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Facial oil, dispensed via a pipette, can get a little tricky when we get to the bottom of the bottle. And, thanks to a customer, who’s just bought her second bottle of FACIAL OIL No. 2, asking how best to use the remaining facial oil in her first bottle, I’ve decided to write a blog post about it…

This is mainly because I know she isn’t alone in wondering how to access this hard to reach facial oil. And… as with all things, there’s some good ways and some bad ways of dealing with the issue!

Plus, I outline the need for us to alternate our skincare products for a number of important reasons…

Using All Of Your Facial Oil

I love it when I get feedback. It really does make everything I do worthwhile. Especially when it prompts me to address an information gap… like today.

Plus, I learn so much from feedback, and that makes me better at what I do. So, a huge thank you to all those who have written in… please keep it coming!

I would say about half of everything I know about the Wild As The Wind facial oils is courtesy of the feedback I receive.

We all have a completely individual response to natural facial oils, especially ones with a good number of ingredients like FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8. Plus, because the specific root causes of any skin condition are as equally individual, we all respond differently, for different reasons to our face oils.

***There is, however, a growing number of preeminent functional doctors and naturopaths who all agree on one thing… the root cause of our skin conditions all start in our gut!

But, different things spark different problems in different people… so, of you have a skin problem, whether it be Acne, or a condition that will cause a rash, like Eczema and Psoriasis, or even some undiagnosed colourful, itchy patches on your skin, then it’s a very clear call for you to embark on a very personal healing journey to restore your own individual balance.

Skin Conditions Are Due To A Lack Of Balance

It may be too much stress, it might be too much of one food… or it could even be allergies or intolerances to certain foods… But, it is probably exacerbated by insufficient sleep, (which is more important than practically anything else), and too much looking after everybody else and not enough looking after you.

Plus, our mind-scapes are immensely influential in the outcomes of our physical bodies.

Too much negativity, judgement and self-criticism isn’t going to end well over time… so it’s important to replace these unpleasant thought processes, with the very healing power of self-care and gratitude.

I am just about to publish an article on how damaging our thought processes can be, and how to remedy these patterns, but in the meantime, reading the following articles will be very helpful.

Morning Detox Protocols

Evening Detox Protocols

Facial Oil :: The Residual Issue

This is the email which inspired me to write this article:

I have a little left of my first bottle [of FACIAL OIL No. 2], which I bought from you when I was in Wells, staying with a friend. I’ve loved it and use it twice a day and have noticed a visible difference  – my skin looking like it has a glow to it and brown age spots less noticeable. The only negative is that I’m having problems getting the remaining oil into the dropper and have a good few millimetres left. Any suggestions?

Jenny, Camarthanshire

I’m so glad Jenny asked this question instead of doing something that could potentially ruin her second bottle of facial oil. That is, adding the remains of the first bottle to the second…

This would be disastrous!

Because the Wild As The Wind facial oils have no preservatives in them, whatsoever, adding the remains of an old bottle with a new one will mean that the older oil may go rancid before you have chance to finish the second bottle… And, if you did the same thing with your third bottle… well… that’d be a travesty!

Facial Oil Rancidity

You wouldn’t consider adding a small amount of remaining milk from one pint of milk, which is just about on the turn, to a fresh bottle, and then expect the new bottle of milk to last any longer than the old one.

The small amount of souring milk will ruin the whole of the new bottle. It’s the same principle with facial oil.

Oils become rancid, so a small amount of rancid face oil, when added to a fresh bottle of face oil, with taint the whole lot.

Wild As The Wind Facial Oil Shelf Life

The period after opening of any Wild As The Wind facial oil is 6 Months.

This is why it’s a really bad idea to add any residue from an older bottle to a new one. It takes several months to get through a good sized bottle of Wild As The Wind facial oil, so adding residues to newer bottles is a bad idea.

Facial Oil :: The Other Issue

Jenny has unwittingly brought up another subject in her email that I would also like to draw attention to.

Using FACIAL OIL No. 2 twice a day, everyday, is great for a while, especially if you are reconditioning the skin on your face to a facial oil after years of using a facial cream.

But, as I explained to Jenny in my response to her email, (which I’ve reproduced in the next paragraph), over time it’s important to mix things up a bit. And there’s a few reasons why this is true…

Facial Oil :: Residual Extraction

Here’s my response to Jenny. I hope you and Jenny find it useful…

Hi Jenny,

I’m glad [FACIAL OIL No. 2] is working so well for you, and that you have got into a routine with it.

It’s good to mix it up a little with a different oil, or else you might see diminishing returns, or even build up a sensitivity. This is true of all products, but companies don’t like to say it because they want to keep their customers coming back for more…

I’m going to reformulate FACIAL OIL No. 8 in the next week or so. It’s already an excellent face oil, but will be incredible when I include two new ingredients.

It is ultra light, totally free of any preservatives and anything unnatural… just [made with] oils, like FACIAL OIL No. 2… but, it is as light as any oil can be, and it goes into the skin practically in one stroke.

It smells citrusy and is a natural insect repellent, which makes it perfect for hot summer days… a small bottle of that would help you mix things up a little.

As for getting the remainder out of your first bottle of No. 2. The way I do it is by tipping the bottle, quite dramatically, on it’s side. I then make sure the direction of the nozzle of the pipette is turned to face the bottom edge of the bottle. I then angle it so that it connects with the remaining oil, and I gently squeeze the pipette and draw the oil in like that.

With practice and patience you will be able to get every last drop out of the bottle in this way. Good luck with it!

And, because I know you’re not the only person to wonder what’s the best thing to do about the residual oil, you have inspired me to write a post about it… so check out the Wild As The Wind blog by the end of the day and you will see what I have written.

Thanks so much 🙂
Kind regards,
Rachel x

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