FACIAL OIL No. 2 Is No. 1!


That’s right. In a recent review of ten face oils, FACIAL OIL No. 2 is listed as the No. 1 entry. And, if that hasn’t sufficiently bent your head out of shape, then try this for size… FACIAL OIL No. 8 is No. 2! (It makes me smile just typing it!)

But, whilst the numbers are amusing, the actual outcome of this extensive review, including real heavyweight alternatives, the fact is, Wild As The Wind facial oils have really held their own against some of the best big brand face oils in the world.

In fact, they have done even more than that. They have largely come out on top!

FACIAL OIL No. 2 Is No. 1!

Not only is FACIAL OIL No. 2 listed in the No. 1 slot in this comprehensive article, Best Facial Oils For Dry Mature Skin, but FACIAL OIL No. 8 is right up there behind it in the No. 2 slot.

Plus, out of all of the face oils listed, FACIAL OIL No. 2 is one of two oils which the author will be buying again. However, I have a feeling FACIAL OIL No. 8 will also be sorely missed when it’s gone… At the time of writing FACIAL OIL No. 8 hadn’t been fully tested, but still earned itself some rather impressive praise:

I have only just started using Facial Oil no. 8, now the weather got sunnier and warmer, applying it in the morning and using it as a base for my make-up. I love its light consistency which allows [the] oil to glide nicely over my skin… I don’t even use facial cream anymore! All I need is a couple of drops of this oil, and I am set for a day.

Why Does FACIAL OIL No. 2 Come First?

It’s hard to compete with FACIAL OIL No. 2. Not only does it deliver remarkable results, for which many cherished customers have testified, but it is visually and aromatically in a league of it’s own.

The instant the dropper comes out of the bottle, holding the beautiful deep amber oil, the experience of using FACIAL OIL No. 2 is already a delight. This lustrous, glinting, richly golden oil possesses an unmistakably heart-warming colour, which also speaks volumes in the essential oil and carrier oil world.

A deep amber hue is the hallmark of a profoundly nutrient dense oil in it’s most natural and bio-active state. Oils which are processed lose their nutrient value, in the same way processed food becomes less nutritive too.

A full bodied, blazing oil, which is a profoundly rich amber hue, is positively oozing with goodness… and the results bear this out.

The next beguiling impact of FACIAL OIL No. 2 is courtesy of it’s sensual aroma. The exceptional essential oils used in this hand-blended face oil are so well balanced that they act in consort like an enchantment.

Men and women both love the aroma of this face oil, which is as alluring as it is relaxing and uplifting.

I have recently come across this product which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. I must say I am completely blown away by the quality of it. The oil melts into your skin almost instantly, leaving it nourished, soft to touch and beautifully fragrant. I can smell this oil for hours; the aroma is divine… My face glows in the morning, and the skin feels comfortable and moist all day long. No tightness, no itchiness or any kind of irritation… I have tried several different facial oils before, reviews of which you will find in this post, but this particular oil is a revelation, in my opinion.


FACIAL OIL No. 8 Is No. 2!

Unfortunately, FACIAL OIL No. 8 didn’t get the full benefit of a proper trial period, but deadlines are deadlines, and this major review was clearly due for release before FACIAL OIL No. 8 could be tested as thoroughly as the other face oils.


But, I’m guessing I may know why this is the case….

FACIAL OIL No. 2 is very much an instant hit. I’m pretty convinced there’s not an essential oil blended product which can compete aromatically with this hand-blended oil. Plus the colour is optimally attractive.

FACIAL OIL No. 8, by contrast, is a slow burn. It is demure, enigmatic and hard to put your finger on. But, FACIAL OIL No. 8 is, nonetheless, an immensely healing hand-blended oil, and thus isn’t incapable of hiding it’s light under a bushel for too long. The truth will out… and, the truth is, this face oil is just as splendid as FACIAL OIL No. 2.

In fact, FACIAL OIL No. 8 is even more healing in certain respects, than it’s counterpart, but it has been developed to share parity with FACIAL OIL No. 2, as much as is feasibly possible.

Facial Oils Need To Be Alternated

The need for FACIAL OIL No. 8 was pressing. FACIAL OIL No. 2 had been available for about eighteen months by the time FACIAL OIL No. 8 came on the scene.

An alternative, but comparable face oil, was needed for FACIAL OIL No. 2. As with all things, the longer we use a product, whether a food or a shampoo, the more accustomed we grow to it, and the more likely we are to build up residues of it’s components within our system.

There’s an intelligence to the saying, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. The more we overuse something, the goodness it once conveyed is sequentially diminished, ultimately resulting in that very goodness gaining the potential to do us harm.

This is why it is so important to alternate all health and beauty products as well as eating a varied diet.

So, FACIAL OIL No. 8 was developed to deliver all of the same benefits as FACIAL OIL No. 2, providing No. 2 users with a trusted alternative.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Receive High Praise Also

Essential Oils are growing increasingly popular. But, genuinely healing essential oils are hard to find.

It takes a lot of plants to make a very small amount of essential oil and so some essential oils can be pretty pricey. And, because not everyone wants to pay the going rate for these healing essential oils, the potential for adulterated essential oils to become a profitable option has been made a reality.

This is why when Wild As The Wind Essential Oils get a mention in an article which is all about the quality of essential oils it’s very much appreciated. Particularly one entitled :: Best Essential Oil Brands In The UK.

Essential Oils Are The Basis Of What Wild As The Wind Do

The reason why Wild As The Wind products are as efficacious as they are is mainly due to the quality and healing benefits of the essential oils which are used in every blended product.

Essential Oils are immensely healing. They even have the power to kill antibiotic resistant super-bugs, manage hormonal imbalance, (and all of the unpleasant side-effects that go with it), as well as being anti-viral and capable of dealing with fungal and parasitic infections. They do all of these things whilst also conferring amazingly healing benefits to the skin.

They are an aromatically amazing comprehensive medical kit.

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