Crowdfunding Stats 2013

The Crowdfunding Stats 2013 report, published by Massolution in April 2013, quantified the crowdfunding market in the following way:

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Crowdfunding Global Market:Crowdfunding Statistics 2013

The 2013 Crowdfunding statistics reveal a very interesting story. Growth rates are exponential with every indication that they will continue to rise very rapidly.

$2.7 billion was invested globally in more than one million crowdfunding campaigns in 2012

The market experienced an 81% increase in annual growth.

The annual growth rate in 2011 was 64%

The expected annual growth for 2013 is estimated to be 89% which equates to a total value of $5.1 billion

Crowdfunding Market Share:

USA: 59% :: $1.6 billion was raised in North America :: a volume growth of  105%

Europe: 35% :: $945 million was raised in Europe :: a volume growth 65%

On average, all other markets grew close to 125%.

Crowdfunding Growth Rates by Funding Models:

Donations and Reward-based crowdfunding grew 85% to $1.4bn :: market share by volume 51%

Lending based crowdfunding grew 111% to $1.2bn :: market share by volume 44%

Equity-based crowdfunding grew 30% to $116m :: market share by volume 4%

*Equity investments are hindered by investment restrictions in countries such as the USA where equity crowdfunding is currently limited to accredited investors with a net worth of $1 million or $200,000 in annual income. The UK is one of the few countries where equity-based crowdfunding is already legal and open to all.

*If the JOBS Act comes into effect in 2013 this could have a dramatic impact on these figures with significant market shifts expected.

Breakdown by Crowdfunding Campaign:

Social causes maintain pole position with 27.4%

Business and Entrepreneurship: 16.9%

Film and Performing Arts: 11.9%

Music and Recording Arts: 7.5%

Energy and Environment: 5.9%

Other: 30.4%



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