If You Voted Brexit This Is What You Voted For

Dystopian Nightmare

I believe Brexit has been used to peel the UK off the pack so that US corporate interests can get a US/UK trade deal through without opposition.

And, if that’s the case I want out!

I am someone who fought, like my life depended upon it, against TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, which was a US/UK trade deal set up to allow corporations to sue the UK government for loss of income if their toxic products were deemed too poisonous to be retailed, making a big win situation for corporations, come what may, and a big loss for tax payers like you and me.

We reached a tipping point with public awareness, leaving TTIP dead in the water.

Imagine how gutted I was with the Brexit vote… I knew it meant the UK faced the same assault, and this time we would be defenceless to fight off a US trade deal which was going to make UK citizens really, really sick…

Gone are the days when a few of us could look forward to being poisoned in our sleep… now hundreds of thousands of us are routinely poisoned whilst awake!

This article is only going to focus on the healthcare angle of the overall potentially cataclysmic outcome of post-Brexit Britain, but I believe we are also headed for a full-on financial crisis of a scale we have never witnessed before, as well as the ultimate dystopian nightmare if 5G is allowed to proceed. These things will all add up to the image above looking just about right….

We consume a lot of drugs already in the UK… but the situation is about to get a whole lot worse…

Drug companies, like the one owned by the Sackler family, are actively pushing their drugs to socially deprived areas. (They call it marketing, of course.)

The Democracy Now video at the end of this piece identifies the Sackler family who are making Billions from a deathly synthetic opioid drug called OxyContin.

It also shows that where there are big bucks there is systemic corruption. Senators were bribed in 2016 to pass a bill which relaxed the regulation of the US drug industry to a point where it is pretty much deregulated.

This is what is coming to the UK, and is already in evidence up North.

This video depicts America… but scenes like these are also already evident in pockets of the UK!

America is in the midst of a devastating synthetic opioid epidemic…

The synthetic opioid Fentanyl is 50 times more addictive than heroine.

Every 11 minutes someone dies of an opioid overdose in the US.

70, 000 US citizens died of drug overdoses in 2017.

Canada is also in the midst of a synthetic opioid addiction. They signed a trade deal with the US entitled NAFTA that destroyed the Mexican economy and severely damaged the Canadian economy, leaving them wide open to the opioid invasion… Social privation with a lack of prospects, like the situation for most teenagers post-2008, is the breeding ground for addiction. And, the drug companies target these areas because uptake is massive. That means big bucks!

Now the North East of England is Fentanyl addicted…

The US system is totally rigged. It is so corrupt that nothing could be done to stop the legalisation of the scenario which has now led to there being no means of preventing OxyContin and Fentanyl from reaching everybody…

So, if you voted Brexit you traded the protections of the EU for corrupt politics and a quick wholesale ransacking of the UK by US corporations. Plus, you weakened the position of the EU so that now they have voted in the pro-GMO Ursula von der Leyen as the first female European commission president… Jean-Claude Juncker sacked the then EU scientific adviser over her pro-GMO views in 2014. But post Brexit just look what they got! Nice work!

Watch this and weep. It’s your immediate future!

Interestingly, the Sackler family are associated with Sussex University which is responsible for the industry reports in support of the 5G rollout. 5G is the new way big Telecoms have found to expose us to an immense health crisis.

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