Environmental Policy

Wild As The Wind is a Bristol Green Capital Partner, and as such, we endeavour to ensure that all business practices impose a minimal carbon footprint.

We confine our business operation to a 25 mile radius of our business premises.

All products provided by Wild As The Wind are either organic or naturally produced. Wherever possible we work with local businesses to reduce our carbon footprint.

Wild As The Wind products are all blended, packaged and labelled by hand. There is, thus, a limit to how many products we can feasibly produce per week, but it also means that no machinery is used in the processing and packaging of our beautiful products. This is how we manage to keep our energy consumption rates to a minimum.

It is our firm belief that small independent businesses that are labour intensive and energy efficient are an essential part of a sustainable, workable, environmentally sound future. We will, therefore, do our utmost to support all similarly small independent ventures.

Many people believe that Eastern Europeans and other immigrants are taking jobs away from other, more entitled individuals. But, what is really happening is that fuel guzzling, energy squandering machines, in the form of self-checkouts in supermarkets replacing the friendly smile of a cashier, and ATMs (automatic teller machines) have replaced the ever-helpful bank clerk, and so on and so forth…

But we are all too susceptible to the mass media, and we have generally bought into the lie that foreigners are to blame. It is very easy to perform a commercial coup by instigating a policy of divide and rule. Whilst we fight amongst each other we will not step back and take a cool-headed view of the realities of the situation.

These are:

We have now willingly become unpaid cashiers of the major supermarket chains, banks and airlines etc… These multi-billion pound operations, that could easily afford to pay for staff, are really having a laugh at our expense!

There were 42,000 self-service checkouts in the UK in 2015, and it is projected that supermarkets across the world will have 325,000 self-service checkouts by 2021.

Did you know that Walmart owns Asda? And did you know that the six Walmart heirs, who are broadly believed to have never done a stroke of work in their lives, own more wealth than c. 40% of the American population?

However, new Walmart employees are issued with advice on how to claim welfare and obtain food stamps because it is entirely acknowledged within Walmart that they do not pay their cashiers a living wage. Subsidies and the indignity of using food stamps, despite working full-time for one of the richest businesses in the world, is not just an insult to the Walmart workers, but it is also an absolute affront to their equally hard working counterparts… the tax payers. (Yes, that’s you and me folks!)

We are subsidising some of the richest businesses on the planet so that they can continue to exploit, to their hearts content, all of the human and environmental resources at their disposal. Not satisfied that the tax payer pays for all the roads and infra-structures that keep their cost of sales low, they continue to take us and the environment for granted to the tune of an eye watering, almost unimaginable amount.

The environmental impact of doing business costs the global economy $4.7 trillion a year, according to a report released April 15 [2013].

You see, that policy of divide and rule means that we’ve taken our eye off the ball, leaving us unable to see that it’s the corporations, all the way along the line, that are ripping us off and destroying the environment with their profit-first, at any cost, agenda.

And they are not lifting a finger to change anything… instead, they are lobbying governments and infiltrating mass media to keep us all absolutely in the dark!

And, the future, is pretty dark my friends. If we continue to allow the corporations to ravage our beautiful world without dealing with, or paying for, the environmental consequences of their unfettered exploitation, the future won’t just be dark… it’ll be non-existent.

The solution:

Small, labour intensive businesses, where our fellow men and women, from any cast or creed, and any nation, can sit side by side, working together, to make beautiful foods and body and healthcare essentials, are the way forward my friends!

Oh, and of course, the ever essential arts… where would we be without music…?

Roberto Fonseca articulates our stance perfectly…

Thank you Roberto Fonseca



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