Nigella Sativa

Nigella Sativa

Nigella Sativa, or Black Seed Oil, is amazing for the skin, brilliant at supporting weight loss and regulating blood sugar, thus helping us move beyond a Type 2 Diabetes state back into rude health, as well as boosting our immunity…

I personally use it in conjunction with Oregano Essential Oil as an anti-parasitic. I do this routinely about every six months, but if I’m forgetful, I’ll leave it a year before engaging the simple anti-parasitic protocol mentioned in Oregano Essential Oil In Brief. But, I do it knowing that the ancillary benefits are immense…! This is why…

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Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us!

Anyone Would Think They're Trying To Kill Us! [IMAGE]

Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us! has long since been the all-inclusive working title which I’ve been intending to use should I ever publish a volume containing much of what I have written since starting Wild As The Wind. However, it is such an appropriate title for the second part of a long-form article I’m writing for the International Times, I thought I might road-test it on there first…

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Full List Of 5G & Wireless Technology Articles

EMF Tower

There are many terms for Wireless Technology including 5G, 4G, 3G 2G, and yes, you guessed it, 1G…

And, of course, the ubiquitous WiFi

But, there’s quite a few others which are a little more obscure:

  • EMF :: Electromagnetic Fields… or Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • EMR :: Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Wireless Telecoms
  • Radio Technology
  • Satellite Technology

There are, of course, many more… But, if you are curious to learn more about any of the wireless technologies which will contribute to:

a. The IoT, or Internet of Things

b. A likely global health crisis

Then please read on…

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Using Rosemary Essential Oil

Essential Oils UK

Using Rosemary Essential Oil is easy. There are several ways in which you can use this DNA protecting essential oil, all of which release the considerable healing abilities present in this extremely versatile healer.

Rosemary Essential Oil has many uses, making it one of the most healing essential oils out there. But it’s the ability of Rosemary Essential Oil to protect our DNA from the damage inflicted by wireless technologies which makes this oil outstanding.

Wireless technologies are compromising us at a cellular level, so the DNA protecting constituents of Rosemary Essential Oil are really making this beautiful smelling essential oil so vitally important within this technologically driven twenty first century.

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