Anxiety & Depression

HormonesThis article is part of the Wild As The Wind Hormone Health Series.

As the title suggests Hormone Health Part Four is all about our hormones in relation to our mental and emotional health.

Put simply, it makes clear we will not achieve good mental health without first achieving good hormonal health… and, to do that, we need first to achieve good gut health. As explained in Hormone Health Part Two, our hormones are mainly produced and regulated by the gut, so there’s no getting away from the pivotal role our gut plays in governing our mental and emotional health.

So, what we eat, and how much toxic emotional and environmental input we are exposed to, (which all affect the gut), will collectively go a long way to determining how much mental stability we are likely to enjoy.

It also explains why Western medical approaches, whilst sometimes providing temporary relief, are ultimately letting us down. The Western medical approach is all about minimising symptoms and ignoring the root cause. Hormone Health Part Two advocates getting to the root cause of the problem and healing it forever, as does this article.

*Short term antidepressant gains have conclusively been proven to be the result of the ‘placebo effect’ and drug protocols for anxiety and depression have also conclusively been shown to cause permanent brain damage in most people. It’s also been proven that people recover more quickly from mental health issues if they remain unmedicated, and nearly 70% of medicated individuals are still depressed after one year of taking antidepressants. The video interviews with Kelly Brogan within this article provide more detail.

This article also revisits Thyroid Health and Adaptogenic Herbs and also touches upon Essential Oils For Depression

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Stress Is The Cause of All Illness :: There are many stressors in this world, and the more we are exposed to the more our physical and mental health will suffer. Poor physical health leads to poor emotional health.

Root Causes Of Anxiety And Depression

Worry and fear being, then, the greatest foes to NORMAL healthy physical body, turning the assimilated forces in the system into poisons that must be eliminated, rather than into life giving vital forces for a physical body.

Edgar Cayce reading 5497-1

Hormone Health Part Four deals with gut and hormone dysfunction as the root causes of anxiety and depression.

It also highlights the role conventional drugs play in actually causing anxiety and depression. In addition, it outlines the role adaptogenic herbs and antidepressant essential oils have to play in successfully restoring emotional health.

In most instances Anxiety & Depression, PTSD and other psychological and physical illnesses are a consequence of early life trauma which have not been processed effectively. Some early life experiences leave us unable to handle stressors in later years. This is covered in more detail in The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness.

In addition, in Inflammation Is The Cause Of All Illness I identify many of the stressors which make us ill… providing a much clearer focus on our emotional lives. Healing our emotional lives is the key to healing.

Fibromyalgia always starts with a trauma, and when I mention this to the many Fibro sufferers who come to me in person, they ALWAYS know which trauma brought about their raging inflammation and bodily pain. We intuitively know these things.

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The Drugs Don’t Work…

Anti-depressants are a $10 billion dollar industry!

Psych meds make for a very lucrative industry, with deeply cynical undertones.

The reality is, mental health meds are a source of easy money from very vulnerable people… Sadly, if people go to their doctors and explain they are feeling anxious, depressed and tired all the time, they will be offered a prescription for antidepressants. They, in almost all cases, won’t be offered Thyroid tests and other hormone and digestive tests..

They won’t be offered any tests at all…

Just so you don’t miss the pure weight of that statement I will say it again… antidepressant and antianxiety medications are prescribed without


Considering everything from poor Liver function to Thyroid issues to Gut issues etc, etc all cause emotional symptoms, including anxiety and depression, this is more than a little surprising isn’t it!?!

There are tests for most of these things… but there’s no tests for mental health conditions. Doctor’s surgeries can save a lot of time and money by simply prescribing a drug for anxiety and depression, rather than exploring other possibilities. 

What’s even worse is that patients aren’t told about the difficult withdrawal from the discontinuation from the drugs they are likely to face further down the road…

The Hormone Health Series

This article is the fourth in the series of articles about the importance of hormone balance. As with this article, The Introduction To Hormones, and all subsequent articles in the series, have been published in the Wild As The Wind blog.

A lot of the information in these articles is based on the latest research, and so you are unlikely to find the insights presented in the Wild As The Wind Blog elsewhere.

People have been publishing information on the internet for decades now, but there have been a lot of new discoveries made in the field of hormone balance in the last couple of years. So, if you are going to rely on information about the root causes of anxiety and depression published elsewhere, just remember to check the date.

Here’s the link to Hormone Health Part Three :: which is “about how to eat well for hormone balance, as well as identifying the key nutrients, that we all tend to be deficient in, but are crucial for hormone health”.

In This Article:

  • Root Causes Of Anxiety And Depression
  • Is Your Anxiety & Depression Caused By Easily Reversed
  • Causes?
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • No Tests For Anxiety & Depression
  • Who Trusts Big Pharma?
  • What Psych Meds Are They On?
  • Gut Health & Anxiety & Depression
  • Reversible Root Causes
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Qualified As A Doctor?
  • What Are The Five Most Common Reversible Root Causes Of
  • Anxiety & Depression?
  • Blood Sugar Instability
  • Sugar Spikes
  • Gluten & Casein Intollerance
  • Medication
  • The Drug Cascade In Action
  • So, How Does The Drug Cascade Work?
  • Synthetic Hormones
  • Statin Drugs
  • Antacids – Proton Pump Inhibitors
  • Pain Killers & NSAIDs
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccines
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Our Bodies Are An Incredible Self-Healing System
  • What We Eat Matters
  • Adaptogens Are The Opposite Of Drugs
  • Adaptogenic Herbs Can Carry Us Forward
  • List Of Adaptogens
  • Adaptogen Herbs

Root Causes Of Anxiety And Depression

In this article you will learn that modern medicine and environmental toxins are some of the major root causes of anxiety and depression

This revelation is becoming more widely understood thanks to the groundbreaking work of Kelly Brogan, and a few others, whose insights and new approach to psychiatry is likely to liberate millions of people from the tyranny of mental health trauma.

Please don’t be afraid of the information presented in this article, even though it would probably be quite easy to feel unsettled by such a new and different perspective on things. Just breathe deeply, (even try doing right nostril breathing to engage your parasympathetic nervous system to keep you calm), and allow the information to SET YOU FREE  ⇒  ⇒  ⇒ 

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the videos, especially the 20 minute interview with Kelly Brogan in the ‘Who Trusts Big Pharma?’ section.

Is Your Anxiety & Depression Caused By Easily Reversed Causes?

There’s no question some people’s anxiety and depression are caused by psychological causes… guilt, lack of self worth and immense stress, from things like revising for and taking exams as well as bullying, or from incredibly burdensome physical or mental workloads etc… These are all very real indeed.

But mental stress is only one form of stress in a very stressed out world!

Toxic stress from our environments as well as conventional drugs, and dangerously nutrient-deficient convenience foods etc, is also very real.

Other stressors in the form of modern technologies, and the unnatural rhythms of life which modern life subjects us to, all play a part in making us susceptible to anxiety and depression.

A lot of these precursors will be covered in more detail within this article, but also know that this article will provide you with very effective SOLUTIONS to dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

This article is very much informed by the work of Kelly Brogan, MD, author of a blacklisted book which soared to New York Times Best-Seller Status via grassroots support:

One of the most important books in the history of psychiatry and natural medicine has just broken through an unprecedented mainstream media blockade, after only one week of intense, 100% organic, grassroots support.

Titled, A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies To Reclaim Their Lives, and authored by… holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD… we reported on the blacklisting of her book in an article published last week titled, Why Is The Media So Afraid of This Woman’s Work?


Come back to this video after you have read the rest of this article:

Anxiety & Depression

A visit to the doctor to discuss feelings of depression and anxiety will not result in a discussion about your diet and gut health… it will, in all likelihood, lead to a prescription for anti-depressants based on the assumption you have an inherited chemical imbalance… or, at the very least, a genetic predisposition towards anxiety and depression.

There will be no tests to ascertain the root causes of anxiety and depression… in fact, there will be no tests at all.

All there will be is a lot of supposition based on bad science that is woefully outdated, and has never been remotely close to the truth about the real root causes of anxiety and depression.

No Tests For Anxiety & Depression

The fundamental problem is, quite simply, there’s no objective testing for emotional symptoms… so all of the decisions made by doctors when diagnosing patients are entirely speculative. There’s no science to back them up… whatsoever!

But, whilst that’s pretty worrying in itself, get this…! The number of mental health conditions has increased 300% since the 1950’s. And, that’s not just worrying. It’s pretty terrifying!

Because, for every different diagnosis there’s a different drug protocol waiting to make Big Pharma some serious big bucks!

Big Pharma has no interest in getting to the root causes of anxiety and depression… In fact, it actually has a huge vested interest in NOT getting to the root causes of anxiety and depression!

The more psychiatric conditions there are, the more options Big Pharma can give to the medical profession to misdiagnose our physical conditions!

As an example, the book ADHD Nation, by Alan Schwarz, cites a 15% diagnosis rate for a condition that is ‘known’ to afflict only 5% of the American population… and I would argue that 5% is way too high, also!

The top five psychotropic drugs gross more profit than the GDP of more than half the countries in the world, individually. (This means that psychotropic drugs are more profitable than the majority of COUNTRIES on the planet!)
Calculations relate to individual countries and not to all of the countries collectively.

Who Trusts Big Pharma?

Big Pharma and Allopathic Practitioners insist we suffer from permanent conditions which will mean we will be on drugs for the rest of our lives.

But, with quite a few really well-made documentaries being produced, as well as some great articles and books, about how pharmaceutical companies are really trying to generate massive profits at the expense of patient’s wellbeing, and, in some cases, causing patients to die because they can’t afford their prescriptions, a lot of us are wising up to what’s really going on.

However, fewer of us are seeing through the myth which is routinely presented as the cornerstone of modern medicine… that being :: everything is in our genes, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

In other words, modern medicine has decreed there’s only one deck of cards in life, and we all have to succumb to the hand that we have been dealt, whilst also being perpetually grateful to the very same modern medicine for doling out pretty coloured pills to try and mask the very unfortunate and debilitating psychiatric consequences of our genetic make-up.

Millions of pounds, collected by little old ladies, often whilst standing outside in freezing conditions, in the perishing depths of winter, are still being spent on research into the genetic causes of cancer and other life-threatening conditions, when it is already understood by more progressive forms of medicine, that genetics is only 5% of the story… and, 95% of our genetic expression is down to the way we live our lives… our diets, our lifestyle, our environments and our outlook etc…

The Depressing Thing About Antidepressants Is That They’re Placebos With Side Effects

What Psych Meds Are They On?

This interview with Kelly Brogan deals with celebrity deaths, mass shootings and some of the suppressed research implicating psych meds as being one of the key root causes of anxiety and depression, which has, tragically, led to horrific outcomes.

Also covered: people who had ‘run of the mill’ stress and were then put on anti-depressants who then went on to perpetrate heinous crimes…

Some colourful language, and some God awful real life stories of the most tragic kind, including parental child homicide are discussed here… so, if you feel you are too overly-sensitive to this kind of information PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT!

But, the interview reveals some really important insights into what Big Pharma is doing to us… so come back to it after you have read the article and implemented some of the advice for recovering from anxiety and depression… In other words… in a few weeks time… Look into the Wild As The Wind essential oil based hormone balancing blends to help you to restore your hormone balance as well.

Gut Health & Anxiety & Depression

In Hormone Health Part Two I outlined the main root cause of hormone imbalance as being a dysfunctional gut.

So… what are the symptoms of imbalanced hormones?

Well, you’d never have guessed… but they’re often actually anxiety and depression!

Now there’s a thing!!!

So, on that basis, could hormonal imbalance be one of the root causes of anxiety and depression?

Reversible Root Causes

Kelly Brogan calls reversible root causes of anxiety and depression ‘Psychiatric Pretenders’, which are actually physical imbalances that are easily remedied, but are tragically very often misdiagnosed.

These Psychiatric Pretenders’ enable modern medicine, (Allopathic Medicine), to prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms of a problem caused by a malfunction further ‘upstream’. This is like perpetually mopping up an oil slick in an estuary, caused by a leak five miles upstream, instead of capping the leaky pipe which is causing the issue.

Sadly, within allopathic medicine, no-one seems capable of saying, ‘hey… what’s the root cause of all this oil?’

A powerful clinical study shows that pennies worth of magnesium a day provides an effective, safe, affordable alternative to dangerous and relatively ineffective pharmaceutical antidepressants.

But, the truth of the matter is Doctors aren’t really to blame. Doctors are only given two or three hours of lecture time devoted to diet and nutrition, within their ten+ year training… so they are going to believe what Big Pharma tells them when it comes to the root causes of anxiety and depression!

And another truth is that Adaptogenic Herbs, breathing exercises, Essential Oils, exercise & diet, and gut healing Nigella Sativa are all effective at improving systemic health, which then positively impacts our emotional health.

How Long Does It Take To Get Qualified As A Doctor?

It usually takes about ten years for a doctor to become a GP, including a five year degree, two foundation years, and then three years vocational training before becoming fully qualified. Hospital doctors need a five year degree, two foundation years, then around four or five years of vocational training, depending on their area of specialisation, before becoming fully qualified.

Because medical degrees, and the hospitals where the vocational training takes place, are under the comprehensive influence of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s Big Pharma that decides how things work. Doctors have the genetic predisposition scenario drummed into them for at least ten years… and there’s surely no-one that can defy that level of programming or conditioning for such a long time…?

This is what makes Kelly Brogan, MD, so unusual!

That morning of lectures, received around year two of their ten+ years of training, devoted to diet and nutrition, is very much eclipsed by the thousands of subsequent days devoted to learning how to diagnose and treat with drug based therapies… never once asking what are the REAL root causes of anxiety and depression…?

Watch this incredibly important interview about the deeply defective medical system we use in the West, and how it’s designed to fail… (It outlines how it is failing our doctors just as much as it’s failing us…)

Sorry folks, but our medical systems are simply set up to make some profoundly greedy people utterly, offensively rich!

There’s no harrowing stories to illustrate any of the points made in this video, but the idea that Big Pharma may not have our best interests at heart can be challenging enough for some… If you are one of the ones finding this idea challenging save this interview until a later date when you are feeling more robust.

What Are Reversible Root Causes Of Anxiety & Depression?

To establish the reversible root causes of anxiety of depression we need to look to the symptoms to tell us the story. This is why drug therapies are ultimately so destructive. Not only do they make matters worse, they actually hide the seeds of our cure.

So, a slow, controlled withdrawal from the drugs, with supervision from a Naturopath or equivalent Alt Med practitioner will probably be required, at some point, in order to read the original symptoms. Or, lucky the person who can remember, or who made notes of their original symptoms, as it will be possible to work from these…

And, of course, if you are not on meds you can go straight to trying to read your symptoms…

What Are The Five Most Common Reversible Root Causes Of Anxiety & Depression?

  • Blood Sugar Instability
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Medication
  • B12 Deficiency
  • Thyroid Autoimmunity

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Blood Sugar Instability

Blood Sugar Instability is the main cause of anxiety, poor concentration, panic attacks, ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder.

So many of us are becoming sugar-addicts… and I, as well as Kelly Brogan, am a complete ex-sugar addict… or more accurately, a recovering severe sugar addict. So, this is a subject close to both of our hearts!!!

My consumption of sugar easily included as much as 200g of chocolate a day at it’s height, but this doesn’t include other sugar burdens I was subjecting myself to.

*Additional sugar responses in the body are elicited from processed foods, milk products and processed carbohydrates. And, then there’s the immediate release sugars in alcohol, also.

*Processed carbohydrates convert immediately into sugar when consumed.

It’s a wonder I’m still alive, let alone functional!

I have been addicted to sugar all my life and I have been prone to bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Needless to say, mood swings have been a really prominent feature of my life also… which have cost me very dear at times.

I don’t believe in the toxic burden of regret, as this would only compound the problem… but I also don’t believe in trying to pretend that mood swings haven’t cost me some important friendships as well as some professional respect etc… I look upon these memories with self-forgiveness, knowing that today I can choose to behave differently if I free myself from the stress of the guilt around these things… which would only keep me trapped… and I allow the memories to serve as a reminder as to why I have cut out sugar, alcohol and refined foods from my diet, as these are the things that caused the mood swings in the first place…

But, even though I suffered mood swings, as well as anxiety and depression for decades, it was only when I suffered from appalling concentration and an inability to finish a sentence that I finally stumbled across what was to start me on a life-long journey of recovery…

I had sugar intolerance induced leaky gut, and it was my research into healing this condition which finally allowed me to connect all of the dots and start to heal myself as a whole… ultimately leading me to concentrating all of my professional efforts on helping others gain a better quality of life so they could find easier answers to leaving all of their physical and mental health problems in their past.

It’s taken me many years to learn and understand what I know today… hopefully my articles will fast track you to a happier and more fulfilling life in a fraction of the time.

I have also finally quit smoking after a 41 year abusive love affair with nicotine. I am now more than one year clear of that particular addiction… and, d’ya know what? I could still happily have a fag to this day. But, it was all part of the problem. Smoking elicits a sugar response in the body as well!

Sugar Spikes

So, what’s happening in the body when we overload on sugar?

The sugar spikes this cause triggers the fight or flight response = Cortisol.

Cortisol is our stress hormone… so, when sugar spikes trigger the release of Cortisol this constitutes one of the several endocrine connections between sugar and our hormones.

Cortisol production can cause jitteriness, anxiety and irritability etc… and, long-term sugar abuse can cause a greater persistency in this state of mind / body.

Gluten & Casein Intolerance

Immune activation due to casein dietary antigens and gluten results in addictions to wheat and dairy which can cause mental instabilities, sometimes so seriously that they can individually, or together, prompt all manner of mental illness, even bipolar disorder.

The following article by Kelly Brogan, MD, is all you need to understand the Gut / Brain connection.

Fix Your Brain By Going Gluten Free

But, one thing I will mention here is that symptoms of these food intolerance can be exclusively neuro-psychological or neuro-psychiatric without a single gastro-intestinal symptom, no gas, no bloating or reflux… nothing… so just because you appear to be free from any gastric symptoms, this does not mean you don’t have an intolerance.

Your neuro-psychological or neuro-psychiatric symptoms may be all the clues you get!


Medication, by Big Pharma’s own admission, causes mental health problems. Just read the notes that come with your meds!

Who would’ve guessed?

Medications beget more medications… and even the Daily Mail is admitting prescription meds are the third biggest killer worldwide!

But, at the risk of unnerving you, which is the last thing I want to do, I would actually go a whole lot further… I personally believe prescription meds will, in the future, be declared one of the biggest crimes against humanity ever committed.

Medical literature pertaining to a lot of these prescription medications reveals the disruptive nature of the drugs, specifically in relation to mood, anxiety and hormonal balance…

But, why are we taking meds in the first place?

I covered a lot of what causes us to need an intervention due to stress, inflammation and poor diets in Hormonal Health Part Three. However, if you are unaware of the nutrient deficiencies, and the other stressors which lead to a deterioration of our health covered by Hormonal Health Part Three and the two preceding articles, along with the need for better sleep and a reduction in psychological stress, then you will likely go to your doctor for ways of dealing with the anxiety and depression you are suffering from as a consequence of these things.

The intervention your doctor will offer you will not be a nutritional and / or lifestyle modification, in all likelihood.

The intervention your doctor will offer you will be a drug based therapy that will start a cascade of events ultimately resulting in you taking more drugs to counter the debilitating side-effects of the drugs you are already taking, and so on and so forth… with the overall outcome, sadly, not looking too pretty…

But, the fact that you are reading this article means you are very unlikely to follow the modern medical rollercoaster to it’s logical conclusion…

And, I say this not because I have all of the answers. I say it because the act of reading about potential or existing health issues signifies you are taking an active interest in your health and you are willing to take responsibility for it. Those who don’t read anything are generally the ones who aren’t taking any responsibility for anything, and have invested their faith in a system designed to earn money from their suffering whilst at the same time entertaining absolutely zero interest in presenting them with a cure!

Treating symptoms, which is what pharmaceuticals always do, is a very lucrative system. The layered cascade of drug reliance is pretty much a license to print money!

Sorry if I get a little terse around this reality… but it is tax payers money, including mine, which is paying the drug companies, like Valeant, who charge exorbitant amounts for drugs, to simply feed their greed.

If your constitution is strong enough to face the details of this truth then…

Read :: Shades of Enron in These Valeant Convictions  

*I also covered the cascading outcome of drug use in Mood Disorders and Hormonal Imbalance :: Surgical Intervention or Natural Therapies? But again, it’s a rather caustic serving of the facts and so don’t read it if you’re feeling fragile.

The Drug Cascade In Action

Over 20 million people are on antidepressants in the UK! That pretty much equates to the working population in the UK!

I am unaware of how many of these people are suffering from drug-induced anxiety and depression, if indeed. any of them are.

So, How Does The Drug Cascade Work?

The side-effects of your initial drugs, which you may have taken for a knee injury, ultimately become so debilitating that you start taking other drugs to counter these side-effects… and then the side-effects of those drugs lead you to take even more drugs etc etc… until the ultimate drug you are diagnosed is an antidepressant…!

The Involuntary Drug Cascade

Birth control pills and the liberal use of antibiotics in human, as well as animal ‘welfare’, (and I use that word very reservedly in this context), are manifestly problematic. Neither of these comprehensively taken drugs are broken down by the body, and thus, they pass unimpeded into the water supply. So, if you drink water you’re simultaneously on the contraceptive pill and antibiotics every day of your live long life!

As mentioned elsewhere in this series of articles, chlorine in water is a synthetic oestrogen, and fluoride, amongst other things, is a well documented neuro-toxin… so I recommend only drinking filtered water.

Synthetic Hormones

So, lets deal with the synthetic hormones from the contraceptive pill.

Shockingly, a randomised nine week trial of the contraceptive pill was shown to increase insulin resistance and various markers of inflammation, according to Kelly Brogan.

And, of course, it’s not just the contraceptive pill causing all these issues. The problems caused by synthetic hormones are also delivered by the hormone releasing IUD’s like the Marina Coil and hormone injections, as well as any other type of synthetic hormone based form of contraception.

Synthetic hormones disrupt inflammatory and immune based signals, and they deplete nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins needed for brain function, like B Complex and Magnesium and Zinc etc…

The reason they can decimate our libidos and flat line so many aspects of our mental vitality is because they increase Thyroid Binding Globulin, (TBG), and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, (SHBG), more specifically Testosterone, effectively binding them whilst in circulation, which means tests appear normal when they shouldn’t, and because this is happening it decreases the number of real hormones in circulation.

Could this be one of the root causes of anxiety and depression? I really think so.

But! I also smoked for 41 years, which also has quite a few similar affects. Smoking knocks out vitamins and minerals and promotes an insulin response… However, what it doesn’t do is increase Thyroid Binding Globulin, (TBG), and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, (SHBG), i.e. Testosterone… and I personally think the hormone issue trumps the vitamin and mineral issue here… but, I could be wrong…

Statin Drugs

Statins are the cholesterol reducing drug that are being prescribed willy nilly for no apparent good reason… There are also 300 recorded negative side effects of these drugs if you dig deep enough into the literature to find them…

But, according to Brogan there is not a shred of evidence to support the use of Statin drugs in any women, AT ALL.

Our brains are 60% fat, and all of our steroidal hormones are made out of cholesterol.

We also produce cholesterol after injury… it’s a natural bodily function designed to help not hinder. Our bodies are beautiful self-regulating and self-healing systems. This means that any for of unnatural intervention is going to dramatically interfere with the self-healing processes of the body.

It’s now being discovered that our cell membranes, which rely on cholesterol for structure and support, are critical for the functionality of the cell and are directly affecting our overall mental and hormonal health.

So, could this be one of the root causes of anxiety and depression, perhaps?

Antacids – Proton Pump Inhibitors

I’ve taken a whole bunch of these!

Ongoing use, which is the typical of the usage of these drugs, causes long-term malabsorption of nutrients from food.

Stomach acid is critical for triggering the enzymatic processes that allow us to absorb Vitamin B 12 and help us to manage our gut microbial populations.

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in neuro-psychiatric syndromes through methylation and homocysteine recycling.

So, could this, rather than genetics, be one of the root causes of anxiety and depression?

Pain Killers & NSAIDs

New research is revealing that pain killers are dampening our emotional experience in that it reduces our ability to experience positive emotions.

Pregnant women who use pain killers have also shown to have a higher number of children who are medicated for ADHD.

The toxicity of NSAIDs to the upper gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers, bleeding and stomach upset is very well understood. (I first read about the need to discontinue Ibuprophen after three days owing to the risk of ulcers in a copy of Readers Digest in the 1990’s… and, no, I wasn’t a subscriber!)

Sadly, scientists are now finding NSAIDs are causing damage to the lower GI tract as well as the upper. This is really bad news!

Could NSAID’s, rather than genetics, be one of the leading root causes of anxiety and depression?


I mentioned earlier that the contraceptive pill and antibiotics don’t get broken down by the body, and therefore pass unimpeded into the water supply…

Antibiotics are the single most destructive drug to our microbiomes. Although, the chlorine in our water doesn’t do it much good either!

**Chlorine is also Xenoestrogenic, which means it is an environmental chemical messenger which mimics Oestrogenic activity when ingested… it just gets better and better doesn’t!?

Without an efficient microbiome we have an inefficient immune system, but, as mentioned in Hormone Health Part Two, with an impaired gut we have an hormonal system that is in chaos. You can imagine what this does to our emotions and our mental state… the havoc just gets passed down the line…

I have been prescribed over twenty courses of Antibiotics in my time, and you can imagine what a mess my gut and everything else has been in at times.

So, it’s not hard to see how antibiotics, rather than genetics, could be one of the leading root causes of anxiety and depression…


Because I spent five years of my life in Southern Ireland, between the ages of four and nine, in a place called Douglas, without ever bumping into Cillian Murphy, which coincidentally is where he is from, (but, chances are he wasn’t born before I was yanked back to good old Blighty), I had the inauspicious privilege of having two BCG shots.

My primary school in the UK asked my mum if I’d had my BCG in Ireland, which, of course, I had, but my mother said she couldn’t remember and thus requested I be vaccinated with another dose of the seven different inoculations delivered in the BCG suite of nastiness, despite the fact I had that big old tell-tale BCG ring about two inches away from where they delivered the second multiple shot!

My mother was a bit of prescription meds junkie, so it was hardly surprising she erred on the side of consumption!

My friends would probably tell you I am living testament to the fact vaccinations are absolutely no good for us whatsoever!

There’s definitely food for thought as to whether vaccines, rather than genetics, could be one of the leading root causes of anxiety and depression…

Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins serve to exacerbate the toxicity and disruptive actions of the drug and hormone protocols we are so easily prescribed or we’ve become exposed to environmentally.

I have mentioned a lot of these already, but I haven’t really said much about fluoride and the role it plays in Thyroid dysfunction.

A lot of the UK’s water supplies are now fluoride free, but this wasn’t the case when I was growing up. Nevertheless, we’re still exposed to fluoride in toothpaste and at the dentist.

The USA has just admitted it’s over exposed millions of people to fluoride toxicity.

Could fluoride, rather than genetics, be one of the root causes of anxiety and depression?

Read about other common toxins and metals that completely interfere with our Thyroid Function.

Our Old Friend The Thyroid

The Thyroid, when it dysfunctions, is a direct cause of anxiety and depression. The thyroid is the leading endocrine gland, so thyroid dysfunction is a direct hormonal precursor, whereas gluten, B12 and blood sugar issues are all an indirect hormonal cause.

Nevertheless, gluten, B12 and blood sugar issues have everything to do with the gut. Thyroid and gut issues have already been dealt with together within this series, in Hormone Balance Part Two.

However, it’s the Pancreas, (the seat of our joy, or lack of it), which produces insulin to try and mitigate the problem of excess sugar in the blood, which causes insulin resistance and diabetes… And, of course, the Pancreas is integral to the hormonal system, or endocrine system, because insulin is an hormone.

That being said, it’s often too much sugar which causes leaky gut and triggers hormone issues way before a lot of people become insulin resistant!

But, whatever the case, the relationship between hormones and the gut is entirely multi-faceted and clearly very complex!

Hypothyroidism or Thyroiditis can sometimes be misdiagnosed as Clinical Depression, in which case it is highly usual for anti-depressants to be prescribed, and for the Thyroid issue to go untreated.

Our Bodies Are An Incredible Self-Healing System

Our bodies are not broken. Even when they appear to be dysfunctional our bodies are making wise choices to protect us from meeting an untimely end.

A great example of this is when we start to suffer from hypothermia. All of the heat of the body becomes concentrated around our core, where our major organs are situated. If just one of our major organs fail then we will die. If, however, we lose every single finger or toe, we will survive to hobble around for the rest of our lives. The body, therefore, works to keep us alive by expending anything that isn’t essential to our survival, when presented with an exceptional situation.

This is what happens during extreme health crises. The body responds in such a way as to protect the most valuable parts of the body, allowing the least vital body parts to be expended if necessary.

So, if we learn how to read the symptoms, i.e. the parts of the body that are being expended, then we can begin to bring the body back into balance, thereby preventing any form of bodily function from being lost.

What We Eat Matters

Plant RNAs regulate the expression of target mammals

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a polymeric molecule essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes. RNA and DNA are nucleic acids, and, along with lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, constitute the four major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life. Like DNA, RNA is assembled as a chain of nucleotides, but unlike DNA it is more often found in nature as a single-strand folded onto itself, rather than a paired double-strand. Cellular organisms use messenger RNA (mRNA) to convey genetic information (using the nitrogenous bases of guanine, uracil, adenine, and cytosine, denoted by the letters G, U, A, and C) that directs synthesis of specific proteins. Many viruses encode their genetic information using an RNA genome.

Some RNA molecules play an active role within cells by catalyzing biological reactions, controlling gene expression, or sensing and communicating responses to cellular signals. One of these active processes is protein synthesis, a universal function where RNA molecules direct the assembly of proteins on ribosomes. This process uses transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules to deliver amino acids to the ribosome, where ribosomal RNA (rRNA) then links amino acids together to form proteins.


All Or Nothing Thinking

Dietary precursors to leaky gut that cause hormonal imbalance and mental health issues are not the only problem!

Our unhealthy conditioning in other ways can drill our heads into the ground also.

Society likes to blame others, liberally delivering judgements and generally making people and things so wrong that woe betide anyone who bucks the system and views things differently.

These mental constraints are like a straightjacket that can make us feel really psychologically unwell.

Moderation is the solution. Being open minded is the solution. Learning to live and let live and taking responsibility for our own shit is the gorgeous road to freedom that has previously eluded us!

Dietary fascism is not the solution. Nor is rigidity in any form. Learning to breath, make mistakes and forgive ourselves is just as much the way forward as eliminating things from our diets that we’re horribly allergic to.

But, still enjoy your food! Learn how to make food different. Learn how to make it better!

Adaptogens Are The Opposite Of Drugs

The drugs alluded to in this article, along with the synthetic hormone protocols mentioned, are designed to override the functions of the body, to ultimately eliminate undesirable functions or symptoms. But, of course, they just create more symptoms, that then also require treatment, rather than getting to the root causes of anxiety and depression, i.e. the original problem.

These symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with us to let us know something is wrong. But instead of listening to them, we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by Allopathic Medicine into believing the symptoms are meaningless and that they won’t go away until we take Allopathic drugs.

And, they practically declare. ‘let the symptom bashing begin’, like they are declaring war!

In fact, in most cases, pharmaceutical drug therapies are tantamount to going to war with our bodies!

But, it’s a civil war they wage. Every time there’s an uprising, revealing a state of deep unrest, battalions of synthetic soldiers are delivered into our systems, in the form of modern drugs, to suppress the insurrection.

Addiction eating, and consolation food binging also suppress these signals… they are just ways of self-medicating!

And, all of these things have to go in order for us to heal!

We need to reveal the root causes of anxiety and depression, and not obliterate them, in order to understand what needs realigning within our body.

Adaptogenic Herbs Can Carry Us Forward.

Once we have established the true root causes of anxiety and depression we can take adaptogenic herbs to help restore balance.

But the real beauty of adaptogenic herbs is , as the name suggests, because they adapt to what our bodies need. The adaptogenic herbs raise up what’s needed and lower what’s not needed so we can achieve homeostasis.

Truth be known, specific insights into the root causes of anxiety and depression are not actually essential for us to know that adaptogenic herbs will help alleviate our anxiety and depression symptoms.

Adaptogens work at a molecular level by regulating a stable balance in the hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal glands. These are involved in the stress response. They work by “hacking” the stress response in the body.

Could these be, rather than drug therapies, (that are designed to quash genetic defects, which are invariably a figment of Big Pharma’s imagination), a much better way of dealing with the non-specific root causes of anxiety and depression?

List Of Adaptogens

  • Ashwagandha
  • Fo-ti or He Shou Wu
  • Gotu Kola
  • Astragalus
  • Holy Basil
  • Shilajit
  • Amla
  • Shatavari
  • Mucuna
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Rehmannia
  • Shisnadra
  • Chaga Mushrooms
  • Reishi Mushrooms
  • Lions Mane Mushrooms
  • Maitake Mushrooms
  • Cordyceps Mushrooms
  • Turkey Tale Mushrooms
  • Agaricus Mushrooms
  • Pine Pollen
  • Bilberry
  • Elderberry
  • Goji Berries (*Beware – nightshade)
  • Jujubee Dates
  • Maca (I also have trouble digesting this one!)
  • Noni

Learn More About Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are basically a unique class of healing herbs and foods that promote hormone balance, mitigate stress and protect us from contracting a wide variety of diseases, particularly those caused by excess stress.

But, because stress and anger undermine our immune system, it’s best just to simply see that adaptogens protect us from all forms of illness.

In addition to boosting our immune function and reducing our stress levels, research shows that adapotogens can do the following:

  • Improve thyroid function
  • Calm the root causes of anxiety and depression
  • Support adrenal gland function
  • Reduce brain cell degeneration
  • Stabilise blood sugar & insulin levels
  • Lower cholesterol

Learn even more about adaptogenic herbs.

Buy Adaptogenic Herbs In The UK

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. But remember, adaptogenic herbs are also not a panacea for the root cause of our psychological problems. What they are is a brilliant way of helping our bodies balance themselves whilst we figure out how to take responsibility for ourselves and our health.

This means making decisions to cut out toxic inputs, which include, toxic relationships, toxic foods that we’re often allergic to, toxic drugs, toxic TV, toxic technologies, toxic lifestyles including toxic jobs… etc… etc…

This also means learning to forgive ourselves and others for not being perfect… Choosing to come at life from a loving perspective… Choosing to ditch judgemental attitudes that only come back to bite us in the bum…

Ultimately giving ourselves permission to be well and allow the control and the identity our illnesses have given us to fall away so we can be made anew in a much more healthy fashion…

Realising we need to be as patient with ourselves as a mother with a would-be toddler…! If a mother were to say, after watching her baby try and fail to walk one afternoon, “oh, you’re clearly rubbish at that, there’s no point in bothering with all that again tomorrow”, none of us would be walking today!!!

Learning to re-programme our minds to be more open, less judgemental, more forgiving and more willing to take responsibility, (which is the ability to respond, when all’s said and done), isn’t going to be achieved over night. So, the first lesson we need to learn, where this is concerned, is to accept all or our mistakes, and allow ourselves to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down so we can let ourselves have another go at our transformation when we’re ready!  

And, I wish you all the very best for doing so!

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This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your healthcare professional before changing your healthcare regimen.

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