Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid Dysfunction

Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid Dysfunction The Adrenals and Thyroid are profoundly interdependent. When the Thyroid doesn’t work properly the Adrenals are put into play. The Adrenals use cholesterol, which is made in the Liver, to make hormones and so there’s also a systemic connection between the Thyroid and Adrenals as well as with the Liver […]

Hormone Disrupting Substances & Cures

Hormone Disruption This article will outline the main endocrine disruptors which we are regularly exposed to, providing links to supplementary information about how these hormone disruptors are reeking havoc within our lives. We are exposed to hormone disrupting compounds within our food and water, our home and work / school environments as well as within […]

Antibiotic Use Is Evil :: & Why We Mustn’t Eat Farmed Fish

Did you know that once created, antibiotics never bio-degrade? This means that you and I can take a course of antibiotics, that we then pee out into the mains water supply, in pretty much the same form as when we popped those little cheerfully coloured pills into our mouths… Who knew…? Well the short answer […]

NHS Being Held To Ransom Again!

There’s no honey pot quite as attractive as the NHS to a cash-lusty psychopath. With most of the national utilities and services, bought and paid for by the tax payer, now sold off, at a fraction of their actual worth, to the already ridiculously wealthy… leaving the nations beloved NHS a shining beacon to the […]

Wells Market Has It All!

Wells Market In many ways Wells Market is the beating heart of the City of Wells, in Somerset. It provides an invaluable service to the town, bringing the city centre to life with a vibrancy long since lost among many a failing market town across England. In this article I will explore the reasons why […]

Fat Does Not Make Us Fat

Fat Does Not Make Us Fat But, it also doesn’t increase cholesterol and give us heart disease, either. I have been saying this for YEARS! And… I could wax lyrical forever about why fat is not only not bad for us, but that it is actually vitally important for our health… However, I don’t need […]

Heavy Metal Toxicity & Hormone Health

Heavy Metal Toxicity & Hormone Health The natural world has it’s fair share of toxic substances and Heavy Metals, but industrialisation has turbo-charged the level of chemical contamination and Heavy Metal toxicity within our environment. Plus, an increased reliance on motorised vehicles and chemical based products has meant an absolute explosion of toxins, including metals, […]

Sweeteners Ruin Female Sexual Response & Induce Male Sexual Dysfunction

What’s not to like? They ruin female sexual response and induce male sexual dysfunction… and we just thought our partners were repugnant! (I’m joking, of course!)

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic Herbs Adaptogenic herbs are wonderful because they adapt to what our individual bodily needs, supplementing what is in deficit and reducing what is in excess. Nature truly is a beautiful thing!

Lemon & Cayenne Liver Support Drink

Lemon & Cayenne Liver Support Drink The Lemon & Cayenne Liver Support Drink is critically important for Liver and Gallbladder health because warm lemon juice helps to dilute our bile and prevents it from getting thick and difficult to use. It’s slow moving bile which allows Gallbladder and Liver stones to be created. If our […]

Hormone Health Products

Hormone Health Products Wild As The Wind make several essential oil based products which support Hormone Health. These products, as with all Wild As The Wind products, are made using therapeutic grade essential oils and base oils. The Wild As The Wind Hormone Health Range are gentle, but very effective. I explain the best way […]

EMF & Autism

EMF & Autism According to Dr. Martin Pall, the true cause of Autism is EMF, or electro-magnetic fields created by modern wireless technologies… Dr. Martin Pall, in the video address below, discusses the role EMF technologies are playing in creating the autism epidemic that has really exploded in the last couple of decades. Dr. Pall […]

Coffee Enemas For Liver Cleansing *Detoxing The Major Detox Pathway

Coffee Enemas For Liver Cleansing *Detoxing The Major Detox Pathway It is vital to keep our livers in good condition. But, being responsible for more that 500 processes within the body means that our livers tend to get pretty clogged up a lot of the time.

What Can They Do With 5G?

What Can They Do With 5G? They can socially exclude us, brainwash us, make us really sick and basically force us to surrender our will to their wishes… But Will They? Sadly, if China is anything to go by then… yes! Seven million people are now effectively ‘persona non-grata’, and are excluded from the Chinese […]

Essential Oil Toxicity For Pets

Essential Oil Toxicity For Pets It is vitally important to know which essential oils are best not to be used around your pets, and which essential oils can prompt an allergic reaction within your cat or dog. Some reactions can be very severe and can impede breathing. It is, therefore vital to avoid using essential […]

Wild As The Wind On Etsy… *Or not?

Wild As The Wind On Etsy… *Or not? I’d really appreciate your feedback on this! It’s possibly one of the most important decision I will make in 2019. I would especially appreciate your feedback if you have had issues with the Wildasthewinds Etsy Shop… Especially, those who have tried to communicate with me via the […]

5G At What Cost?

5G At What Cost? It has just been reported on GreenMedInfo that the wireless industry has admitted there’s not a single shred of evidence that can prove 5G is safe… There’s no safety test or research into 5G that gives any indication that this incredibly invasive technology isn’t harming anyone who comes into contact with […]

Essential Oils For Depression

Essential Oils For Depression At Wild As The Wind we believe essential oils are so suited to easing anxiety and depression that anyone would think this is what Nature had in mind when it scented all of it’s flowers and trees. One of the main reasons essential oils are so exceptional at uplifting our spirits […]

Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss + Digestive & Liver Health

Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss + Digestive & Liver Health This article could just as accurately be entitled :: Top Three Citrus Essential Oils For Systemic Health because… The top three essential oils that will enable you to achieve such comprehensive health benefits, from weight loss to optimal liver function, all just happen to […]

Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth

Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth Images of strangled waterways, rivers choking in the toxic waste from the clothing industries, heavy metals in chemical dyes and plastics… then more plastic.. and even more plastic, islands of detritus the size of countries in our oceans, fire hoses spewing antibiotics into open water fisheries, coastlines unfit for bathing […]

EMF Is Killing Insects & Birds

EMF Is Killing Insects & Birds The EMF story just keeps on getting worse! Humans cannot survive the massive scale loss of insect populations that are occurring, because nature will bearly be able to survive!

Cellulite & Weight Loss

Somewhat unfairly, women tend to suffer from cellulite a lot more frequently than men. This is mainly due to the creation of cellulite being partly driven by hormonal imbalances and because women are generally made differently to men. But, before the bad news, here’s a little bit of good… and then some great news…

Gut Health

Our gut health is critically important. Without it we we will suffer from all manner of physical illnesses as well as horomal and mental health issues. The gut is being termed as the secondary brain as it is so important in the running and regulating of the body. But, the more enlightened amongst the medical […]

EMF Symptoms & Diseases

According to the most conservative estimates of independent EMF researchers, at least 35% of the population suffers from “mild to moderate” symptoms of electro sensitivity, including:

Hormone Health – The Best Valentine Gift Ever?

Ladies, if someone told you that they were going to give you something that, over time, would reduce your mood swings, tempers, miseries and diminishing interest in sex, especially at certain times of the month, as well as improving your relationship with yourself and, bless his cottons, that ‘special other’… wouldn’t you just love them […]

5G EMF Worst Nightmare Coming True

Is our 5G EMF worst nightmare coming true? What would be the odds of that…? Well, it seems the odds are irrelevant, because it looks like our 5G EMF worst nightmare already came true!

Organic Pine Essential Oil :: Limited Offer…

There’s no-one more surprised than me that I’m just about to wax lyrical about an “amazing’ Organic Pine Essential Oil. I have, of course, used Organic Pine Essential Oil, but whilst I am a big fan of it’s healing properties, I have never been overly impressed by the aroma. But that all changed in a […]

Pine Essential Oil

Pine is one of the least toxic of essential oils, and, it is therefore considered one of the safest. (Please note, all strong substances that require dilution are toxic in their undiluted form.) it has been used for millennia for healing the respiratory system and for disinfecting homes. It has also been used throughout the […]

Hormone Health Part Seven

Hormone Health Part Seven covers the full spectrum of hormonal information… and offers natural ways to counter symptoms. It highlights hormonal conditions such as; PCOS, (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Infertility, Thyroid problems, diet-resistant weight issues, mental stress & dietary related hormone deficiencies and of course, menopause etc… but it also offers you coping mechanisms and healthy […]

Gratitude Heals

If stress is the biggest killer, (and, it is!), then gratitude is the biggest cure. But, it’s not just about saying thank you for all the great things in life… it’s about shifting our perspective enough to be grateful for all of the stuff we would never have asked to happen to us… not even […]