Hormone Disrupting Essential Oils

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Whilst the vast majority of essential oils are either hormone supportive or hormone-neutral, (meaning they don’t impact our hormone health in any way), there are a couple which are known to exert potentially dangerous hormonal influences in certain people.

Unfortunately the incidense of people suffering from an excess of Oestrogen is growing.

As an excess of Oestrogen can lead to very serious outcomes, including Oestrogen related cancers, it is important to be aware of the potential to exacerbate your condition, with the use of certain essential oils, if you are personally affected.

But, before you start panicking, there are only three essential oils you need to concern yourself with where this is concerned.

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Oestrogenic Essential Oils

The small number of essential oils, which are considered to be Oestrogenic, will exert very healthful benefits in those with insufficient Oestrogen.

However, owing to certain types of environmental pollution, the chances are we are more likely to have too much Oestrogen within our systems rather than too little.

Sadly synthetic Oestrogens, also known as Xenoestrogens, are everywhere within our homes, workplace and schools.

We are all being exposed to these synthetic Oestrogens almost all of the time.

Follow the links above to identify all of the things within your home which are exposing you to the risk of synthetic oestrogenic pollution.

Be prepared to be shocked!

Three Oestrogenic Essential Oils

It is believed that the following essential oils exert an Oestrogenic influence on the body:

Star Anise Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil

Myrtle Essential Oil

Robert Tisserand, states the following in his book Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition, which is considered the Bible of EO safety;

Because of their probable estrogenic action, essential oils high in (E)-anethole should be avoided in people with…estrogen-dependent cancers. These include uterine cancers and some breast cancers. The essential oils to avoid are: anise, anise (star), fennel (bitter), fennel (sweet), myrtle (aniseed).

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