Thyroid & The Skin Connection

Thyroid issues are often accompanied by skin issues. This article is going to be useful for those who already know they have Thyroid issues, who are trying to understand how this is impacting their skin. And, it’s also going to be useful for those that don’t know they have a Thyroid issue, but are suffering […]

New Skincare Business :: The Launch, The Laughs & The Lows

New Skincare Business :: The Launch, The Laughs & The Lows Be warned :: I get sarky… and, I get political in this one… but, it’s intended to be humorous, so if you fancy a bit of a laugh, wade on in… I launched Wild As The Wind at the end of 2017 pretty much […]

Christmas 10ml Bottles Of Good Stuff

Christmas 10ml Bottles Of Good Stuff This Christmas it’s not only essential oils that comes in 10ml bottles. We are also going to be putting all of your favourites into trial size 10ml bottles too. As a trial run, a box of 10ml bottles of our best selling product, FACIAL OIL No. 2 was taken to […]

Smart Meter Documentary

Smart Meter Documentary Everyone should watch this Smart Meter Documentary! It exposes the many direct health risks of domestic installation of Smart Meter technology, and it also exposes us to the very real risk of cyber terrorism on an international scale. There is a smart-grid initiative in almost every industrialised nation, happening at the same […]

Facial Oil UK

Facial Oil UK What? Why not just Facial Oil instead of Facial Oil UK? Does Facial Oil UK even make sense?!? And even if it did, surely the term Facial Oil UK lacks the poetry to make it deserving of a post in this blog? But sadly, no! And, here’s why…

Affordable Natural Skincare

Affordable Natural Skincare Wild As The Wind is committed to making affordable natural skincare. In fact, the ingredients in Wild As The Wind products are cleaner and more effective than almost ALL of the big named, high-end products… So, why, if our ingredients cost more, do our products retail at a fraction of the price […]

Hormone Health Part Four

Hormone Health Part Four Hormone Health Part Four is all about how our gut health, and our hormones, which as we learned in Hormone Health Part Two, are mainly produced and regulated by the gut, also go a long towards governing our mental health. So, what we eat, how much toxic emotional and toxic environmental […]

Hormone Health Part Three

Hormone Health Part Three Hormone Health Part Three is predominantly about how to eat well for hormone balance, as well as identifying the key nutrients, that we all tend to be deficient in, but are crucial for hormone health. This article is the third in the series of articles about the importance of hormone balance. […]

Sea Salt Bath

Bath Salts FAQ’s Wild As The Wind is one of the leading online resources for information on bath salts, so we get asked a lot of questions about which bath salt to use and which bath salts can be blended with other bath salts… So, it’s high time we put a Bath Salts FAQ together! […]

STRESS Quick Fix

STRESS Quick Fix The Stress Quick Fix list is a super quick reference list for the best remedies for stress, anxiety and depression.

Hormone Health Part One

Hormone Health Part One Welcome to Hormone Health Part One. This is the first in a long series of articles that will challenge everything we know about what creates hormone health, as well as mental health and how to achieve optimal levels of hormone health. Instead of looking at and trying to treat symptoms, we are going […]

Evening Detox Protocols

Evening Detox Protocols This post, which outlines a good number of evening detox protocols, is a companion piece to the Wild As The Wind Morning Detox Protocols. As with the morning detox regimes, there’s quite a few evening detox options so that you can pick and mix how you work with them. This keeps things fresh […]

Fungal Infections & Essential Oils

Fungal infections & Essential Oils Fungal infections and essential oils are increasingly likely to appear in the same sentence in the future. With so many people afflicted by fungal infections, from Yeast Over-Growth in the form of Athletes Foot and Thrush, as well as Toenail Fungus, there are a lot of people looking for an […]

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil Rose Otto Essential Oil possesses many healing abiities and has been used to support and treat multiple conditions throughout the ages. In addition to it’s successful track record where common medical conditions are concerned, it has also been used in an array of natural beauty products. Rose Essential Oil is very much […]

Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources

Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources There are a lot of skincare and healthcare resources online… but not all of them are created equal… So, to help you sort the wheat from th chaff, here are some of our favourites…

Natural Home Cleaning Products

Natural Home Cleaning Products Green cleaning products are simple and easy to use,  but they work! In fact, they have been working hard and cleaning well for centuries… why, on earth, did we ever decide to swap them for less efficient, more environmentally harmful, biologically detrimental alternatives? Read on to find out..

Detoxing EMF & Environmental Radiation

Detoxing EMF & Environmental Radiation In some ways, trying to detox EMF and environmental radiation is like trying to get dry in the shower. Unfortunately, if you live in a city, or a heavily populated area, then it’s going to be impossible to get away from all forms of EMF and environmental radiation. They are […]

EMF The Invisible Killer

EMF The Invisible Killer According to leading alt-health authorities, like Dr. Mercola, EMF is a big cover-up story similar to that of the pharmaceutical industry. And then there’s the big cover up stories that the food industry are responsible for, but perhaps not surprising as the food industry is now effectively owned by the pharmaceutical […]

EMF :: A New Man Made Evil

EMF :: A New Man Made Evil Based on the insights of Nick Pineault It’s thought that the only danger of EMF is when these frequencies heat up the tissue, ‘the heating effect’, but this is not the case. There’s a biological impact that is happening on a cellular level, that’s impacting the mitochondria… It […]

Morning Detox Protocols

Morning Detox Protocols Morning detox protocols are so important that I spend much of my time telling people all about them. This essentially means that many of my conversations either start with, or eventually swing round to, discussing how to start the day in the most healthy way possible. My priority is to try and […]

Mood Disorders and Hormonal Imbalance :: Medical Intervention or Natural Therapies?

Mood Disorders and Hormonal Imbalance :: Surgical Intervention or Natural Therapies? Which would you prefer? Surgical intervention or natural therapies for treating mental health and hormonal imbalances? Don’t answer yet… let’s make an informed choice shall we…?

Bathing In Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Rock Salt and Baking Soda

Bathing In Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Rock Salt and Baking Soda Salt baths can be very healing. They not only sooth and relax, but they can also cure a good number of persistent and uncomfortable conditions. Bathing In Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Rock Salt and Baking Soda, either individually, or as […]

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil Organic Orangio Sweet Essential Oil is a real therapeutic powerhouse. It possesses anti-cancer, anti-ageing, anti-arthritic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, antispasmodic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and aphrodisiacal properties. It is also believed to treat colds and flu, increase circulation, aid digestion, improve blood pressure, support lymphatic drainage, boost immunity, significantly help with detoxing the liver, […]