium quality essential oils in the UK.

Buy Best Essential Oils UK will also make it absolutely clear you want to buy the best quality essential oils in the UK, rather than buying them from abroad.

Now do you see why ‘buy essential oils UK’ as a search term is likely to be ineffectual? Stating you want to buy essential oils in the UK is great… but the quality really matters. So, when you type in ‘buy essential oils uk,’ Google thinks you aren’t concerned about the quality of the essential oils.

Using very clear search terms, like Buy Best Essential Oils UK will go a good way towards helping you avoid the nasty, cheap, potentially harmful essential oils out there.

Organic Essential Oils

Stating that you want to ‘buy organic essential oils UK’ is probably as likely to deliver you good results as typing  ‘Buy Best Essential Oils UK’.

The essential oils listed will more often than not, be of medicinal grade. However, not all medicinal grade essential oils are organic. Non-organic essential oils can be therapeutic, (contain therapeutic benefits), but there’s a possibility that they will not be as clean as organic essential oils.

So, if it’s your intention to buy organic essential oils in the UK you will need to minimally put ‘buy organic essential oils UK’ into your browser.

In fact, it’s better to put ‘buy best organic essential oils UK’ for all the same reasons listed above.

People who are willing to sell you toxic products to maximise their profits will also not have any scruples about claiming an essential oil is organic when it is anything but! It’s called 2greenwashing”.

There is an awful lot of “greenwashing” going on in the UK Personal Care industry. So much so, in fact, the Soil Association runs a comprehensive database of some of the worst offenders. (You would likely be horrified by how many of the big ‘trusted’ brands are on the list. You can learn more about the Soil Association greenwashing database and access the Come Clean About Beauty League Table from the Wild As The Wind Ethos page.

Aromatherapy Oils

Some people call essential oils, aromatherapy oils… so, there’s no difference in the product… only in the name.

Funnily enough, however, putting ‘buy organic aromatherapy oils UK’ in your browser will deliver a completelydifferent set of search results than when you use ‘buy organic essential oils UK’ as your search term. Plus, switching your browser will make the results different again.

The best advice I can ever give you is be as explicit as you can and also cross reference your results.

Reading reviews used to be more helpful than it is today because there are just so many fake reviews around. But, as long as you have a reasonable idea what a fake review looks like, then this could be a useful exercise.

Best Quality Aromatherapy Oils UK

It doesn’t matter if you search for the best quality essential oils UK, or the best quality aromatherapy essential oils UK, just as long as you stick with best quality and ditch the cheapest essential oils UK and discounted essential oils UK etc…

But, please don’t forget that Wild As The Wind is completely committed to supplying the best quality aromatherapy essential oils UK, at the most affordable prices. So please make sure we make it into your condensed list of suppliers for the best quality aromatherapy essential oils UK.

Pure, Unadulterated Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind are completely committed to sourcing the most pure, unadulterated essential oils. We work with organic farmers who are also committed to producing pure, unadulterated essential oils.

We prefer to work with producers who distill their own essential oils. This is because the fewer hands the products go through, then the purer the essential oils are likely to be.

We also prefer to work with small farms around the world, but it isn’t always possible. It is the larger farms that can afford the best distilling facilities.

But, we still avoid farms that rip out hedges and plant vast mono-crops, practices which have a devastating impact on the quality of the soil and the environment in general. We need our wildlife, and our wildlife needs hedges! And we all need good soil quality! Without it our food and essential oils will be of poor quality.

The oils Wild As The Wind obtain through adhering to rigorous selection methods definitely fall into the pure, unadulterated essential oils category!

Essential Oils & Environmental Concerns

We will never purchase oils from producers who employ dangerous farming methods, which includes mono-cropping, but also includes chemicals.

So many people say that chemical fertilisers are the future of farming. But they are not. Organic farming is the future of farming!

Chemical fertilisers are usually derived from petro-chemicals… and, as we all know, fossil fuels days are numbered!

Wild As The Wind very consciously select producers for their location. A lot of the oils we buy are from producers in the UK from plants grown in the UK.

Not only do we want to support UK businesses, but buying from UK producer means we have a much smaller carbon footprint than a lot of the bigger names in UK Essential Oils.

Essential Oil Quality

Essential oil quality is also of utmost importance. As mentioned already, approximately 75% of all of the essential oils sold globally are adulterated, often with toxic ingredients that bulk out the product, allowing the vendors to increase their profits. It is, therefore, critical to Wild As The Wind that only the best quality oils are selected.

What Makes A Good Quality Essential Oil?

Is it…

Premium Grade Essential Oils?


Organic Essential Oils?


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

Er no…

What makes a good quality essential oil is the actual quality of the oil itself. All the fancy names, sadly, mean nothing!

So, a good quality essential oil is one that is made using excellent plant matter, has been extracted in a non-toxic way, and hasn’t been adulterated by anyone by the time it gets to you.

That’s what makes a good quality essential oil, and nothing else.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils

In order to offer a full range of essential oils Wild As The Wind also sources some of it’s oils from other highly reputable UK based producer-suppliers.

[I] purchased frankincense oil from you at Wells Market and I have to say it is the best I have ever come across…so thanks…

Jane, UK

Our objective is always to track down the best quality essential oils available today.

We advocate you use an Essential Oil First Aid Kit to maintain your family’s health. We would not be able to sleep at night if we were selling cheap essential oils that did more harm than good.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Quality

When considering buying essential oils from a new producer or supplier we always put oil quality first.

As with so many things these days, the safety and quality of essential oils is being compromised for profit. At Wild As The Wind we blend oils to obtain optimal healing effects. The idea of cutting corners and selling cheaper essential oils, that could be potentially harming our customers, instead of curing them, is an anathema to us.

Even if you are only going to diffuse your essential oils, rather than apply them therapeutically to your body, you still need to be using a good grade of essential oil.

Not only are you ingesting the essential oils when you breath them in, but you are actually helping to deliver them straight to the brain. When using pure, unadulterated essential oils this is a really helpful and curative thing to do. But, if you are using adulterated, toxic essential oils, then obviously this would be really bad news.

Essential Oils By Wild As The Wind

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are sourced from many different countries around the world. This is because the plants used to make the oils all require different growing conditions, so they cannot be produced in one place.

Extreme lengths are taken to ensure Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are the most pure and potent essential oils available.

A good proportion of our essential oils are steam distilled in the Uk, and many come from Europe.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are suitable for diffusing as well as for therapeutic purposes. So, whether you want aromatherapy oils to add to your  essential oil first aid kit, or you want to add them to a larger collection of essential oils, used for everything from eco home cleaning, massage, diffusing, to the many possible health and beauty applications, the Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Range has got everything covered..

As we carry essential oils with a view to selling them for their therapeutic use, we are meticulous about where we source our essential oils.

Essential Oil Producers

It is very important to meet with producers, but because producers are based all around the world this can be expensive and time consuming.

However, when it comes to our top selling product FACIAL OIL No. 2, it was vital to track down the best Organic Rose Essential Oil that money could buy.

A trip to Sofia yielded an incredible Organic Rose Essential Oil, but it also delivered up an incredible wild crafted Rosehip Oil, made using the rosehips from Dog Rose plants growing wild within the organic estate where the Organic Rose Essential Oil is made.

The trip also provided us with a phenomenal Organic Pine Essential Oil, as well as the following beautiful oils.

Provenance is, of course, everything… So, we always request to see the GC-MS reports, (the chemical certificates that list the chemical make-up of the oils), for each new batch of essential oil we intend to buy.

It is important to understand why essential oil adulteration is extremely bad for our health, but may also limit our ability to heal ourselves in the future.

Essential Oil GC-MS Reports

Reputable suppliers provide GC-MS reports that are performed by independent labs. These are genuine proof of the chemical make-up of the essential oils being tested. They detail all of the chemical compounds present in the oils.

Although many lengths, most of which are very clever, are employed to disguise the adulteration of essential oils, the methods for testing them are very sophisticated and can identify impure essential oils in most cases.

Essential Oil Production

It is, therefore, very important to select essential oils from producers and wholesalers with a long and impeccable track record. Many makers of certain essential oils will end up wholesaling other essential oils from their preferred grower. Some will buy in plant material from their preferred supplier and will then distill the oil themselves. However, it would be very impractical to import plant materials from all around the world to create a full compliment of essential oils, so this approach cannot be applied across the board.

Essential Oil Production Methods

Essential oils are produced using different methods. Sayer Ji, of the wonderful GreenMedInfo, is an advocate of CO2 extraction. He considers it the most superior form of extracting essential oils. We are inclined to agree, but the technology is relatively new, and it is not always possible to find CO2 extracted oils. In addition, CO2 can be very expensive, and so, it’s not always commercially possible to choose this option and still make products that will be affordable for the people we are making them for.

Distilled Essential Oils

The majority of essential oils are extracted using steam distillation, however, which simply uses steaming hot water to remove the volatile oils. This method is entirely safe as it does not leave toxic residues within the essential oils.

More recently a percolation method has been adopted, which is very similar to distillation, the difference being that water is heated and passed down through the plant matter to extract the oil instead of heated water being passed upwards through the plant matter within the distillation process.

Poor Quality Essential Oils

Poor quality essential oils are generally extracted using solvents. Solvent extraction utilises alcohols and other chemicals to extract the volatile oils from plant matter. Invariably, residual toxins from the solvent are left within the oils.

An essential oil that has been extracted using solvents is not an adulterated essential oil. The fact that toxic residues are left in the essential oils manufactured in this way simply means that the oil is poor quality and inherently toxic without any toxic materials being added to the essential oil.

*We advise extreme caution when considering buying solvent extracted essential oils. The opinion of Wild As The Wind is that our health is far too important to risk buying solvent extracted essential oils.

Synthetic Essential Oils

Also, be even more aware of the risks involved in buying synthetic essential oils. Synthetic essential oils do not possess any healing properties, even if they smell similar to the genuine article.

Synthetic isolates mimic the natural constituents within the oils and allow the adulteration to be very widespread. These toxic ingredients are very cheap to produce but they transform a beautiful health-giving substance into something that could make us very ill indeed.

Essential Oil Absolutes

Essential Oil Absolutes smell amazing, (such as Rose Absolute), as these have been made for the perfume industry and have, thus, been modified to meet industry standards.

The standardisation of adulteration within the perfume industry is an entirely accepted practice… but, as perfume is one if the most toxic products you can put on your skin, this is hardly surprising.

The vast majority of essential oils have been produced for the perfume industry, which demands that the aroma of an oil is consistent from batch to batch. This is why adulteration is such an accepted practice. Results would be entirely inconsistent from batch to batch if the oils were not adulterated.

So, it is important to only buy oils that have been produced for aromatherapy purposes as these are less likely to be modified. But, not necessarily! It really is a case of Caveat Emptor… let the buyer beware!

Essential Oil Quality Checklist

  • Has the essential oil been grown organically?
  • Have the oils been third-party tested by a lab that issues GCSM Reports / chemical certificates?
  • Do they smell right? Weak and synthetic oils are to be avoided at all costs!

Essential Oil Adulteration

Essential oil producers often dilute essential oils with non-volatile oils with a similar chemical make-up as these are less expensive, and therefore, increase profit margins.

These oils will, at least, not necessarily be toxic.

One high-profile Chemist recently tested a batch of Frankincense essential oil, only to find that the GC-SM Report looked almost identical to the Turpentine being sold at a budget store in the USA, (Home Depot). This is because the turpins are almost chemically identical in the two very different products.

Then there is a second species addition, such as the that of Cassia being added to Cinnamon essential oil, with Cassia being the cheaper ingredient.

Not only does this allow producers to maximise profits but it also means that the product is potentially toxic. There is a component in Cassia essential oil that is believed to be carcinogenic.

Thirdly, some essential oils are adulterated using natural constituents from much cheaper sources. For example, Frankincense, which has a constituent called alpha-pinene, is often adulterated using the natural isolate of alpha-pinene from turpentine.

It is not uncommon for essential oils to be so heavily diluted with adulterants that they are a mere shadow of the original, sometimes with as little as 20% of the original oil remaining. This means that some Frankincense samples obtained from commercial sources can be as much as 80% alpha-pinene isolate, as opposed to true Frankincense oils that are usually 40% – 50% alpha-pinene.

This means that the oil is only 20% Frankincense, and because many people take Frankincense internally, as a cancer cure, this is really bad news!

GC-MS Reports

GC-MS reports determine the quality of essential oils. GCMS stands for Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, but we usually use the terms Chemical certificates when referring to these reports.

But again, beware, not all GC-MS reports are created equal either! There are only a few companies that can perform analyses that is sufficiently sophisticated to expose the heavily disguised adulterants in essential oils.

Essential Oil Starter Kit

The Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit is designed to make your life really easy… It includes the best quality oils at affordable prices, and a beautiful storage tin that will preserve your oils longer than if they were exposed to sunlight…


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider. Deepen your knowledge by using the Wild As The Wind Recommended Resources Another resource you may find useful can be found by following the link below. *Please note, I use sources from the Recommended Resources list as well as sources from the Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources list when researching articles for the Wild As The Wind Blog. Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources. Wild As The Wind use a number of resources when deciding which essential oil formulas to put together for optimal healing and efficacy, as well as to support any health claims we may make. We use the industry ‘bible’ on essential oil safety: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals [2nd Edition] by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, to establish the safety of the Wild As The Wind formulations. We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Valerie Ann Worwood, Julia Lawless, Shirley Price and Patricia Davis. Many of the scientific studies used to inform the claims made on this website are via GreenMedInfo, as well as via Dr. Josh Axe as well as, on the odd occasion, Dr. Eric Zielinski Other resources include:

  • PubMed
  • WebMD
  • Robert Tisserand & Rodney Young
  • Dr. Robert Pappas
  • Dr. Maria Lis-Balchin
  • Robbi Zeck
  • Dr. Mercola

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Rachel Wild is the Creative Director at Wild As The Wind. She's been a professional writer for print and digital publication for more years than she cares to remember. She is no longer a 'writer for rent', now very gratefully, devoting all of her time to her passion... writing about health and well-being and sharing it as far and wide as she can. (Please help her!)

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  1. Joanne Trickett says

    Hi. It seems to me then that the most important factor is that a company guarantee that their oils are unadulterated.
    There’s a lot of information on this page, but I can’t remember that statement.
    Can you guarantee that your oils are unadulterated? They are 100% pure unadulterated oils?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for your comment. Are you the owner of Naturally Nature in Corsham? If so, is your enquiry commercially motivated or out of personal interest? It would be helpful to know because my answer would be somewhat different if I knew why you were asking these questions and if I were able to gauge how much prior knowledge about essential oils you have… But, in general terms… Most of the answers to your questions appear in the articles which are linked to from this article, such as the article on Essential Oil Adulteration, and the Wild As The Wind Essential Oils pages. But, because unscrupulous essential oil businesses are the most likely to provide every assurance their essential oils are the best, then reading testimonials is always important in trying to establish whether all claims being made are true.

      Wild As The Wind only purchase essential oils from reputable producers and suppliers, all of which need to be fully certificated with GCMS Reports / Certificates Of Analysis, MSDS Reports, IFRA Reports, Allergen Reports and Organic Certificates where appropriate. Most of the data in these reports is provided by third party agencies who have no vested interest in manipulating the data and who are heavily regulated within their field of chemical analysis etc. This information, whilst authenticating the essential oils is also very commercially sensitive, and so cannot be published publicly without revealing the origins of supply lines. This is why it is so important to trust who you are buying from, because companies won’t reveal their sources as it would be commercially suicidal to do so.

      All of the reports relating to the essential oils Wild As The Wind carry guarantee purity, but I’m afraid they are for our eyes only.

      If you are the owner of Naturally Nature I really hope you aren’t being too adversely affected by this latest lock down. It’s a tough time for retailers and small independent businesses. I really hope you are fairing okay.

      All the best, Rachel x x x

  2. Joanne Trickett says

    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    No, I’m not a business owner. Just someone who would like to start using oils in a therapeutic way for myself and family.
    Have been introduced to one of the big MLM oils by two different friends recently, but wanted to check out their claims. The information out there is so different and conflicting. I have no idea how anyone can really know whether or not an essential oil is unadulterated.
    One friend in particular is seeing remarkable health benefits, particularly from careful ingestion of certain oils, not all. But others say that the oils should never be used internally etc….. I am just trying to find a source of information that I feel that is trustworthy and not just for commercial gain. Seems impossible.

    • Hi Joanne, I really feel for you because I know the internet is a minefield when it comes to essential oils! The point you make about commercial gain is a good one, obviously businesses need to stay in business and so they must be profitable, but some businesses charge fairer prices, and only engage in ethical, non-exploitative marketing practices, and are committed to helping people regain or improve their health over and above just simply selling essential oils. And, whilst I feel a little uncomfortable blowing my own trumpet, the fact is that Wild As The Wind is one such UK based company.

      I publish a huge amount of vitally important information about regaining health through all manner of protocols which have no commercial impetus, because my priority is to help people who are seriously struggling with their health and not getting the answers they need. (I set up Wild As The Wind after falling really ill and literally spending years researching how to get well again, because there is so much misinformation out there about the best way to regain health and stay well.) The whole point of Wild As The Wind is to help others find the right information without wasting a lot of time going down a multitude of wrong paths whilst feeling really unwell, and whilst their health is worsening. If you have a good look around this website you will see a lot of the articles I produce have nothing to do with essential oils.)

      A lot of the feedback I get actually mentions me, and how committed I am to helping people… I get a lot of this kind of feedback via email and don’t publish it because I feel uneasy about doing so, but every now and again, someone will leave the feedback on FB or Google or in the comments etc, and so it can be seen publicly.

      I’m glad you have mentioned the MLM companies. These are US based, so all the money you spend on their heavily over-priced oils immediately leaves the UK economy. Money spent with UK businesses is much more likely to remain in the UK economy. Wild As The Wind invest c. 90% of Wild As The Wind revenue in other UK based businesses… thereby making the UK economy stronger.

      I used to be a marketing consultant a long time ago, and I know the concept of MLM very well. And, I REALLY don’t like it! MLM is the sanitised re-branding of Pyramid Selling, which only benefits the people at the top of the pyramid, and makes those further down work hopelessly hard for very little in return. It’s completely exploitative and makes a few people egregiously wealthy, whilst making a whole lot more suffer unnecessarily.

      I feel very strongly that MLM gives essential oils a bad name.

      However, I will not dispute that DoTerra sell excellent quality oils, because they do. (I have read compelling industry accounts that Young Living don’t have such an excellent record.) Nevertheless, the claims made by DoTerra that they are the only essential oil business selling excellent quality oils is nonsense, and, in fact, the Wild As The Wind wildcrafted range of essential oils is highly likely to be energetically and chemically more potent than the DoTerra equivalents. Other Wild As The Wind essential oils are likely to be comparable to DoTerra and have a much more affordable price tag.

      I have perhaps been a little too candid about my feelings towards MLM companies… I try and be more measured elsewhere on this website. But, in all honesty, I deeply dislike MLM businesses of all types, and I really feel it’s time for this business model to go away. I am immensely disappointed that since Neal’s Yard was sold off to a much more profit-oriented owner, they have largely adopted the MLM approach to business expansion.

      I wish you luck in finding the essential oil business you feel you can trust. I hope it is a UK business, (there’s a few good ones), and I hope you reap the many benefits essential oils have to offer.

      Wishing you all the best,
      Rachel x

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