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Living naturally doesn’t mean compromising. It certainly doesn’t mean personal hygiene standards have to slip. Quite the opposite.

Plus, it means that you can also take more control over how you go about fulfilling your personal care needs by being less reliant on what’s on the shelves at your local chemist.

Conventional deodorants have been shown to be harmful to our health, and are packaged in way which are damaging to the environment.

In this article I reveal how you can make your own natural deodorant, which will reduce the toxic load on your body and the environment, and will  be a lot kinder to your purse as well!

I will explain how you can add one simple ingredient to a product you are likely to already possess, to arrive at a really effective and low-cost deodorant, which promises to protect, rather than potentially threaten, your health.

Conventional Deodorants

But, whilst conventional, Aluminium based, deodorants are often quite effective, the health concerns associated with using them are just too great. Not only are some of the ingredients of modern deodorants considered to be direct causes of Autoimmune conditions like early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, but there’s also concerns that they contribute to conditions like Autism and Cancer, but they usually offer antiperspirant protection, which is really bad news…

Some of our major lymph glands are located in and around the armpit. This is because the lymphatic system is responsible for detoxifying the body, and 40% of the bodies waste is eliminated via the skin, often via our sweat. As the armpits are responsible for much of the sweating we do, this action provides us with an invaluable means of regulating our bodies wastes, and therefore, our health.

Consequently, the last thing we need to do is clog up the pours in two of the most important exit routes for our toxic waste. And sadly, our addiction to antiperspirant deodorants is related to an alarming array of dire statistics, including a significant increase in prostrate and mammary cancer, with the Aluminium present in these modern deodorants proving to assist the migration of cancer cells throughout the body.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the plethora of health concerns associated with using conventional antiperspirant deodorants, but if you click on the GreenMedInfo link for a long list of scientific research outlining the toxic nature of these products and all of the health risks associated with using them, and just scan down the list of article titles you’ll get the picture pretty quickly!

Natural Deodorants

As more and more people are waking up to the hazards of a lot of modern products, I am sure I am not alone in having spent a lot of time and money experimenting with an array of different natural deodorants, some working better than others, but all not quite achieving the 100% efficacy I desired.

Consequently, I am utterly delighted that my extremely simple deodorant solutions work completely for me and my customers… so far!

Protection is excellent for 24 hours, and till pretty good for up to 48 hours, (and probably longer, but I’m not admitting to that in a public forum!!!)…

Obviously, I can’t vouch for the Wild As The Wind Deodorants for you, but as they’re the only ones that have ever thoroughly worked for me, I’d be willing to bet that they’re pretty likely to work for everyone else as well.

(Your feedback, if you already use our deodorants, in the comments at the bottom of this post would be very much appreciated!)

Wild As The Wind Deodorant No. 1

This product is also a facial product, that customers tell us is great for calming and eliminating rashes, as well as subduing Acne. It, therefore, works well for Eczema and Psoriasis also.

It can be a little stingy on broken skin, but is great for shaving rash, and will help heal broken skin faster than if it wasn’t used.

It kills bacteria, and so it is bot deodorant and antiseptic.

And, it’s called…

Cleanse & Restore

Cleanse & Restore comes in a really easy to use atomiser bottle. Two or three squirts per armpit are ample, so it lasts a long time.

Wild As The Wind Deodorant Ingredients

To be honest, there’s really not a great deal in the second Wild As The Wind Deodorant. It’s simply Bicarbonate of Soda and a blend of essential oils, with some being a little more complex than others, depending on your skin type and the ancillary benefits conferred by specific blends. For example, the hormone balancing blend…

Deodorant Application

These powder deodorants go on just fine on freshly bathed, mildly damp skin, but they are enhanced by the application of an oil prior to being applied. Coconut Oil is fantastic for the skin and so we highly recommended, as is Sweet Almond Oil. The particular benefit of Coconut Oil, however, is that it is naturally anti-microbial, which is the reason we also recommend this oil for oil pulling…

Wild As The Wind Deodorant :: Normal (suitable for men and women)

Simply Bicarbonate of Soda and Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Sweet Orange Essential oil has so many healing benefits I have written an entire article dedicated to the subject. Please click the link above.

The reason why we use it in the ‘Normal’ deodorant combo is because it is brilliant for supporting detoxification, and it is clinically proven to elevate the mood when inhaled!

Wild As The Wind Deodorant :: Problem Skin (suitable for men and women)

Simply Bicarbonate of Soda with Benzoin and Geranium Essential Oils.

This is a very calming and curative combination of ingredients that will help heal conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis etc. (Please note, these are serious and complex conditions that also require the correct dietary modifications to support the healing process. No external product alone will cure these systemic conditions.)

Wild As The Wind Deodorant :: Hormonal Support (suitable for men and women)

Simply Bicarbonate of Soda with Geranium, Lavender, Clary Sage and Thyme

Geranium and Lavender are adaptogenic enabling them to support homeostasis. Clary Sage is the ultimate essential oil for supporting hormonal balance, and Thyme is also very useful in this regard.

This is a very ‘clean’ smelling combination that also provides emotional support. (When my hormones were spiraling out of control, and I was having hot sweats every twenty minutes, I never felt clean. This fact alone really got me down.

However, the bicarbonate of soda really works at neutralising the bacteria and the essential oils. whilst gently helping to re-balance the hormones, lend a very fresh scent to this recipe.

How To Use The Wild As The Wind Deodorant

After bathing, towel dry your armpits and then dab your flattened index and middle fingers onto the deodorant powder and gently dust your armpit area. You may need to do this two or three times to cover the entire armpit. This should be done immediately after bathing and whilst the body is still slightly damp for best results.

Please note, these recipes are so simple you could make them yourselves at home.

In fact, this is what we want you to do. A lot of the cost involved in us making these deodorants for you is the cost of the pot, the time it takes to make the deodorant, and then the cost of paying for the space with which to sell to the general public etc.

You could simply dust bicarbonate of soda, without any essential oils, onto your armpits after bathing and this would work pretty effectively also!

We heartily recommend you try it!

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