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Energy Healing With Essential Oils

Energetic healing with essential oils is as old as time itself. The energetic properties of plants are captured in the process of extracting essential oils from the plant matter of flowers, shrubs and trees.

As discussed in Organic Essential Oil Health Benefits, essential oils heal on every level. They exert physical properties, and they exert aromatic properties, which have been clinically proven to bring about healing just as much as the physical properties have.

However, scientific testing methods are not quite yet advanced enough to test the energetic healing properties of essential oils. But, this is not far off.

Advances in bioressonance instruments is happening quickly. It is this area of scientific research which really inspires me with hope for future healing modalities. Energy medicine is very much the future of healthcare as far as I am concerned. And, I’m not alone!

Because we are not quite able to analyse all of the healing energies being exerted by essential oils on the human body in terms of establishing what is healing what… it is vitally important we continue to use our intuition when selecting the correct essential oils to work with in each given situation.

Essential Oil Energy Healing & Intuition

For many, the idea we are going to have to continue relying on our intuition to determine the energetic healing properties of essential oils is a blessing. This method of determining the energetic properties of plants has served us well in the past, and much is already understood about the energetic healing properties of essential oils because of this.

The art of accessing our intuition is exceptionally important, and we would all do well to heed our own intuitive insights. The reason why many would consider continuing to use our intuition when working with essential oils is because we need, more than ever to reconnect with our intuitive selves.


We are living in a time which is awash with information, where much of it is untrue and ‘spun’ for political and selfish ends. Without our intuition to navigate this tidal wave of information we could easily feel overwhelmed and make poor choices.

So, on a practical day to day basis we need our intuition to cut through to a place of clarity around the way things truly are. But, we also need our intuition to see who we truly are as well.


Our job on planet earth is to take risks in order to figure out who we are. It’s only when the chips are down that we need to make important decisions… and it”s those important decisions which reveal to us who we are.

Essential Oil Energetic Healing Series

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Energy Healing Benefits is the first article in the Wild as The Wind series of articles about the energetic healing properties of essential oils.

This article will be joined, over time, by a full compendium of articles on the subject of energy healing and essential oils.

Energy Healing Essential Oil Compendium

Each essential oil and their corresponding energy healing benefits will be recorded within this article. This will allow quick and easy access to all of the energy healing benefits of essential oils ‘at a glance’.

There will also be links to the energy healing benefits of essential oils in the corresponding articles within the Essential Oils In Brief Series.

These related articles simply outline the overall healing benefits of each essential oil, including some of the energetic healing benefits of essential oils, but not all. They are simply essential oil profiles which provide a very distilled version of the overall healing benefits of essential oils.

This is why it has been necessary to devote an entire article to the energetic healing benefits of each essential oil.

Essential Oil Energy Medicine

I very much believe that essential oil energy medicine will not only come to the fore within the field of essential oil healing modalities, I believe that essential oil energy medicine will be the healing method of choice for huge numbers of people in the future.

Knowing the general healing benefits as well as the energy healing benefits of essential oils as I do, it really isn’t a hard stretch of the imagination to see essential oils sitting centre stage with other energy healing modalities in the future… And, that those modalities will be the mainstream medical options of preference for almost everyone.

I look forward to that day with great anticipation. Then, and only then, will we witness true healing on every level… the physical, emotional and metaphysical.

I very much look forward to a lot of the barbarism, which still exists within present day medicinal modalities, being very much a thing of the past.

And, I hope you enjoy the following… Please keep on coming back for new entries.
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