Man-Made EMF’s Block The Natural EMF’s We Need To Support Life

EMF Tower

Vitally important natural EMF’s are being blocked by synthetic, humanly engineered EMF!

The long video interview between Nick Pineault and EMF expert, Pawel Wypychowski, below, reveals natural EMF’s are more important than gravity for biological life on earth… and the sun, and our Circadian rhythms are all governed by natural EMF’s.

My fear, with regards this, aside from the obvious detrimental effects to our physical health, is that these unnatural frequencies are interfering with our ability to utilise and develop our intuitive abilities.

It is my profound belief the development of our intuition is what will facilitate all positive human and spiritual development.

So, the very deleterious influences, which the imposition of artificial EMF’s are imposing on us, are deeply distressing to me personally.

Please share this information far and wide so we can cahnge outcomes on planet earth.

Start watching at 16.30 for fine tuned information about how natural EMF’s are being blocked by artificial EMF’s.

The earth is full of electrons which are absorbed through our bare feet. So, walking barefoot is literally like taking handfuls of antioxidants through our feet.

Stephen Sinatra MD

Losing our connection with the earth is making us really sick. Reconnecting with the earth will heal us…

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