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Wild Digital Marketing and PR Services

Bristol-Green-Capital-Partnership-150x115Wild Digital is a full service marketing and social media agency servicing the South West and beyond… providing Marketing and PR services to small and medium sized businesses.

Although we have serviced clients from all over the UK we are as proud of our roots as we are our achievements… Bristol is a city that puts sustainability first… Wild Digital has always done the same…

We are honoured to be a Bristol Green Capital Partner.

Fully Integrated Marketing

At Wild Digital Marketing and PR we aim to seamlessly amalgamate conventional marketing and public relations, (offline marketing), with online activities.

Our approach is agile, streamlined and optimally integrated.

The way in which traditional marketing is now considerably impacting online activities, and vice versa, is all rather elegant.

For example, print media exposure via newspaper and magazine websites significantly impacts SEO whilst social media activity seamlessly amplifies news items and marketing messages. On and offline marketing have not just learnt to finally coexist… they now actually compliment each other in a streamlined and cost efficient manner.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing, on its own, is very much a thing of the past. However, as part of an integrated marketing strategy, conventional marketing still very much has its place.

Marketing is the assessment of need, and sales is the creation of need.

As marketing is fundamentally based on statistics, traditional marketing profits significantly from digital insights.

Every click online is recorded. It is, therefore, possible to collate market research and other data such as buyer behaviour, product and pricing competitiveness etc. a lot more cost efficiently than when these disciplines were performed offline.

Marketing has not changed. It is just that the methodology has become comprehensively more accessible. This can only be a good thing.

Online marketing

Online marketing is a complex matter. But the principles are very straightforward.

People want to buy from businesses that they know and trust.

Google wants to deliver businesses that they know and trust in search engine results pages.

So, digital marketing is all about gaining online visibility, earning trust, developing authority, and achieving popularity.

And that’s where it gets complicated…

If you have a good grasp of the principles of online marketing and PR, and you found the Wild Digital website via organic search, why don’t you give us a call to discuss how we can help?

If you are new to digital marketing, and would like to understand it a little more before contacting us, read on…

Developing online prominence within this highly competitive, ever-changing landscape is an involved process. It requires strategic planning, technical agility, impressive digital content and above all, a sustained commitment to maintaining and exceeding any gains made.

Consistent engagement in online marketing activities and keeping pace with technological developments are a full-time job in themselves. So, the reality for small to medium sized businesses is that, although an online presence is crucial to their success, they often struggle to truly capitalise on the vast array of business opportunities that the internet has to offer.

Online Marketing Requires Dedication

Far too many businesses invest in online activities and never gain the visibility they need to see an improvement in their online performance. For many this means a poor return on investment. Unfortunately, only with optimal online exposure will a business fully realise its digital potential. So, unless your website appears in the first three pages of Google for highly relevant keywords, chances are you are out of pocket for no apparent reason.

Social Media Marketing

Overwhelmed by the complexity and costs of earning improved rankings in search, some businesses are turning to social media to make their online presence felt. Social media marketing is very much on the rise. But, these platforms, whilst vitally important in supporting online marketing activities, are not a reliable long-term solution in themselves.

Social Media Marketing Is not Enough On Its Own

Social media platforms do not provide the control, functionality and branding opportunities that a business needs. Plus, major platform policy changes can occur overnight and dramatically impact a business. New criteria is often brought into effect without prior warning.

Call us to discuss how you can balance social media involvement with growing your online presence.

Effective Social Media Marketing Is Not Free

Social media platforms are inching ever closer towards paid services for commercial accounts. Facebook is already making it difficult for businesses to operate an effective campaign without investing in sponsored exposure. The costs are affordable at the moment for most businesses, but this could all change…

Wild Digital is a great advocate of social media marketing. We know that it plays an essential role in ensuring good rankings within search engines, i.e, Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. But, the connection is not directly correlated. Popularity on Twitter does not translate to popularity in search.

Social Media Indirectly Boosts Your Positions in Google

So, one of the leading disadvantages of relying solely on social media is that any content shared on these platforms is very unlikely to show up in search results. However, Google Plus content is making its way into search results as Google has unrestricted access to the data. The same is not true of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram etc.

Because the majority of internet users rely on search engines to perform product research prior to making a purchase this is where an exclusively social media focused marketing approach really falls down. *Please Note: The decision as to what to buy is made online, but the purchase can just as easily occur offline via a bricks and mortar outlet. Whichever the case, the internet plays a vital role in decision making in the majority of situations.

Additional Benefits Of Online Marketing

The beauty of digital marketing and PR is that every activity can be precisely measured. Website analytics reveal the impact of marketing campaigns at a core level and social media metrics illustrate message amplification and engagement. Accurate and detailed feedback permits a process of continual refinement. Marketing and PR strategies can thus be enhanced and modified to take greater advantage of campaign elements that prove more successful. This approach allows the client to consistently improve success rates and enjoy greater cost effectiveness.

Contact us to discuss your digital marketing requirements.

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Rachel Wild Profile PictureAll of the content on this website has been produced by Rachel Wild, the Creative Director at Wild Digital. She has been writing for digital publication for many years. You can connect with her on Google+, Twitter or on App.net







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