Massage Oils

Bath & Body Oil

Massage Oils are also know as Bath & Body Oils. This is because it is too stimulating to have a massage every day… but, many people are interested in obtaining the health-giving benefits from the essential and base oils used within Massage Oils, every day. And this is why Massage Oils can be used just as effectively as a Bath & Body Oil.

Adding a dessert spoon of Massage Oil to a bath makes for a luxuriant and aromatic experience. The benefits of the essential oils are transferred trans-dermally as well as aromatically, (in the steam), and the base oils help to moisturise and soften the skin.

A Massage Oil easily converts into a Body Oil after a shower. With all of the pores of the skin still open after a hot shower, the application of a Body Oil to moisturise and ease aches and pains, is a quick, but profoundly rewarding, exercise.

Essential Oils For Massage Oils

One of the most common uses for essential oils is within massage oils.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, massage oils are probably one of the most popular products made using essential oils. This is likely because they tend to smell absolutely marvellous… but… It is important to never underestimate the role essential oils play in creating profoundly healing concoctions… that can, coincidentally, be used as a massage oils. The emphasis here being on the healing rather than the massage!

Wild As The Wind Massage Oils

Wild As The Wind produce an extremely popular massage oil using Frankincense Serata Essential Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil that is fantastic for relieving stress, reducing inflammation, and promoting mental clarity. It is simply called Massage Oil No. 1, Frankincense & Sweet Orange Massage Oil, but together with the Sweet Almond Oil base oil, it is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that can completely relieve inflammatory pain..

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil is also anti-inflammatory.

The combination of Frankincense Serata and Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oils makes for an extremely relaxing and reassuring aroma.

*Please note, if you are suffering from auto-immune condition with a significant inflammatory component, such as arthritis, for example, then we would recommend the Wild As The Wind Pain & Inflammation Vanishing Oil as this is specifically formulated for this kind of condition, alongside inflammatory injuries and swelling caused by allergies.

Massage Oils Made To Order

It is possible for us to make massage oils to order at some of the markets we do. All you need to tell us is what the massage oil is for and we can make recommendations as to which essential oil, or which combination of oils should be used.

To avoid disappointment please email us to find out if our made to order massage oil is available at the market you intend to visit


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