Dairy-Free & Sugar-Free Chocolate


Coconut Cream – 250g

Cocoa Butter – 150g

Tin of Essential Trading Coconut Milk – pour off some of the more watery contents and drink (very healthy – (isotonic electrolytes)… adding the most creamy contents to the mix.

Raw Cocoa Powder (NOT drinking chocolate) 4 x heaped dessert spoons

Lucuma 3 x heaped dessert spoon

Inulin: Rounded dessert spoon

Cocoa nibs – heaped dessert spoon

Small pinch Salt Salt

Optional: Natural Vanilla or Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Place Coconut Cream and Cocoa Butter in a bain-marie (or a pyrex glass or ceramic dish placed in a larger pan that is one third full of water), and gently heat until melted. Add two thirds of the contents of the Coconut Milk, and stir thoroughly.

Then add dry ingredients and fold in until completed mixed through.

Pour contents into a shallow baking dish and allow to set.

*Inulin helps to burn belly fat.

**Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk help us to lose weight also.

***Avoid chocolate when suffering from Cold Sores due to the Arginine content.

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