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In North Somerset News Feature:

Wild Digital is assisting Little Rainbows Pre-School to organise and promote a Charity Auction to raise funds following a recent break-in at the pre-school. North Somerset Council have featured the initiative on their In North Somerset News website.

Wild Digital and Little Rainbows Pre-School featured In North Somerset News website

North Somerset Council LogoA big thank you to Rupert Owen of the Economic Development Team at North Somerset Council for publishing the Wild Digital / Little Rainbow article on the  In North Somerset News website. Everyone is very grateful.

The article details the recent break-in at the pre-school and the role that Wild Digital is playing in trying to make amends for this unfortunate event.

Wild Digital is organising a charity event to raise funds to cover the losses sustained, and it is also hoped that additional funds will be generated to commission musical play equipment from Art Of Oak.

You can read the article here.

Also, Rachel Wild would like to thank Zeb, the North Somerset Council Webmaster, who provided support and assistance, despite not being involved with the In North Somerset News website.

All of us collectively thank everyone involved in bringing the news item to public attention via In North Somerset News.

Special thanks go to Ben Strode of Foundries Ltd for providing high resolution files of the Little Rainbows Pre-School Logo, without which the article would not have been sanctioned.



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