Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth

Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth Images of strangled waterways, rivers choking in the toxic waste from the clothing industries, heavy metals in chemical dyes and plastics… then more plastic.. and even more plastic, islands of detritus the size of countries in our oceans, fire hoses spewing antibiotics into open water fisheries, coastlines unfit for bathing […]

EMF Is Killing Insects & Birds

EMF Is Killing Insects & Birds The EMF story just keeps on getting worse! Humans cannot survive the massive scale loss of insect populations that are occurring, because nature will bearly be able to survive!

Cellulite & Weight Loss

Somewhat unfairly, women tend to suffer from cellulite a lot more frequently than men. This is mainly due to the creation of cellulite being partly driven by hormonal imbalances and because women are generally made differently to men. But, before the bad news, here’s a little bit of good… and then some great news…

Gut Health

Our gut health is critically important. Without it we we will suffer from all manner of physical illnesses as well as horomal and mental health issues. The gut is being termed as the secondary brain as it is so important in the running and regulating of the body. But, the more enlightened amongst the medical […]

EMF Symptoms & Diseases

According to the most conservative estimates of independent EMF researchers, at least 35% of the population suffers from “mild to moderate” symptoms of electro sensitivity, including:

Hormone Health – The Best Valentine Gift Ever?

Ladies, if someone told you that they were going to give you something that, over time, would reduce your mood swings, tempers, miseries and diminishing interest in sex, especially at certain times of the month, as well as improving your relationship with yourself and, bless his cottons, that ‘special other’… wouldn’t you just love them […]

5G EMF Worst Nightmare Coming True

Is our 5G EMF worst nightmare coming true? What would be the odds of that…? Well, it seems the odds are irrelevant, because it looks like our 5G EMF worst nightmare already came true!

Organic Pine Essential Oil :: Limited Offer…

There’s no-one more surprised than me that I’m just about to wax lyrical about an “amazing’ Organic Pine Essential Oil. I have, of course, used Organic Pine Essential Oil, but whilst I am a big fan of it’s healing properties, I have never been overly impressed by the aroma. But that all changed in a […]

Pine Essential Oil

Pine is one of the least toxic of essential oils, and, it is therefore considered one of the safest. (Please note, all strong substances that require dilution are toxic in their undiluted form.) it has been used for millennia for healing the respiratory system and for disinfecting homes. It has also been used throughout the […]

Hormone Health Part Seven

Hormone Health Part Seven covers the full spectrum of hormonal information… It highlights hormonal conditions such as; PCOS, (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Infertility, Thyroid problems, diet-resistant weight issues, mental stress & dietary related hormone deficiencies and of course, menopause etc… It also deals with cyclic changes and challenges, even down to how to exercise properly within […]

Gratitude Heals

If stress is the biggest killer, (and, it is!), then gratitude is the biggest cure. But, it’s not just about saying thank you for all the great things in life… it’s about shifting our perspective enough to be grateful for all of the stuff we would never have asked to happen to us… not even […]

Hormone Health Part Six

It’s my great pleasure, in Hormone Health Part 6, to introduce you to exceptional practitioners in the world of hormone health. The videos I have chosen, featuring these practitioners, cover everything from Hashimoto’s, eating disorders, Acne, Eczema, PCOS, Menopause etc etc…

Wireless (2.4 GHz / EMF) Classified As 2B Carcinogen In 2011 By W.H.O. (Video)

An astonishing video in which it is revealed that the Secretary General of the United Nations had no idea of the dangers of 5G or EMF / 2.4 GHz when, during a session at the UN Office in Vienna, Claire Edwards calls for research into the 5G installation within the building. She cites a “unique […]

Man-Made EMF Blocks The Natural EMF We Need To Support Life

Vitally important natural EMF’s are being blocked by synthetic, humanly engineered EMF! The long video interview between Nick Pineault and EMF expert, Pawel Wypychowski, below, reveals that natural EMF’s are more important than gravity for biological life on earth… and the sun, and our Circadian rhythms are all governed by natural EMF’s. My fear, with […]

New Wild As The Wind Products For 2019

Happy New Year! Let’s hope that our levels of humanity increase, along with our awareness of the need to approach life from a loving perspective. We can change the world in an instant if we choose humanity over greed and love instead of fear. We are bound only by our beliefs… so it’s time to […]

5G Health Risk Video

5G is a reality in Bristol and Bath. We need to watch the video featured in this post, and the one featured in this article: Wireless (2.4 GHz / EMF) Classified As 2B Carcinogen In 2011 By W.H.O. (Video) Please scroll down to see the 15 minute video outlining the very real risks of 5G, […]

A Big Thank You Discount

Thank You All I want to thank everyone for their support in 2018 and wish them a wonderful 2019…

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil Frankincense is immune supporting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent, anti-aging, calmative, anti-anxiety, mood-enhancing, expectorant, anti-flatulent, diuretic, emmenagogue, (able to stimulate and increase menstrual flow), as well as helping to balance female hormones. *For information relating to Frankincense Serata’s legendary anti-inflammatory abilities, please scroll to the end of this article. Thank you. Frankincense Essential Oil […]

Sending Money To Friends & Family On PayPal

Sending Money To Friends & Family On PayPal I am receiving more telephone and email enquiries about products. I’m loving the personal nature of these exchanges! I am happy to receive orders in this way, even though it can be very time consuming, and I’m already running at full capacity. Making everything by hand is […]

Eat Chocolate Every Day If You Know What’s Good For You!

Eat Chocolate Every Day If You Know What’s Good For You! This has to be the best news ever! (Well, it is for an age old chocoholic, anyway!) This article outlines the main benefits of chocolate for our health. Dark chocolate is, without doubt, a superfood… and if you can figure out how to eat […]

Hormone Health Part Five

Hormone Health Part Five Hormone Health Part Five is all about Xenoestrogens, the synthetic oestrogens found slushing around, in every nook and cranny, of our environment, as well as weight gain and skin health, in particular Acne. As promised at the end of Hormone Health Part Four I will also cover all of the Phenol containing […]

Anti-Ageing For Free

Anti-Ageing For Free Are you forking out a fortune for your anti-ageing protocols? If my experience is anything to go by then the answer to that question is a very firm ‘yes’. I spend a lot of time talking to people who admit they’re spending vast sums of money on their anti-ageing regimes… and that’s […]

Microwave Food Is Not Good!

Microwave Food Is Not Good! Ever wondered whether microwave food is not good for you? If you have, you’d have been onto something! Microwave Food Is Not Good! In fact, Microwave Food Is REALLY Not Good For You!

Write A Wild As The Wind Review

Write A Wild As The Wind Review Write A Google Review It would be very much appreciated if you would write a Google review. Let Google, and everyone who uses Google know that you have found the Wild As The Wind website useful… or that you love our products. Don’t forget to tell us why […]

STRESS Quick Fix

STRESS Quick Fix The Stress Quick Fix list is a super quick reference list for the best remedies for stress, anxiety and depression.

Household Toxicity & EMF

Household Toxicity & EMF This post contains some important EMF Videos, as well as list of all of the EMF and 5G resources on the Wild As The Wind website. Some of you may think I’m obsessed with EMF… (and watching EMF videos), which isn’t entirely true… I’m actually obsessed with bringing the best and […]

Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella Essential Oil Out of all of the essential oils we use in our blends, Citronella Essential Oil is the ingredient most commonly used in Wild As The Wind preparations… and for good reason! Like Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, which also makes many appearances in Wild As The Wind products, Citronella Essential Oil is […]

Healing Benefits Of St. John’s Wort

Healing Benefits Of St. John’s Wort The healing benefits of St. John’s Wort are incredibly diverse. Many know it as an anti-depressant owing to it’s current popularity in this role. But, it has historically been used for a whole lot more impressive healing powers than just this.

Aero Toxic Syndrome Causing Serious Illness In Frequent Fliers

Aero Toxic Syndrome Causing Serious Illness In Frequent Fliers Do you think you are breathing clean air when you fly? Sorry. I’m afraid you’re going to have to think again. The air being pumped into aeroplanes is the recycled air that circulates around the engines, and is often toxic as hell!

Wild As The Wind Started in 1992…

Wild As The Wind Started in 1992… This is how it all started… A missed Yoga class… a few letters to organisations pioneering the work of non-exploitative trading relations with developing countries… the purchasing of a one way ticket to India… and then this… But wait… you need a little more back story than that…