Starter Kit No 2 & No 8

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Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs are important for a number of reasons.

5 Top Benefits Of Using A FACIAL OIL STARTER KIT

  1. FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs provide an ideal opportunity to trial which facial oil is most suitable for you as an individual.
  2. Buying two small bottles of face oil together allows you to develop the very healthy habit of alternating your face oils. It’s important to supplement the use of your primary facial oil with a secondary face oil. Doing this will ensure that both facial oils remain optimally beneficial.
  3. FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs contain two 10ml bottles of face oil which means they are affordably priced, but provide sufficient face oil to conduct a thorough trial of both oils. Each facial oil bottle contains e. 200 drops of oil. This equates to approximately 100 applications.
  4. There’s no better gift that a FACIAL OIL STARTER KIT. They are affordably priced and very easy to wrap. They are also light weight, which makes them really portable, and very easy to send to loved ones in the post as a small packet. The presentation box provides plenty of protection from the rough and tumble of postal sorting and delivery.  Another reason FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs make ideal gifts is because it’s a very thoughtful choice. Wild As The Wind Facial Oils are hand blended with a lot of love. They smell amazing and deliver immense healing potential to all who use them.
  5. FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs make great travel kits!



Wild As The Wind currently provide FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs containing FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8.

There’s no prizes for guessing what the first Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL STARTER KIT is called:


Hopefully, there will be three new options of Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs coming soon…

Alternating Facial Oils

It is extremely important for us all to alternate our face oils in order to keep them working optimally. Over time we grow increasingly accustomed to the ingredients in the products we use consistently. So, taking a break is vitally important. This will keep the active ingredients in your Wild As The Wind moisturising face oils working properly.

For more information please read Why Are Two Face Oils Not Enough? towards the end of this article.


Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL Quality

Wild As The Wind Facial Oils are hand blended using the most nutrient dense organic ingredients available. The organic base oils are formulated to blend perfectly with the organic essential oils to provide a completely nourishing product with profound healing potential. 

Wild As The Wind Facial Oils have been developed to provide deep physical and emotional support.

But, as always, Wild As The Wind customers describe the benefits they’ve received from using these facial oils better than anyone…

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: These facial oils are really next level. I’m forever impressed with these high grade essential oil based facial oils

Talitha, Glasgow

★★★★★ 5 Star Google Review :: I’ve just bought your started kit again because I literally cannot get enough of your oils! I’ve stopped wearing foundation, because my skin feels so much better for using your oils. Thanks so much for making such wonderful products!

Fleur, Bristol, Somerset

Well after many, many years of wasting thousands of pounds on market leader products, and also some so called ‘natural products’ I can now say I’ve found these wonderful organic natural miracles in two bottles, both very different, but equally just as good as each other. My face has never looked & felt so good. I get the best night’s sleep too. If like me you think they’re pricey, don’t! When used as instructed, these little bottles are super powerhouses that work magic, trust me I’m living proof. You only need a few drops so when you break it down it’s peanuts! Please be assured this is a 100% genuine review. By the way to get the best out of these products you need to use the cleanser/toner first.

Christine, Derbyshire

Amazing, really have used [many] other companies products and yours are the best by far. My skin is improving daily. Thank you!

Amy, Dorchester, Dorset

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: I got the Facial Oil nr.2 together with the Facial Oil nr.8 as a Christmas gift from my partner. This was the best skincare present ever! Both of the oils smell divinely beautiful, I literally look forward to applying them as part of my morning and evening skincare routine every day! And the smell is only the beginning of my praise! The effect on my skin after only two weeks of using was incredibly noticeable. So much, that my partner started to use them too! Since Christmas, I have already purchased another Nr.2 and very soon getting the Nr. 8 again as well! Very pleased with the products and will be coming back on a regular basis.

Kristina, Essex

★★★★★ 5 Star Etsy Review :: My skin has never felt this soft and smooth in my life ever since I started using Rachel’s no.2 oil last summer. I would definitely say it has transformed my skin in a great way. My skin used to be spotty especially around the time before my period is due. But I don’t seem to get that anymore!

And… the no. 8 … is also fabulous!!

I feel so lucky to have found your products!!

Nicole, Dorking, Surrey

Thank you for my oils today. They are my 2nd lot… the first I bought off of you at the Xmas Market in Shaftesbury. Both myself and my daughter are using them ( no 2 and no 8). We have both noticed an improvement in our skin. I absolutely love them. Thank you x

May, Shaftesbury, Dorset

All of the above feedback relates to FACIAL OIL No. 2 & No. 8 STARTER KIT.


Developing New Face Oils

I had planned to release quite a few new combinations of FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs by the end of 2020, but, owing to Corona lockdowns and supply issues etc, the new release date will hopefully be by the end of 2021…

It takes a lot of time and financial investment to develop a facial oil, and it wasn’t until the latter stages of 2019 that FACIAL OIL No. 8 was possible. It contains some very expensive ingredients, just like it’s forerunner, FACIAL OIL No. 2, and it was important to get the formulation absolutely right before committing it to the Chartered Chemists for analysis.

Chartered Chemists are notorious for taking a long time to produce their CPSR’s, aka Cosmetic Product Safety Reports. This is not too surprising as the reports are long and the amount of data needed for a full analysis can be considerable.

There can be as many as four pages of data for each ingredient within a facial oil formulation, and the analysis of this data usually demands further enquiry between Chartered Chemists and producers.

FACIAL OIL No. 8 provoked quite a few lines of enquiry, hence the amount of time it took to pass FACIAL OIL No. 8 into existence.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 came into being after a similarly convoluted process a year earlier.


Facts At A Glance

The FACIAL OIL No. 2 & No. 8 STARTER KIT is the first Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL STARTER KIT.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 & No. 8 STARTER KIT became a reality at the end of 2019.

After the development of two new facial oils, many new starter kit options will be made available.

Aside from the possibility of six paired oil starter kits, there will also be the option of triple face oil STARTER KITs, as well… In fact, there will potentially be four different combinations of triple STARTER KITs.

And perhaps, there will even be a single quadruple STARTER KIT too!


Why Are Two Face Oils Not Enough?

Both FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 8 are as healing as each other. They share the same incredibly broad healing abilities, it’s just that FACIAL OIL No. 8 is a lighter oil than FACIAL OIL No. 2.

It’s not that the next two face oils will be markedly different in their healing capabilities either. The intention is to keep them as optimally healing as the other two.

The reason why a small but diverse range of face oils is necessary is so that people can alternate face oils without losing any of the benefits.

When we use the same products all the time we run the very real risk of those products becoming decreasingly effective. The body grows accustomed to the ingredients and they lose their ability to stimulate a significant response.

It’s a case of familiarity breeds contempt.

There’s also the potential issue of there being a bodily build-up of some of the ingredients in some cases. This happens increasingly the older we get. Our bodies become less efficient at detoxifying spent ingredients and residues build up, often in our livers. You see, even the most wonderful compounds can become a burden over time if misused.

Alternating face oils will allow our bodies to take a rest from one group of ingredients, thereby permitting a much more efficient detoxification of the ingredients we are taking a rest from.




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