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If you would like to chat about any of the products and services provided by Wild As The Wind please give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

Essential Oils

For information relating to Essential Oils please refer to our website, perhaps starting with: Essential Oil First Aid Kit or Facial Essential Oils.

For assurances regarding the quality of the Wild As The Wind Essential Oils  please visit the Essential Oils Testimonials Page. We also recommend you also consult the Wild As The Wind Online Shop website.

For Other Products:

Please go to the relevant product pages in the Facial Oil, Skincare and Healthcare sections of the website.

You will find these categories in the main navigation menu above, just under the Wild As The Wind logo. Hover over any of these main menu categories to see the drop down menus, and scroll down until you see the product you are interested in.

Have You Checked The FAQ’s?

Please do not contact Wild As The Wind to ask questions which have already been answered in the FAQ’s. You will simply be redirected to the FAQ’s if you do.


If you’d prefer a slightly more formal means of contact, why don’t you Email Us or use the response form below…


Please only call us if absolutely necessary and not before you have tried to find your answers on the Wild As The Wind website first.

Unfortunately, you are likely to get the answerphone if you ring as there is no-one dedicated to manning the phones. Please make sure you leave a message, and someone will get back to you, usually within 48 hours.

Please call us between the hours of 9.00 – 5.00

Wild As The Wind Landline


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