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Not many people know that Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis pretty much all have the same root cause! But the truth is,  practically all dermatological skin conditions have one thing in common… the people that have them have also invariably got gut issues, aka dysbiosis… or, a malfunctioning digestive tract… This is also true of Vitiligo, Rosacea & Dermatitis etc… However, a malfunctioning gut is only yet another symptom of a complex issue, just as much as skin irritation is the outward manifestation of an internal problem.

Psoriasis & Eczema Have Many Causes

Gut dysbiosis may be a key issue underpinning almost all skin problems, but there are many causes of a dysbiotic gut!

The causes can be emotional, psychological or physical in origin. All three will act as stressors within our digestive systems. Sadly, we are living in a pretty toxic world which is not only chemically toxic, energetically toxic due to microwave radiation and dirty electricity, as well as strewn with harmful heavy metals and synthetic ‘rogue’ hormones known as Xenoestrogens, but it is also psychologically toxic too.

It was good to hear Russell Brand speak out about the role UK mainstream media has played in contributing to the terrible outcomes for fragile, talented women, like Amy Winehouse, Jade Goodie and Caroline Flack. But as consumers of their toxic narratives we are all a little responsible. It’s time to change our appetite for sensationalist, harmful media and we’ll get fed a different diet!

Put more simply, in order to start the healing process we need to detox our toxic emotions, which are a product of our toxic thought processes, as well as our toxic food habits, toxic relationships and toxic environments, if we are going to see improvements in the condition of our digestive health. This will then have the knock on effect of improving the condition of our skin.

Why Do We Get Rashes?

Unexpressed anger is one of the key stressors when it comes to conditions which present as ‘angry’ rashes… it makes sense…. It’s very much as though our suppressed anger is finding an alternate means of expression! And angry, itchy, sore skin is very much the outward expression of the frustration and irritation that’s going on within.

But, C section babies and those of us who weren’t breast fed have a higher incidence of Eczema and Psoriasis… more on that later….

Our Skin Is A Sponge

It’s important to realise that we not only excrete 40% of our body waste through our skin, but we also absorb 60% of everything we put onto our skin as well.

So, chemical cleaning products are disastrous for us, especially in light of the fact they are all so unnecessary. We can save a fortune and save our health by using homemade eco-friendly cleaning products.

Laundry detergents are other key irritants. It’s often the harsh chemical fragrances which are the issue. And, the same holds true for perfume, which is as equally toxic for our body as all of the other scented products we use.

Learn why perfumes and fragrances should be avoided at all cost in Essential Oils Versus Perfume.

Wireless Technologies Are Stressing Us Out

Modern technologies, such as Smart Metres, mobile phones, computers, tablets, radio phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens all have the ability to induce skin issues including: hives (urticaria), rashes, itching, burning, redness, blotches and facial flushing. (See image below for more info.)

There are many articles on the harmful effects of non-native EMF, (Synthetic / Manmade, Electromagnetic Fields) on this website, and I urge everyone to read them. It is estimated, based on extensive scientific research, that non-native EMF is undermining our immune systems by as much as 40%.

Psoriasis Is An Autoimmune Condition

Psoriasis has already been classified as an autoimmune condition, which is characterised by an excessive inflammatory response, but, the truth is, all skin conditions mentioned in this article have an inflammatory component.

Systemic inflammation has reached epidemic proportions, and the consequence is serious, debilitating diseases. So, in fixing the root causes of our skin conditions we can actually improve our overall health and often reduce systemic chronic pain, low energy levels and sluggish mental faculties.

To understand inflammation it would be very help to read these two articles:

Inflammation Is The Cause Of All Illness & This Is What You Need To Do

Essential Oils For Inflammation :: This article explains the connection between inflammation and skin disorders, and provides a lot of important statistics around inflammation and autoimmune disease.

Mould & Inflammation

Environmental mould is a considerable precursor to developing an autoimmune condition / systemic inflammation.

Mould thrives in a WiFi environment, which means our homes, places of study and work are much more prone to toxic mould issues. And, the autoimmune epidemic just keeps on exploding…

Read the short series of articles on mould if you feel this may be an issue for you: Toxic Mould.

***If you are hyper-flexible you are more susceptible to mould issues.

Makeup Causes Skin & Health Issues

And, of course, makeup is also an issue, as are makeup removers, and all of our body lotions, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners which are made ‘conventionally’. A lot of the chemicals in these products have no business being there!

Read Skincare Ingredients To Avoid to make healthier makeup choices.

Clean Alternative Toiletries Include:

Wild As The Wind MakeUp Removal Protocol

Make your own incredibly cheap and effective deodorant.

And, of course, Wild As The Wind Facial Oils, which help heal us systemically, whilst also healing scarring and reducing discomfort. Many of the essential oils used to make Wild As The Wind Facial Oils are also supportive of our hormone health and natural immune systems.

Our Polluted World

We live in a chemical swamp most of the time, which is also coupled with industrial pollution. (We moved most of our manufacturing base to Asia / China, and now their air quality is appalling. But listen, it takes less than 48 hours for the wind to blow that toxic air all the way around the earth. It affects us all!)

Gardening chemicals and home decor products are also a real issue. Always check before use.

Home furnishings are also an issue. They contain Xenoestrogens and Obesogens, which off-gas.

Our memory foam pillows, our memory foam mattresses, and other forms of synthetic bedding materials are all off-gassing whilst we sleep.

Plastics are the biggest cause of hormone disputing Xenoestrogens.

Hormones are simply chemical messengers which are used to ensure our bodies remain balanced and well. Our world is awash with all manner of products which disrupt their proper function.

As well as reading the series of articles on hormone health, these articles are also important.

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Hormone Disrupting Substances & Cures

Gut Health Is Central To Our Health

Gut Health is vitally important… without it we will be sick in all kinds of ways… Our digestive track is the home to 80% of our immune system. So, if our gut is compromised, then so is our immunity.

Here is an except from the Wild As The Wind Gut Health article:

Recent discoveries have proven that the gut plays a central role in our health. It not only produces and regulates a lot of our neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, but it also produces and regulates a lot of our hormones as well.

Neurotransmitters and hormones form our internal communication system, so if the production of these things are compromised, because our gut health is compromised, then the systems within the body start breaking down very quickly.

This is why, when we have a malfunctioning gut, we can develop all manner of associated conditions.

If so, the answer to your problems is most likely in your gut!
Do you suffer from chronic inflammation?
Do you have Eczema or Psoriasis?
Or chronic Acne?
Lower back pain?
Hormone issues?
Anxiety & depression?

Yes, Anxiety and Depression are even inflammatory disorders! And, inflammatory, acid forming foods like grains and dairy are often a significant contributing factor.

Plus coffee can be a real issue also.

***It is important to realise that grains are often stored in huge silos for months on end, where mould can proliferate.

Sometimes it’s the mould and not the foods they live on that are the issue. This is often true of coffee.

Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema Cover-Up

The concealer and foundation cream market is worth a fortune, which only goes to prove that we are largely trying to cover up our Psoriasis and Eczema rather than dealing with the root problem.

Sadly, this is mainly because Western Medicine is doing the same thing! Western Medicine does not see Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Vitiligo and Psoriasis as symptoms of a deeper problem, and so all of the medications designed to treat these irritated skin conditions, are only targeting the symptoms, such as itchiness, discolouration and scabbing / rashes etc.

Where Acne is concerned, the bacterial overgrowth is often targeted with antibiotics. However, bacterial overgrowth only occurs in those with a with a dysbiotic gut, and therefore, compromised immunity.

These approaches don’t do anything to address the underlying issue of gut dysbiosis… In fact, the countless prescriptions of antibiotics which are doled out for Acne etc, just make matters a whole lot worse!

Antibiotics destroy gut health.