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Essential oil starter kits are an excellent way to introduce yourselves and others to delights and benefits of essential oils.

Essential oil starter kits are helpful in a number of ways:

  1. They make really thoughtful gifts, which are compact and easy to post.
  2. Essential oil starter kits are a great way of introducing yourself or others to the many benefits of essential oils.
  3. They allow you to replace often toxic fragranced air freshening products with beneficial aromatherapy oils. (Many perfumes are toxic whereas good quality, pure essential oils are not.)
  4. Essential oil starter kits can be tailored for specific applications.
  5. You can make your essential oil starter kit as large or small as you like, and as affordable or generous as required.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit 2021

We don’t like to get prescriptive about the oils your essential oil starter kit should contain, but we’ve assembled one small kit for this winter which will hopefully help keep everyone well and in good spirits throughout…

And, we’ve applied a 20% discount as well…

It contains three of the most popular essential oils:

  • Bergamot FCF
  • Lavender True
  • Tea Tree

These essential oils are thought to be:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antiseptic
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant

Simply follow the link to purchase :: Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit 2021

Why It’s Best To Select Your Own Oils For Your  Essential Oil Starter Kit

Perhaps the best way for people wanting to integrate essential oils into their self-care and home remedy kits is to invest in an Essential Oil Starter Kit…

Wild As The Wind offer a flexible way of buying your favourite essentials oils. They can be a treat for yourself, or you can buy the Essential Oil Starter Kit as a gift for someone else.

Often times Essential Oil Starter Kits contain too many essential oils, making them too costly. Plus, the more essential oils there are in an Essential Oil Starter Kit the more likely there will be oils within it that you don’t want.

This will mean you will be wasting your money as well as essential oil.

Instead, it’s better for you to choose the essential oils which you feel will be of most help, allowing you to be guided by your own personal budget, and then purchase these.

Making up your own personalised Essential Oil Starter Kits is the best way forward from every angle…

For this reason Wild As The Wind only offer one Essential Oil Starter Kit…. the Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit 2021. More on this a little later on…

This article is designed to help you find all of the information you need to make the best choice of aromatherapy oils for your own, uniquely tailored Essential Oil Starter Kit as possible.

Top 4 Diffuser Essential Oil Blends For Your Essential Oil Starter Kit

If you are simply looking to buy the best essential oils for diffusing then may be consider making up an Essential Oil Starter Kit based on the following combination of oils.

Rosemary, Geranium & Sweet Orange

Not only do these three essential oils combine to make the most amazingly uplifting and beautiful scent, they are also deeply protective of our health. They can improve clarity of mind, reduce nausea and really support our emotional well-being. An ideal combination of oils to help you untangle after a long day.

Geranium & Benzoin

The beautiful, sweet, rosey smelling floral notes of Geranium Essential Oil when combined with the balsamic, earthier tones of Benzoin Essential Oil, make for an incredible aromatic combination. This essential oil duo is very appeasing, uplifting and soothing as well as grounding. It is excellent for ironing out frayed nerves and calming irritations. If you’ve had a stressful day, this will help you unwind!

Hyssop,  Sweet Orange & Yarrow

This is very much the essential oil version of Rescue Remedy! It is brilliant for when you are anticipating bad news, and after receiving it, or if you’ve had an accident or fall of any kind. Basically, this is the Essential Oil Starter Kit for traumatic events and their aftermath.

Aromatically this is a really hypnotic blend. It’s earthy, herbaceous and citrussy… and pretty addictive!

Patchouli, Cedarwood & Cypress

The best Patchouli Essential Oil blend to pleas eeveryone aromatically and convey lots of emotional support is the Patchouli, Cedarwood & Cypress option. Some people love Patchouli, & Lime, but this combination of oils has a similar aromatic tanginess, but delivers much more profound emotionally healing benefits.

Aromatically it is rich, earthy, woodsy, fresh, and  little zesty and tangy.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit 2021

Perhaps the most important Essential Oil Starter Kit for our current times is the Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit 2020.

The three aromatherapy oils in the Essential Oil Starter Kit 2020 assist with, & provide relief for, all inflammatory conditions & bacterial & viral infections. These essential oils are also analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic & immuno-stimulating.

In short, they are fundamentally what you need to navigate your way through the cold and flu season during the winter months, They are also perfect for minor injuries &, burns, repelling insects, as well as providing emotional support and easing insomnia.

*If you have co-factors there’s suggestions for other combinations of essential oils when you visit the Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kit 2020 page.

Essential Oils For Particular Conditions

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who is suffering from a particular condition, or you are looking to support your own health, then may be one of the following articles will be helpful…?

These articles relate to advice regarding the best essential oils for a particular condition… but, Wild As The Wind don’t currently offer Essential Oil Starter Kits for them. Instead, it is better if you choose the essential oils which you feel will be of most help, and that are within your personal budget, and then purchase these.

Essential Oil Starter Kits For General Health

Essential Oil Starter Kits Don’t Mean Excessive Packaging

Most commercially available Essential Oil Starter Kits come amid an array of excessive packaging. This is not true of Wild As The Wind.
The Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Starter Kits are simply packaged using recycled materials into a jiffy bag for delivery to you. But, they are always accompanied by a hand-written note.

If you mark your purchase as an Essential Oil Starter Kit Gift, the personalised hand written note will tailored to your recipient.

Want To Create Your Own Essential Oil Starter Kit?

You can check which essential oils blend well with one another  in the Essential Oils In Brief series of ‘at a glance’ articles…

AS a rule all Citrus essential oils tend to blend well together, and practically every essential oil blend would benefit from a dash of Frankincense Essential Oil

Line Of Love Hearts


Essential Oils For Weight Loss & Liver Detox & Digestion

The People’s Favourite Essential Oil Starter Kits

This section will give you some insights into why the most popular essential oils are as popular as they are…

And, this link will help to exemplify why Wild As The Wind Essential Oils make up some of the best Essential Oil Starter Kits around…

Wild As The Wind Essential Oil Testimonials

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The Best Oils For An Essential Oil Starter Kit

Some of the best essential oils as a gift, or for yourself, can be a little quirky…

Essential Oils like Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Organic Lemon Essential Oil can be bought for people who love to bake, as they are great for adding as natural flavourings to cakes and puddings in general. Plus they are immensely detoxing. And, if you want to go for the detox triple, add Grapefruit Essential Oil as well. Adding a drop of each to warm water to be drunk 20 minutes before breakfast will do wonders for your liver and digestive health, as well as your weight-loss regime..

***As a rule of thumb, it is safe to use up to 12 drops of essential oils per day.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is mentioned throughout this website as being one of the most healing oils there can be… and it’s incredibly affordable as well. It even fights cancer as well as improving our emotional health, but we recommend you click on the link above to read all of the many healing benefits of this oil.

For ideas of how to incorporate Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil into your daily routine we advise you to go to Morning Detox Protocols.

You will also find mention of Organic Lemon Essential Oil in Morning Detox Protocols, as well as within the Lemon & Cayenne Liver Detox Drink article… As per the latter, we advocate starting the day with a warm squeezed lemon juice and water, and we tell you to include the zested lemon skin. However, it’s a lot quicker and easier, on a work day, to simply add two drops of Organic Lemon Essential Oil and then skidaddle… as mentioned above…

Organic Lemon Essential Oil is vital for cleansing the liver. It contains a constituent that can’t be found in any other food that is essential for second stage liver cleanse.

Check out quite how vital an early morning warm lemon drink is for your health in Morning Detox Protocols.

Essential Oils For Traveling

Then there’s the best essential oils as a gift for someone who is going traveling. This kit would inevitably include Citronella Essential Oil as a brilliant mosquito repellent that is also antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, astringent, as well as being an effective anti-inflammatory. Then, there’s Tea Tree Essential Oil for wounds and as a salve for insect bites, and Lavender Essential Oil for headaches and nervous tension, especially if flying is an issue!

If you are going somewhere extremely exotic, where large biting spiders are likely to be a problem, then Peppermint Essential Oil should be add to your travel first aid kit. Peppermint Essential Oil added to water and placed in a spray bottle and used to squirt atomised Peppermint Essential Oil into the corners of the room, and under the bed etc, will repel spiders.

Peppermint is extremely cooling and so turning the spritz on yourself can provide some real relief. Plus it can be used as an oral spray to freshen the breath. (Please note, permanent bad breath in the absence of any dental issues, points to gut problems.)

But do see how the advice on this page is beginning to really coincide with the essential oils in the Essential Oil First Aid Kit…? It’s difficult to top the Big Six! They really are pretty amazing!

But keep on reading to discover great oils that aren’t necessarily included in the Big Six…

Essential Oil First Aid Kit

When starting out buying essential oils it is tempting to go for the essential oils that are overtly medicinal like Oregano Essential Oil or Tea Tree Essential Oil, but that would be at the expense of a lot of healing oils that help to prevent illness in the first place.

Essential Oils For Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of illness, and so any remedy that can help mitigate stress will help to keep us well, even during times of adversity.

Then there’s oils for mental clarity and mental focus, and then there’s others that simply remind us of a place or time when we felt great about life, and that, when diffused or burned, take us on a trip down memory lane, so we can reconnect with the person we are when we are in a space where we are not harried or overly burdened.

There’s oils that reduce inflammation, even in the brain, relieving tension headaches and discomfort so we can sleep better.

Sleep is so restorative, that a lack of good quality sleep will likely make us ill over time.

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Best Essential Oils For Stress

The following essential oils can be used for anxiety also:

The best essential oils for stress are very much determined by the type of stress you are dealing with. The best essential oils for stress in one situation would not be the best essential oils for stress in another.

And, the fact is that, a lot of essential oils have the ability to relieve stress.

Rose Otto Essential Oil

These include some lesser known oils as well as the obvious choice of Lavender and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. Wild As The wind also recommend Clary Sage Essential Oil, which has the added benefit of helping to balance hormones, as well as Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, which is clinically proven to be uplifting, as well as being brilliant for relieving oxidative stress.

One of the best essential oils for stress is Rose Essential Oil. Like Sweet Orange Essential Oil, it is clinically proven to be uplifting and is also known to relieve anxiety and depression.

The only problem is that it can be prohibitively expensive when bought in it’s undiluted form.

Wild As The Wind can prepare a tailor made massage oil, or dilute essential oil for you on request. Just send a quick email explaining what you would like and we will put something together for you. Alternatively, you can call us….

It is, however, included in Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL No. 2 in good amounts, along with quite a few other de-stressing essential oils, so that may be a consideration if you are very taken with the idea of using Rose Otto Essential Oil.

One of the best essential oils for stress is Pine Essential Oil. Pine is excellent for exhaustion, as is Rosemary Essential Oil. But, Rosemary Essential Oil is also important for relieving other forms of stress. It is the best essential oil for using to counter EMF, which is short for Electro Magnetic Fields, or Electro Magnetic Frequencies.

Buy Essential Oils

Electro Magnetic Radiation is imposing an incalculable burden on our systems… which all add up to a lot of stress!

Unfortunately, very sensitive people are our canaries in the coal mine. Anyone who has developed brain tumors are very strongly advised to avoid using modern technologies like mobile phones and other electronic devices, because of the known risk of EMF and cancer.

But, as yet, it is impossible to estimate how many people are likely to contract cancer as a consequence of the constant barrage of electro magnetic radiation, and because we are so reliant on the technologies that cause the problem, the chances are if we knew the risks we still wouldn’t want to discard our internet accessing devices.

This is why the lesser known Rosemary Essential Oil is likely to be considered one of the best essential oils for stress in the future because It is the most potent essential oil for protecting against EMF.

As well as being one of the best essential oils for stress, Rosemary Essential Oil is capable of treating SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), a condition that is becoming increasingly more common. This condition places an immensely stressful burden on the system and means that we are not only unable to digest our food properly, but that our hormone health is likely to be completely out of whack too.

Rosemary Essential Oil needs to be consumed in enteric coated capsules, that allow the capsule to remain in tact until it reaches the intestines, so that it can go to work to reduce the SIBO.

*Shungite is also very effective at combating the negative impact of EMF.

Best Essential Oils For Massage

Any of the essential oils that treat stress are ideal for adding to a massage oil blend… but then there’s some great oils that don’t fall into this group… Sandalwood Essential Oil and Frankincense Essential Oil are both excellent for focusing the mind, so if you are feeling as though your energy is too dispersed, or your thoughts are all over the place, and that you need to consolidate yourself, then these two oils would be perfect.

Wild As The Wind sell a Frankincense and Sweet Orange massage oil that is fantastic for relieving stress, reducing inflammation, and promoting mental clarity.

Best Aromatherapy Oils

It is way better to make a beautiful smelling aromatherapy oil blend than to wear conventional perfume.

There are many toxins in branded perfumes which are neurotoxic, and difficult to detoxify from the body. If we have children, and especially babies, wearing conventional perfume isn’t a good idea.

Read more in Essential Oils Versus Perfumes.

Some of the best aromatherapy oils for their scent are:

Precautions for wearing aromatherapy oils around infants and babies

Aromatherapy oils re simply essential oils, but I wanted to emphasise their aromatic quality in this section, hence referring to them as aromatherapy oils.

Best Essential Oils for Inflammation

Frankincense Essential Oil is a very effective anti-inflammatory and is also very helpful for reducing associated symptoms. Frankincense Serata Essential Oil is particularly helpful at relieving inflammation. It is also known as Indian Frankincense and has been used in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, for many centuries to reduce inflammation and pain.

Frankincense Serata Essential Oil is so effective for inflammation that Wild As The Wind have added it to a St John’s Wort infused oil for topical application to relieve inflammation caused by autoimmune conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia as well as accidental injuries. It is called Frankincense & St John’s Wort Preparation… so no surprises there!

There are other excellent aromatherapy oils for inflammation, such as; Helichrysum Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Yarrow Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil and Citronella Essential Oil are also great anti-inflammatory oils.

All of these oils are variously used by sufferers of Arthritis, Rheumatism, Osteoarthritis, Lupus and Raynaud’s etc.

For muscular issues Wintergreen Essential Oil or Eucalyptus Essential Oil are two aromatherapy oils which are helpful, but There are many oils which are helpful in this regard including Yarrow Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil from the list above.

Essential Oils In Brief

Read fact sheets about essential oils within the Wild As The Wind Essential Oils In Brief section.

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Essential Oil Adulteration

It is vital to be aware that the vast majority of essential oils available today have been altered, usually to extend shelf life and more usually to increase profits for the original vendor.

Whatever the case, what you can be sure of is that the essential oil adulteration problem has not been created for the benefit of the consumer!

Still Confused?

This section is for you…

So What Exactly Is An Essential Oil Starter Kit?

Sorry it’s such a complex subject, but an Essential Oil Starter Kit can be one of many things.

As mentioned, it can simply be your entry into the wonderful world of essential oils, or it can be the best way of presenting essential oils as a gift.

Essential Oils Anxiety & Depression

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, and start talking more specifically about buying essential oils as a gift, it’s perhaps important to explain more clearly what an Essential Oil Starter Kit actually is!?

To do that it’s probably best to start with explaining what it isn’t. And, what it isn’t is an Essential Oil First Aid Kit… although, technically it could be… if you wanted it to be.

Essential Oil First Aid Kit

The Essential Oil First Aid Kit is comprised of the same six essential oils that cover you for all emergencies, whereas the Essential Oil Starter Kit is much more likely to be about indulgence as well as one or two oils that will address medical concerns thrown in for good measure.

By contrast, the Essential Oil Starter Kit is a random collection of oils, that can be added to as and when desired.

What Makes An Essential Oil Starter Kit?

An Essential Oil Starter Kit can be simply comprised of one tin, (as featured in the pictures), and a single essential oil if you want it to be.

Fundamentally, the Essential Oil Starter Kit is the beginnings of a collection of essential oils, so it doesn’t matter how many bottles are in the tin, or what the oils are used for, as long as the person the starter kit is intended for will love them and use them.

Essential Oils As A Gift

Have you been thinking about buying essential oils as a gift but weren’t sure how to present them?

There’s no denying that getting essential oils as a gift is a great idea, but, when wrapped, a couple of 10ml bottles of essential oils don’t exactly look all that impressive…

If you are going to give essential oils as a gift, you really do need to consider how to present them properly!

The beauty of the essential oil starter kit is that it isn’t necessary to buy all of the essential oils required to fill the essential oil tin at one time. Some people may choose to buy two or three affordable essential oils as a gift, placing them in the essential oil tin with some lovely coloured tissue paper.

This, of course, is the same principle if you are buying your essential oils as a gift for yourself or for someone else. You can start off your essential oil stater kit with a single essential oil, and you can buy a single essential oil as a gift also.

Buy Essential Oils

Why Do You Need An Essential Oil Starter Kit?

The reality is you don’t actually need an An Essential Oil Starter Kit, but, out of all the multiples of things you really don’t need on planet earth, this is by far and away one of the better ones.

However, some people would not be quite so willing to place their Essential Oil Starter Kit in the luxury item column, and would, instead, place it firmly in the basic necessities list. It all depends on your needs and preferences as an individual…

Where do you fall? Let us know in the comments…


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

Wild As The Wind use a number of resources when deciding which formulas to put together for optimal healing and efficacy, as well as to support any health claims we may make.

We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Penny Price.

Other resources include:


Robert Tisserand


Dr Josh Axe

Dr Eric Zielinski


  1. Your Feedback Would Be Truly Appreciated…

    People are buying Wild As The Wind products as gifts at the moment, especially the FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs… but, they AREN’T buying ESSENTIAL OIL STARTER KITS… And, I think I know why…

    Although I recommend all kind of essential oil combinations to people in this article, they ultimately still have to decide which oils to buy. A lot of people lack the confidence for this… Sooo, this is what I’ve been thinking of doing… Putting together three different Essential Oil Starter Kits to be sold as a standard set.

    Please help me decide the best way forward on this. Check out the link to see how they would be presented and get an idea of the essential oils I’d include in the kits. You can either leave your suggestions in the comments of the linked article (which I would prefer, because it keeps all the information together), or, you can leave it here. What’s most important is for you to leave your feedback. Thank you x x x x

    Standard Essential Oil Kit Name / Function Ideas

    Relax & Calm & Sleep
    Balance & Uplift
    Detox & Weight Loss
    Anxiety & Depression
    Get Up & Go Booster
    Cellulite Kit
    Bath & Body Oil Kit
    Massage Oil Kit
    Knocks, Bumps & Grazes Kit
    Basic Essential Oil First Aid Kit
    Ease & Uplift Monthly Kit (Is there a better name for this?)
    Ease & Uplift PMS Kit (may be it’s better to say it as it is?)
    Comfort & Emotional Support Kit
    De-Stress Kit
    Time For You Kit
    Citrus Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Floral Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Tree Resin Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Balmy Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Calming Essential Oil Diffusing Kit

    Please add your own ideas also about what the focus of an Essential Oil Kit could be about.

    Plus I need to know your price ranges… How much on average do you spend on gifts? (Count the total amount of a collection for things like Secret Santa and colleagues birthday’s and leaving gifts… and the range these cover… i.e. ££10 to £45.00 etc…)

    Work Gifts:
    Direct Family Gifts:
    Extended Family Gifts:

    The kits could range between £12.00 and £75.00. The more people are generally willing to spend, the better the kits will be. So your pricing input is very important <3

    I really look forward to your answers x x x

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