Essential Oils In Brief

Essential Oils In Brief is a series of essential oil profiles that are designed to be scanned in moments. Consisting of 250 to 300 words, the essential oil profiles in Essential Oils In Brief are long enough to contain all of the most important information about the essential oils in this series, but are short enough to be instantly accessible.

Why Essential Oils In Brief?

There’s a lot of information on the web about essential oils. Some of it is great, but some of it is bogus. And, unfortunately, a lot of the bogus information is a lot easier to find than the accurately well written essential oil profiles.

However, even the well written, informative and accurate essential oil profiles can be problematic.

A lot of these essential oil profiles are long winded, and presented in a long-form format, making key pieces of information difficult to find.

This is why Wild As The Wind is publishing the Essential Oils In Brief series. It presents accurate information at a glance, in a set format that is really easy to follow. This means that the essential oil profiles in Essential Oils In Brief series can easily be used in conjunction with more lengthy articles about the same oil.

What’s Next In Essential Oils In Brief?

Have you got a favourite essential oil that hasn’t been covered yet in the Essential Oils In Brief series? It might be the essential oil you, more often than not, turn to for using in your diffuser, (like my favourite, Sandalwood Essential Oil). Or is it the essential oil you prefer to use in your massage oils?

And, would you like to know more about these essential oils without feeling like you need to spend an evening researching it?

If they’ve not already been covered in the Essential Oils In Brief series, let us know, and we’ll do our best to add them as soon as is feasibly possible.

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