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Wild Digital Home Page IconsCrowdfunding campaigns can be incredibly challenging, especially if you are reasonably new to social media and online marketing and PR. Wild Digital can take all of the pain out of orchestrating and managing a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding campaigns are rigorous and should not be undertaken lightly. All too often campaigns are launched before the participants are sufficiently ready. This may be because their social media presence is too weak to achieve the reach required for optimal up-take, or because insufficient time has been created within their schedule to adequately manage the campaign.

All too often we read about unsuccessful campaigns that have been consigned to failure because these two critcal factors weren’t adequately understood. Without the correct provisions, even the most inspiring campaigns will not achieve their funding objectives.

Wild Digital can help you in the following ways:

  • Assess your idea in relation to your expectations to see if they are realistic
  • Develop your online presence so that you are campaign ready
  • Equip you with the insights you need to be successful and psychologically prepare you for the hard slog
  • Formailise your campaign
  • Help you review and revise campaign elements based on feedback

If you are contemplating launching a crowdfunding campaign and feel that you could use some pointers please call us for a free telephone consultation.

Not quite ready to call us? Then please feel free to take advantage of the free resources below.

Useful Crowdfunding Campaign Resources: 50+ PR and Social Media Tools

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