Essential Oils For PoTS

Essential Oils For Postural Tachycardia Syndrome This article explains the possible causes and symptoms of Postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTs). POTS is a form of Dysautonomia, which is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system This article also outlines a number of excellent essential oils for PoTs, or Postural tachycardia syndrome. Many of the essential oils […]

Food Grade Organic Nigella Sativa Oil For Heart & Lung Health

Food Grade Organic Nigella Sativa Oil For Heart & Lung Health Disclosure: Wild As The Wind sell Food Grade Organic Nigella Sativa Oil in the UK. Introduction Nigella Sativa Oil is known as ‘the cure for everything but death’. It delivers a multitude of health benefits. The specific focus of this article is the protective […]

Wild As The Wind & Fiver Fest

Wild As The Wind & Fiver Fest Wild As The Wind Natural Skincare & Essential Oils is participating in the October 2021 Fiver Fest organised by Totally Locally. Q :: Does this mean Wild As The Wind will be discounting products? A :: Yes it does! *Details of how to take advantage of these reductions […]

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Essential Oils

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome This article is a must-read if any of the following applies to you or someone you love: Chronic inflammatory pain Increased susceptibility to catching colds and flu Slow to heal from injuries Slow to recover from illnesses Brain fog & forgetfulness Allergies Autoimmunity Neurodegenerative disorders Digestive issues Respiratory Issues Mental health […]

Nature As Healer *Gemstone Energy

Energetic Healing Potential Of Gemstones This article, devoted to gemstone energy, and the energetic healing potential of gemstones, is the first in a series devoted to the healing power of nature. Each droplet of water contains a crystal, and we are largely made of water. It is unsurprising that gemstones and crystals exert healing benefits […]

Nature As Healer Series *An Introduction

Nature As Healer Series *An Introduction …keep close to all of those things that have to do with outdoor activities, for it is the best way to keep yourself young – to stay close to nature… Edgar Cayce Reading 3374-1 This is the first in a series of articles about how we can interact with […]

5G Is Everywhere & Shungite Pendants

Shungite Pendants… 5G Is Everywhere! This article is all about how 5G has been broadly implemented throughout the developed world and why Wild As The Wind has felt compelled to buy in some more Elite Shungite Pendents. It contains a link to a website which plays host to an ever-evolving map of the 5G roll-out, […]

Essential Oils For Inflammation

Best Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oils Inflammation is at the root of nearly every chronic health condition including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, anxiety & depression and cancer. The number of autoimmune conditions increase every year, partly due to new diseases being identified, but also due to the new scientific understanding of long established conditions. There are four […]

The Most Important Video You Will Watch This Year!?

The featured video, (below), is long, but, it soon becomes patently clear it’s possibly the most critically important information published, to date, in relation to the roll-out of the coronavaccine. The information presented is all based on the featured ex-GAVI Vaccine Programme Manager, Geert Vanden Bossche. To understand the credibility of Geert Vanden Bossche we […]

Bakuchiol Oil & Rosehip Oil Versus Retinol

Bakuchiol Oil & Rosehip Oil Versus Retinol Retinol has been touted as the only ingredient in skincare that is actually anti-ageing. There have even been programmes made for TV to drive this message home. But, it’s not true. In fact, it is the opposite of true… and you are about to find out why… For […]

Skincare Is Deeper than Skin Deep!

An article by :: Antonia Beamish :: A practicing Systematic Kinesiologist in London. Skin complaints, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can cause real distress. Besides their appearance and subsequent effect on our self-confidence, they can be thoroughly uncomfortable to live with and frustrating to know how to treat. Because these common conditions only […]

Circadian Rhythm & Why We’d Be Dead Without It

Our Circadian Rhythm is so vitally important that the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology / Medicine was jointly awarded to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael W. Young, and Michael Rosbash for their discovery of the human molecular mechanisms controlling our Circadian Rhythm. Sounds like something we all should know about doesn’t it? So what is a […]

Why Use A Facial Oil?

  Why Use A Facial Oil? There’s a whole host of reasons for trading in your face creams for facial oils. Here’s just a few of the more compelling ones… A good facial oil will often be chemical free. (But, not always, so remember to check the label.) The chemicals in big brand creams are […]

FACIAL OIL No. 2 Is No. 1!

Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL No. 2 holds it’s own against big branded alternatives and comes out on top. FACIAL OIL No. 8 is also praised highly…

There Is a Cure For Covid-19 & It’s NOT A Vaccine

Great news! The Chinese have nailed Corona Virus! And, as Dr. Klinghardt says in this very important video interview, there is ‘no way this would have been possible in the West”. But don’t start celebrating just yet…

We Are Being Played & Vaccines Will Be Our Reward

The race is on! All of the key players within Big Pharma, are scrambling for the prize. Why wouldn’t they be? There’s big money at stake… for the drug companies, at least. There’s not so much for the human guinea pigs, who are potentially risking their lives… And, the tax payer will, of course, be […]

Corona Virus Prevention & Cures

There are many things we can do to prevent contracting Covid-19 / Corona Virus… and the first is simply to stay calm! And, the second is to sleep properly! These are the most important things we can do to ensure optimal natural immunity… but, I appreciate, it’s sometimes easier said than done in a stressful, […]

It’s Time To Keep Calm & Take Our Power Back!

This article is the companion piece to We Know We Are Being Lied To, which I published just before the news around Coronavirus started to get scary… In that article I concluded with the video of Naomi Klein presenting a lecture on Shock Doctrine. To understand this article it would be helpful to read We […]

We Know We Are Being Lied To

Social media has been ablaze with accusations of hundreds of millions spent on paid ads telling untruths about political candidates in the run up to the UK election, and everywhere we turn we see yet another Boris Johnson lie exposed. No-one believes a word politicians tell us any more. And, we are fast waking up […]

Anti-Viral Essential Oils

Antiviral Essential Oils Now’s the time for us all to start talking about Antiviral Essential Oils! It’s winter, so it’s also cold and flu season. Colds and flu, (aka influenza), are viral infections. And, because colds and flu are viral they present us with more of an issue than bacterial infections… sadly, modern medicine has […]

How To Heal From Mould Infections

In Toxic Mould and Mould Is A Super-Toxin the facts about the dangers of mould and fungal infections have been laid bare. The results aren’t pretty. Mould is severely detrimental to our health and can be life threatening if it goes untreated. These articles are joined by Essential Oils For Fungal Infections and Anti-Fungal, Insect […]

Flying Oil by Wild As The Wind

With so many people falling ill before they even make it to their holiday destinations, I have decided to draw upon a potent medieval preventative medicine known as Thieves Oil, in order to combat the health dangers of flying. The upshot of these endeavours is Flying Oil by Wild As The Wind.

Toxic Mould

This article is a companion piece to Mould Is A Super-Toxin and is largely based on the work of Dr. Margaret Christensen, Dr. Mark Hyman, both of whom have had devastating mould infections, along with Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the ground breaking insights of Dr. Doug Kaufmann. This article is the second in a two […]

Essential Oils For Mould

Essential Oils For Mould This article is a companion piece to How To Heal From Mould Infections. It is also closely allied to another article in the series on Mould on this Wild As The Wind Information website: Mould & Hormone Health, which explores further the systemic damage being done to us through mould exposure. […]

Mould Is A Super-Toxin

This article is a companion piece to Toxic Mould and is largely based on the work of Dr. Margaret Christensen, Dr. Mark Hyman. It is one of several articles devoted to the subject of mould and fungal infections on the Wild As The Wind Information Website. This article is the first in a two part […]

Calcium Supplementation Is Really Bad For Us!

I work alongside a number of highly respected healthcare professionals, particularly in the alternative medicine / complementary medicine sphere. Some of these healthcare professionals even sell supplements via their practice and websites. As a health writer I also research a lot of information online, and I come across many alternative healthcare websites which also supply […]

FACIAL OIL No. 2 + FACIAL OIL No. 8 Starter Kit!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ How about this as a neat little way to start experimenting with face oils? Or, more specifically, how about it being a neat little way to start experimenting with Wild As The Wind face oils? The FACIAL OIL No. 2 + FACIAL OIL No. 8 Starter Kit is a great […]

PQQ For Energy, Mental Health & Inflammatory Pain

PQQ PQQ is a recently discovered compound which will be classified as something like a vitamin when all the research is in. However, the alt health community already understand the vital role this nutrient is playing with regards our health. PQQ is pivotally important for the following: Mitochondria Sleep Gut Stress levels

How Do Hemp Essential Oil & CBD Isolates Work?

In order to understand how Hemp Essential Oil and CBD isolates work, we first need to understand how the Endo Cannabinoid System works. We also need to distinguish the differences between Hemp Essential Oil, CBD Oil & CBD isolates, which are used in the treatment of a large number of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. […]

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil INCI Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Seed Oil Sea Buckthorn is a gloriously nutritive amber coloured oil. It has the ability to deeply penetrate the lipid layers of the skin, addressing imbalances and cleansing and nourishing the skin from the inside out. It reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation, soothing some of […]