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Most people don’t know the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils, even though they are worlds apart.

Plus, if most people knew the difference they would never invest in a fragrance oil, or ‘scented’ product ever again…

Are Fragrance Oils The Same As Essential Oils?

The short answer to this questions is that fragrance oils are absolutely NOT the same as essential oils, but the short answer really isn’t enough in this situation.

This is mainly because fragrance oils are ALWAYS toxic, although to be fair, some are more toxic than others.

However, if you are buying a fragrance oil or ‘scented’ product on the strength of the claims that ‘their’ particular fragrance oil, or scented candle etc, is less toxic than other fragrance oils and scented candles, then may be it’s time to start questioning why you are buying fragrance oils and scented candles at all! Surely our environments are toxic enough without adding to the toxic burden we are currently facing 24/7?

Why just make matters worse?

But, enough of my questions, here’s some of yours?

What Is The Main Difference Between Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils?

A good quality essential oil, like the ones sold by Wild As The Wind, are incredibly healing in many different ways. Sadly, a fragrance oil will only ever do you harm.

Can I Use A Fragrance Oil In A Diffuser?

Absolutely not.

Do Wild As The Wind Sell Fragrance Oils?

Absolutely not.

Can Wild As The Wind Recommend A Good Fragrance Oil?

Absolutely not possible. There are none.

What Are The Worst Fragrance Oils?

As you are probably realising quite quickly, there really are no good fragrance oils. They are all bad!

But, some are worse than others.

A lot of the Chinese fragrance oils are appalling, and are made in atrocious conditions by people who grow ill from the fumes emitted during the production of these nasty toxic oils.

However, really nasty toxic fragrance oils are made all over the world, and none of them are safe.

Plus, just because a fragrance oil claims to be made in France this information is usually as toxic and bogus as the fragrance oils themselves.

**Many producers of these nasty, toxic fragrance oils say they are made in France because of the positive associations we have with French perfumes. But, even tht positive association we have with French perfumes deserves to be reviewed… All perfumes are made with fragrance oils, albeit, the better class of fragrance oils within the spectrum. But, no matter how classy they smell, all fragrance oils are toxic.

Where Can I Find Fragrance Oils?

A lot of fragrance oils are being sold, almost anonymously, on the internet, where there is no means of knowing whether you are going to be buying seriously cancer-causing fragrance oils, or just the mildly carcinogenic fragrance oils, which are also sold by bricks and mortar retailers in the UK.

How Do I know If I Have A Fragrance Oil?

Fragrance oils are in everything! Practically anything which is scented, that doesn’t say it is made with pure essential oils, has a fragrance oil in it.

Tragically, practically anything which is scented, that even says it is made with pure essential oils, has a fragrance oil in it.

Essential oil adulteration is exceedingly common, and adulterated essential oils have essentially been converted into fragrance oils.

Where Are Most Fragrance Oils Found?

The most common usage of fragrance oils is in the following products:

  • Cleaning products
  • Skincare products
  • Scented candles
  • Perfumes
  • Air fresheners
  • Anything with the word ‘scented’ in the title

More information:

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What Is The Most Toxic Fragrance Oil Product?

The products which are designed to emit fragrance oils over time are the most damaging to our health.

This includes:

  • fragrance candles / scented candles
  • plug in air fresheners
  • aerosol air fresheners

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