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Digital MarketingDigital Marketing

Digital marketing is digital marketing by any other name…

and there’s a few…

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Search Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation a.k.a. SEM and SEO…

But before we get into the nitty gritty f online marketing etc, we have a quick announcement:

Wild Digital In The top Three Digital Marketing Agencies in Somerset

Wild Digital were selected to be in the top three marketing agencies in North Somerset.

Congratulations!  You are now listed as one of the Top 3 Marketing agencies in North Somerset. We would like to thank you for providing consistent high quality in your area of business. Our review team either approved or updated your business listing using our 50-Point Inspection which includes everything from checking reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust and cost to the general excellence.

Three Best Rated®

Wild Digital provides both on and offline marketing support

Our services are fully integrated thereby achieving optimal results and unrivaled cost efficiency.

Digital Marketing is essentially no different from offline marketing other than the way in which marketing principles are applied. The main difference is that online marketing is completely measurable, whilst unfortunately, traditional marketing is not.

The way in which both digital marketing and offline marketing methods completely mirror each other is that there are no shortcuts to achieving objectives where either approach is concerned. Both require considerable commitment, a completely strategic approach, and a willingness to monitor performance and to review and revise campaign elements based on results.

If you are familiar with the principles of online marketing, and have landed here via organic search, why not call us to discuss your requirements?

If you are new to these concepts, you may prefer to read on before getting in touch…

Marketing Strategies

Google uses approximately 200 different ranking factors to determine where to deliver a website within search. These change over time to adapt to the way in which the internet evolves. For example, social media is indirectly having a major impact on rankings these days, whereas a few years ago it didn’t make an impression.

Google, on average, applies thousands of algorithmic updates each year. That’s several updates each, and every, day! Many of these updates are applied to keep one step ahead of con men and spammers, and so it stands to reason that Google isn’t in any hurry to reveal what these updates entail.

*Google used to apply approximately 500 algorithmic (algo) updates a year, but this has increased dramatically in recent times.

Because ranking factors are very diverse, and highly susceptible to change, it is essential to devise a marketing strategy that delivers on all counts. This means mixing it up and keeping it fresh, but never at the expense of quality.

There are negative ranking factors also; things that will see your website slide from prominent positions if you are not careful… It is also possible to fall foul of Google Best Practice, which can result in a Google Penalty. Many high profile brands have been served with Google penalties in recent years.

These brands have all attempted to apply short-cuts to their marketing efforts in one way or another. In years past it was possible to apply technical fixes to manipulate rankings, but those days are well and truly over.

Search engine algorithms are now sufficiently sophisticated to detect unscrupulous ranking methods, and this is why penalties are served.

In essence, this means that there are no short-cuts or work-arounds. No digital fixes! Everything needs to be done long-hand in an ethical manner.

This is great for small independent businesses that don’t have the financial might to tussle with the big boys. Corporations were in the practice of spending ten’s of thousands a month, sometimes hundreds of thousands a month, on SEO, (search engine optimisation), in order to try and game Google. Now, quite a few of them are spending these kinds of sums in trying to regain their digital respectability after being exposed for cheating the system. This means that, not only is there now a much more level playing field, but, in some way, some of the big boys are now playing catch-up!

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is one of the more technical elements of online marketing. This, in effect, ergonomically prepares a website for search engines.

All websites produced by Wild Digital are put together according to on-page optimisation principles.

If, however,  you have an existing website Wild Digital will perform a full on-page diagnostic or website audit to identify any issues. (On average, in our experience, websites tend to be between 7% and 23% optimised.)

This diagnostic research culminates in a report that identifies all of the issues that need amending to optimise your website for search and can be applied by your developer.

Keyword Research

Prior to optimising a website for search engines it’s essential to perform competitive keyword research. This allows Wild Digital to determine which keywords are going to provide you with the positions in SERP’s, (search engine results pages), that will bring the business in.

We use enterprise software to preform keyword research as it is critical to get it right.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is the science behind what makes a website convert. Conversions in this instance means that vistors to a website perform specific actions, such as make a purchase or some other commitment to your business.

Badly formed websites tend not to convert. WIld Digital will therefore perform analysis to establish which elements of your website are badly formed or are deficient. We report our findings in an actionable form.

Content Marketing and PR

Written content is the vehicle through which you will get your keywords working for you. Remember, Google needs to trust your website before being willing to risk delivering it in search results. The more quality content you produce on your website, the more Google will see that you are not only trustworthy, but that you are making a determined commitment to your online assets, particularly if your content is gaining in popularity.

Increased traction for your website content usually suggests that you are potentially a thought leader, or an authority in your field. Google monitors ‘bounce rates‘ as well as high levels of engagement with your content. If you achieve the latter Google may determine that you are a thought leader, and if your content is then shared via social media, or another website decides to link to your content, then Google knows there’s a good chance that you may be an authority in your niche.

Relevance, authority, popularity as well as the quality and regularity of content publication are all ranking factors within the Google mix. Stature is built up over time. This is why a strategy is so important.

External factors also provide Google with valuable insights. This is where public relations comes to the fore. Newspapers are considered to have high levels of authority as they rigorously fact check their information and publish a lot of content on a daily basis. Therefore, if your business earns a citation or a link from a newspaper website this has a very positive impact.

The same applies if a popular blogging website decides to review your business. Some blogs have millions of monthly visitors and therefore their readership figures often far exceed those of national newspapers. These blogging sites are considered to have tremendous authority in the eyes of Google.

If you are either confused or convinced, why don’t you call us to discuss what we can do for you?

Social Media Integration

If your website is your publishing platform then your social media pages are your newsagents. Social media strategies are an integral part of online marketing. Without them, your content is very unlikely to receive the attention it deserves.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram are where internet users congregate to consume news and interesting information. Social media mentions drive targeted traffic to your website, which is vital if your website is going to rank well in Google.


It is crucial to track progress and adapt campaigns based on results. There are many ways in which the performance of a website or a particular marketing campaign can be measured. It is also possible to monitor social media campaigns and derive insights into which types of content performs well, and even what times of day social media users are more receptive.

Wild Digital provide full analytical support, or we can partly manage your statistical requirements depending on your set-up.

Going Solo

If you are interested in attempting to launch your own online marketing activities without the support of an agency, please feel free to take advantage of the Wild Digital free digital resources.

You can subscribe to the Wild Digital blog to remain up to date with these complimentary insights. You will receive email notifications when new insights are available. You can subscribe to the Wild Digital Blog by entering your email address in the red opt-in box in the right hand corner of this page. Then click subscribe and head to your inbox to confirm your subscription.

Working With Wild Digital

Marketing activities usually require a mid to long term involvement. However, it is always our intention, when entering into a new working relationship with a client, to ultimately make ourselves redundant. The way we apply marketing strategies is essentially a form of mid to long term training, whereby we provide all the insights required for clients to acquire the knowledge they need to manage their own marketing activities over time.

In some respects, our best work is achieved with businesses that have little or no marketing experience. These are the businesses that stand to profit most from our approach. This is not to say that Wild Digital is any less effective when providing services to compliment a client’s in-house marketing activities. These projects will often be more productive at the outset and usually lead to a clear return on investment more immediately.

No matter what stage you are at with your online marketing we are here to help.

Call us today for a free telephone consultation or email Wild Digital with your requirements.

Digital marketing relies heavily on content creation. Please read this section of the Wild Digital website for further insights into how online marketing can support your online activities.






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