How To Heal From Mould Infections

In Toxic Mould and Mould Is A Super-Toxin the facts about the dangers of mould and fungal infections have been laid bare. The results aren’t pretty. Mould is severely detrimental to our health and can prove fatal if it goes untreated. These articles are joined by Essential Oils For Fungal Infections and Anti-Fungal, Insect Repellent […]

Flying Oil by Wild As The Wind

With so many people falling ill before they even make it to their holiday destinations, I have decided to draw upon a potent medieval preventative medicine known as Thieves Oil, in order to combat the health dangers of flying. The upshot of these endeavours is Flying Oil.

Toxic Mould

This article is a companion piece to Mould Is A Super-Toxin and is largely based on the work of Dr. Margaret Christensen, Dr. Mark Hyman, both of whom have had devastating mould infections, along with Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the ground breaking insights of Dr. Doug Kaufmann. If antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are super-bugs, […]

Essential Oils For Mould

This article is a companion piece to How To Heal From Mould Infections. There are many anti-fungal essential oils in the essential oil toolkit. These essential oils are becoming increasingly important as more and more people are realising the very real dangers of mould / fungus and mycotoxins. Mould can cause serious, life-threatening conditions as […]

Mould Is A Super-Toxin

If antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are super-bugs, then electromagnetically supercharged mould is a super-toxin! With the advent of radio signalling, which has been around since the first world war, (and was understood to be, even back then, carcinogenic and profoundly adverse to human health), we have created an environment within which mycotoxins, or mould, […]

Calcium Supplementation Is Really Bad For Us!

I work alongside a number of highly respected healthcare professionals, particularly in the alternative medicine / complementary medicine sphere. Some of these healthcare professionals even sell supplements via their practice and websites. As a health writer I also research a lot of information online, and I come across many alternative healthcare websites which also supply […]

FACIAL OIL No. 2 + FACIAL OIL No. 8 Starter Kit!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ How about this as a neat little way to start experimenting with face oils? Or, how about it being a neat little way to start experimenting with Wild As The Wind face oils? The FACIAL OIL No. 2 + FACIAL OIL No. 8 Starter Kit is a great way to […]

PQQ For Energy, Mental Health & Inflammatory Pain

PQQ PQQ is a recently discovered compound which will be classified as something like a vitamin when all the research is in. However, the alt health community already understand the vital role this nutrient is having on our health. PQQ is pivotally important for the following: Mitochondria Sleep Gut Stress levels

How Do Hemp Essential Oil & CBD Isolates Work?

In order to understand how Hemp Essential Oil and CBD isolates work, we first need to understand how the Endo Cannabinoid System works. We also need to distinguish the differences between Hemp Essential Oil, CBD Oil & CBD isolates, all of which are used to great effect in the treatment of a large number of […]

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil INCI Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Seed Oil Sea Buckthorn is a gloriously nutritive amber coloured oil. It has the ability to deeply penetrate the lipid layers of the skin, addressing imbalances and cleansing and nourishing the skin from the inside out. It reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation, soothing some of […]

Detoxing Fluoride With Tamarind

Tamarind is exceptionally useful in the relief of quite a few common conditions and it is used in hot countries, like India, to treat parasites and worms! It is reputed to ease stomach ache, improve digestion, and help with elimination. It is also used for fevers, sore throats, and sunstroke. It improves heart health, helps […]

Gratitude Is A Great Detox Protocol

This is a companion piece to Gratitude Heals, which explains the processes initiated by consciously being grateful, and how healing these can be in more depth. I strongly recommend you read Gratitude Heals after reading this article

Stress Is The Cause Of All Illness & Dysfunction

There are only two states of wellbeing. There’s health, and there’s ill-health… it’s just that the second category is a broad church which spans everything from feeling a little out of sorts all the way to chiming the bell at death’s darkly lit door. It doesn’t matter if your malaise is caused by an infection, […]

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil Oregano Essential Oil is like the big surly elder brother of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Just like Tea Tree Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and parasitic. This means Oregano Essential Oil can be used to effectively treat all of the conditions which have a fungal, bacterial, viral or […]

Where To Buy Wild As The Wind Products In October

The Wild As The Wind Etsy Shop Is Open! As of this afternoon I have opened the Wild As The Wind Etsy Shop. It is presently Monday 14 October, 2019 and I will return to the UK on Thursday, 17 October, 2019. Any Orders between now and Thursday will be in the post to you […]

Inflammatory Pain & Pain Relief

This article is a companion piece to Inflammation Causes All Illness :: Here’s What You Need To Do It details the causes of inflammatory pain and which natural protocols we can employ to alleviate our suffering. It also explains how we can reverse the root causes of inflammatory pain so that we can live pain-free […]

What Can We Learn From Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa is in the news again. People are complaining about only having one minute with her due to the overwhelming queues in her temporary home at the Louvre, whilst work is done to the wing where she normally resides. The one minute restriction is to ensure that the enormous crowds, who line up to […]

If You Voted Brexit This Is What You Voted For

I believe Brexit has been used to peel the UK off the pack so that US corporate interests can get a US/UK trade deal through without opposition. And, if that’s the case I want out! I am someone who fought, like my life depended upon it, against TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, which […]

Your Feedback Keeps Your Favourite Products Affordable

Who knew you would profit from your review…? But you do. And, you profit in several ways, not just one… here’s how… Your Feedback Keeps Your Favourite Products Affordable Have you ever thought what writing a review about your favourite Wild As The Wind product would actually mean? Did you know that it could save […]

Essential Oils For Hormone Health

There are many essential oils which are extremely useful for supporting hormone health, and there are many that can help restore hormonal health once it’s been lost. Our environments are now comprehensively polluted by hormone disrupting substances. Regular readers of this blog will know some of the most egregious culprits to be: Perfume Cleaning products […]

Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us!

Anyone Would Think They’re Trying To Kill Us! has long since been the all-inclusive working title which I’ve been intending to use should I ever publish a volume containing much of what I have written since starting Wild As The Wind. However, it is such an appropriate title for the second part of a long-form […]

Full List Of 5G & Wireless Technology Articles

There are many terms for Wireless Technology including 5G, 4G, 3G 2G, and yes, you guessed it, 1G… And, of course, the ubiquitous WiFi But, there’s quite a few others which are a little more obscure: EMF :: Electromagnetic Fields… or Electromagnetic Frequencies EMR :: Electromagnetic Radiation Wireless Telecoms Radio Technology Satellite Technology There are, […]

Sleep & The Mineral Connection

Sleep & The Mineral Connection Trace minerals, like Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine are all vital for our health. In fact, trace minerals are needed for hundreds of thousands of functions within our bodies. The above minerals are vital for Thyroid health, for example. Sleep is also heavily compromised in those that suffer from yeast […]

Using Rosemary Essential Oil

Using Rosemary Essential Oil is easy. There are several ways in which you can use this DNA protecting essential oil, all of which release the considerable healing abilities present in this extremely versatile healer. Rosemary Essential Oil has many uses, making it one of the most healing essential oils out there. But it’s the ability […]

Multiple Sclerosis Protocols

Multiple Sclerosis Protocols Multiple Sclerosis is yet another auto-immune condition with horrible degenerative symptoms. It is curable with a protocol made up of a combination of dietary changes, a reduction of stress of all kinds, implementation of energetic medicine and herbal interventions. A ketogenic style diet which is sugar and dairy-free is the best option […]

Cancer Causes & Cures

Cancer is a case of our cells ‘going rogue’. They get all bent out of shape, and potentially make us terminally ill. The establishment can’t seem to agree on what causes cancer, but, it seems simple enough to me… Although, I’m happy for you to correct me if I’m wrong… (Head to the comments if […]

Best Information About 5G

It is important for us to share the best information about 5G with each other… and fast! But, trying to locate the best information on 5G is easier said than done… So, where do we find it?

Scientifically Backed Serious Concerns About 5G Safety

There’s too many people, flushing around on social media sites, demanding scientific proof for the damaging effects of 5G, who are using their complete lack of awareness of the many scientists who’ve already spoken out against 5G as ample justification for discrediting the efforts of people, like me, who’re trying to highlight the dangers of […]

South West Of England :: First Trains To Get 5G

A humorous article which poses a very serious question… ***A must read! Trains which cover the South West, in the UK rail network, will be the first to get 5G! Because that makes sense…!?!?!? (WARNING :: This article is sarcastic, flagrantly ridiculous, because the subject matter is too… and, it’s downright disrespectful. Read on at […]

Inflammation Causes All Illness :: Here’s What You Need To Do

There are various external factors, like EMF, toxic food, violently disturbing movies, pollution, money worries etc… which cause inflammation in the body. And, once the body is inflamed, this inflammation will lead to all manner of illnesses. The way in which inflammation expresses itself within our body is dependent on a number of things, all […]