Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are very much at the heart of Wild As The Wind… And, we make sure the beautiful organic essential oils, and wild-crafted essential oils we carry are of the best quality possible…

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However, this is very much the exception within the essential oil industry…

Sadly, the truth is, the opposite is very much the case, with essential oil industry experts speculating that anywhere between 75% and 98% of all essential oils have been adulterated.

Some natural skincare companies who genuinely take a pride in what they do, (and, sadly, there’s an awful lot less than you would think), have their estimates set at 98% of all essential oils being adulterated.

Tragically, the best price for an essential oil can guarantee you the worst product! And, the worst product is very likely to harm your health rather than improve it.

Luckily, Wild As The Wind gets feedback like this…

Your oils are amazing.

Julie, Wells

Short and sweet, and totally to the point!

And this :: Wild As The Wind Versus Do Terra…

There are a lot of people who are working for [Do Terra in Malta] and there is quite a bit of info being distributed on how to use them whether food wise, for cleaning, health wise and many work shops on emotions etc using these oils.

They say there are the only oils that can be ingested. You make your own blends if you wish. I find them very different to yours. Yours are more upmarket in my opinion and not the same at all to these.

Stefy, Malta

You can read more essential oil testimonials towards the end of the Wild As The Wind Testimonials page.

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Read more about essential oils ‘at a glance’ in our Essential Oils In Brief section.

Essential Oil Info

This website is very much about bringing important information to people’s attention.

We don’t want to do our competition down… but we also don’t want you to end up using a dangerous essential oil!

And, because the chances of doing that are so high, we take the view it’s better to let you know and potentially face a little industry flack, than keep what we know to be true to ourselves. We sleep better that way!

You can learn about the incredible healing powers of essential oils in the following articles… and you can also learn how to avoid buying adulterated essential oils in person and online.

There’s also articles about the individual healing power of each essential oil, as well as articles which deal with groups of essential oil for specific applications, such as anxiety and depression and for other conditions.

Essential Oil Articles

There’s a lot of essential oil articles published on the Wild As The Wind website, including the very popular Essential Oils In Brief Series and Essential Oil First Aid Kit which is possibly the most well read article about essential oils on this website.

Another well read essential oil article is this one:

Buying Essential Oils

Then there’s the articles to help you navigate buying essential oils… and avoiding the toxic ones…

Using Essential Oils

Types Of Essential Oils

Essential Oils Vs Conventional Products

Essential Oils For Specific Conditions

Essential Oils For Babies & Children

Essential Oils To Avoid Around Pets

Our Favourite Essential Oils

We love Frankincense Essential Oil. And, we believe our Frankincense Essential Oil is not only the best in the UK, but it is also likely to be the best priced Frankincense Essential Oil in the UK too.

We also love Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is very under appreciated, which is practically a crime… because it is one of the most affordable essential oils, as well as one of the most versatile healing essential oils there is.

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