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What Is A Mineral Spritz?

A Mineral Spritz is a blend of concentrated Dead Sea Salt solution and Essential Oil Hydrosol which leaves even very dry and damaged skin feeling and looking really healthy and silky to the touch. The atomised glass bottle easily delivers the mineral hydrosol solution to the body, to be rubbed into the skin.


The spitz is very hydrating and I really love that.

Jacqui, London


Why Use Mineral Spritz?

Mineral Spritz is applied topically and can have a profound effect on the appearance of your skin. But, it also sinks in through the skin and enters your blood stream where it delivers valuable nutrients to improve your mental and emotional state, and can even ease hormonal issues etc…

Mineral Spritz help with the following:

Why Mineral Spritz & Not Bath Salts?

Essentially, a Mineral Spritz is a great way of delivering therapeutic levels of minerals to the skin. Twenty-six vitally important minerals, in fact.

Mineral Spritz has largely replaced bath salts because of the following:

  • Much more easy to use
  • Minerals can easily be delivered to the body when needed – before meals and after workouts etc.
  • Much more portable
  • No bath required
  • Much more immediate results
  • Can be applied directly to the face to alleviate dry patches

We are very happy on so many levels and use nothing else but Wild As The Wind. I have also started using the Neroli Mineral Spritz for hard to reach dry areas and it is helping…. thank you.

Helen, Birmingham, UK

Dead Sea Mineral Concentrate contains a rich mixture of nutrients. Aside from a very high Magnesium content, there’s also a good amount of other important minerals; Iodine, Zinc, Potassium, Bromide, Sulphur, Sodium, and Calcium amongst others…

Mineral Spritz Versus Dead Sea Mud

Mineral Spritz is definitely a lot more convenient, and less messy than using Dead Sea Mud, and for most people it works really well. However, Dead Sea Mud has a much greater concentration of minerals than Mineral Spritz, so it is the advocated option for those with persistent, chronic skin conditions.

Using Dead Sea Mud for a short but intensive period usually sees a dramatic improvement. Then Mineral Spritz can be used for routine maintenance, leaving your Dead Sea Mud in a dry, dark place, just in case of another flare up.


Why Use Mineral Spritz?

Mineral Spritz is proving to be a very popular product… almost as popular as our top selling face oils. This is incredible… but not necessarily all in a good way…

Sadly, many of us are mineral deficient, leading to dry skin, an inability to fall asleep and poor quality sleep once we do as well as contributing to distressing skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis etc…

I could not believe how much a few sprays of the mineral spray would help my overall health and sleep.

Feona, Southern Ireland

Why Is Mineral Spritz So Necessary?

Sadly, our food is nutrient deficient because it is forced to grow too intensively, and too fast, in pretty barren soil, and because it is sprayed with no end of pesticides. Plus, we eat far too much processed food with lots of hidden sugars.

It takes 47 Magnesium molecules to process one sugar molecule! Magnesium is perhaps our most important mineral, and so this has a devastating effect on the body.

We also eat too many grains, which act as anti-nutrients because of their phytic acid content, leeching the few minerals from our bodies we’ve managed to obtain from sub-optimal food.

Phytic acid impairs the absorption of iron, zinc and calcium and may promote mineral deficiencies

Zinc is vital for our immune system and hormone health, iron for the health of our blood and calcium for our teeth, bones, hair and nails.

Without the right amount of minerals we suffer on a systemic level.

It’s time to start eating organic and local if you don’t already.

Obviously, smoking, drinking alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, wireless technologies, environmental pollutants, skincare pollutants, cleaning products etc, etc, etc, all contribute to mineral deficiency.

Wireless technologies are disastrous for our health. They undermine our immune systems and lead to all manner of digestive, sleep, hormonal, skin, neurological and psychological disorders.

If you are going to do anything constructive to improve your health then make sure it’s an all-out effort to minimise your exposure to synthetic energy fields which interfere with our natural energetic processes throughout our bodies. Also, using Hormone & EMF Detox would really help protect you going forward.



Have you got problems sleeping? Then read Sleep & The Mineral Connection.

Everybody responds to mineral deficiencies in different ways. Just because you sleep like a baby doesn’t mean you are not mineral deficient. It could just as easily mean you are so toxic that your body struggles to keep you awake. An overly toxic body will always be pushing for sleep because we heal when we are asleep.

Minerals Are Absorbed Into The Body Via The Skin

It is easier for our skin to absorb the minerals we need in our diet than it is for our digestive tract.

This is because many of us have compromised digestion owing to antibiotic use, poor diets or food intolerances we don’t know about etc. Stress will even cause out digestion to suffer. Read more in an article dedicated to the subject :: Gut Health.


Mineral Spritz is especially useful where minerals such as Magnesium are concerned. Magnesium doesn’t like to be ingested via the digestive tract. Magnesium much prefers to enter the body via the skin where it is easily assimilated into the blood stream and ferried around the body to where it is needed most.

Many of us are Magnesium deficient, owing to a diet of highly processed foods which contain a lot of refined white sugar.

***A lot of Magnesium is needed to process refined white sugar.

Plus, our food is generally very seriously deficient in minerals owing to intensive farming methods.

The older we get the more compromised our gut health tends to be. A dysbiotic gut prevents us from absorbing all of the nutrients in our food.


Mineral Spritz Versus Bath Salts

Bath Salts, even when used in a foot bath, as recommended by Wild As The Wind, rather than a full bath, are still pretty wasteful.

From an environmental and sustainability angle, Mineral Spritz wins hands down. The minerals in Mineral Spritz are not only all bio-available when sprayed directly onto the body and applied to the face via our hands, but they are also naturally occurring and are obtained without the need for mining, making the environmental impact minimal.

Geranium Mineral Spritz

Geranium confers a lot of healing benefits to the skin by itself. It promotes collagen production and is very healing.

Geranium is also capable of repelling ticks, which we are seeing record numbers of at the moment.

Ticks carry Lyme Disease, which is extremely serious.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Please let us know what you think of WIld As The Wind Mineral Spritz in the comments or via social media. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Mineral Spritz is also available in Rose Otto and Neroli, aka Orange Blossom, each with their own healing abilities.

However, there are always 26 different minerals within each of the Mineral Spritz options, so from a mineral density and mineral content perspective, it doesn’t matter which option you choose.


Mineral Spritz Daily Usage

If you don’t have any apparently dry or scaly skin, and there’s no appearance of other skin conditions, simply apply Mineral Spritz to your arms for ease of use. Ten squirts on each arm in the morning, rubbed in vigorously, will help fend off afternoon slumps and help you sleep better at night.

If you continue to feel tired in the afternoons and have problems sleeping then try doubling your Mineral Spritz intake.

If afternoon slumps and sleep disorders persist, it’s time to get really serious about it. The chances are you need to provide your energy production units, called Mitochondria, in each and every cell with even more nutrients to get them functioning properly again.

You can learn how to do this in this article :: Heavy Metal Toxicity & Hormone Health

You can also consider supplementing with PQQ and Co-Q10 which will considerably increase your energy production.

I also recommend Phytoplankton by Detox Trading.


Using Mineral Spritz

*Also see daily use instructions below.

Mineral Spritz is formulated to be used as a body spray. Essentially we advise you to use Mineral Spritz on any part of the body where dry skin is in evidence, aside from intimate parts of the body.

Direct the nozzle of your bottle of Mineral Spritz at the area of dry skin and spray a couple of times, and then rub in the watery solution into your skin vigorously. Try an generate as much heat as possible to help evaporate the water content of the Mineral Spritz, as well as to open the pours of your skin so that the Mineral Spritz absorbs more fully.

***The appearance of dry skin often disappears immediately, leaving silky soft skin in it’s place. Extremely dry, scaly and hardened skin will improve in appearance, as will Psoriasis and Eczema etc, but one application isn’t going to be enough to resolve the appearance of these conditions. Daily use of Mineral Spritz is required to achieve ongoing improvements. Use between three and five times daily.

Do not worry if the Mineral Spritz causes temporary itching or if it feels like it is burning a little. The Mineral Spritz is doing you good, but the salts in the Mineral Spritz are making your skin feel a little sore because you likely have a little broken skin.  But, it isn’t doing you any harm…. quite the contrary, in fact… it is only doing you good.

Mineral Spritz is very helpful for conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, but it definitely has a tendency to sting somewhat when applied. This will die down in five or ten minutes and it’s worth enduring the discomfort for the benefits you will achieve.


Even the most dry, gnarly skin is much improved after a spritz, with many flaky dry spots of skin returning to a silky feel after one application.

***It is always important to close your eyes when spritzing with a mineral solution anywhere near your face. The mineral salts are unlikely to damage your eyes, but they will smart! ALWAYS RINSE IMMEDIATELY with cold water if any mineral salt solution gets into your eyes!

Mineral Spritz can be applied manually to the face, as long as you keep it away from your eyes, and you are able to avoid all contact with your eyes when massaging the spritz into your skin.

Spray Mineral Spritz onto the palm of your hands before applying to your face, avoiding any contact with the skin inside the eye socket area of your face.

Thank you to Paula from Burnham-On-Sea who asked:

Hello, sorry to be a pain, but not sure if it’s possible to use too much of the mineral spray?

My Answer :: Hi Paula, I’d keep your consumption to under 100 sprays a day, because you don’t want to waste it… but no, you can’t over do it. Mineral Spritz contains Dead Sea concentrate, but is diluted by hydrosol. People go swimming in the Dead Sea… our skin can only absorb so much moisture and the minerals it contains… that’s why even swimming in the Dead Sea isn’t an issue. Hope that helps. All the best, Rachel xBUY BUTTON

Mineral Spritz For Daily Use

Mineral Spritz can be used for delivering a daily maintenance dose of Magnesium and other trace minerals, often more effectively than orally taken Magnesium supplements.

We are often Magnesium and trace mineral deficient due to gut issues, and so, taking an oral pill and expecting our compromised gut to absorb the benefits has more to do with wishful thinking than efficacy.

Magnesium likes to enter the body trans-dermally, through the skin, and Mineral Spritz is perfect for that.

Spray Mineral Spritz between 5 and 10 times on each arm and rub in vigorously. Spray one arm at a time.

Mineral Spritz For Skin Health

Mineral Spritz will contain therapeutic concentrations of healing salts, but at a fraction of the amount used in bath salt baths. However, as you spray the Mineral Spritz directly onto your skin and leave it there, absorption rates are much higher.

Mineral Spritz will help with conditions like Acne and Eczema, and could even help to control and reduce mild skin fungal infections.

Geranium is known for it’s wound healing abilities.

Rose Otto is known for it’s Acne bacteria killing abilities.

Neroli is immensely healing for the skin.

The beauty of a Mineral Spritz is it’s ease of use. There’s no need to sit with your feet in a foot bath for a minimum of 20 minutes, or have the expense of running a hot bath for 20 to 40 minutes… Mineral Spritz can simply be sprayed directly onto the affected area several times a day, if being used therapeutically, or can be used several times throughout the day for it’s refreshing benefits.


Discontinuing Other Mineral Products

Mineral Spritz has replaced Wild As The Wind Cleanse & Restore product.

***Bath Salts are still available on request, via email, until further notice, although will be phased out very shortly. ***Paypal payment is required. Further details at the end of this article…

Wild As The Wind are only interested in selling products which have a minimal environmental impact, and that ensure the ingredients used will be available for generations to come.

Our consumption rates of practically all world resources can currently only be described as egregious.


At the current rate of consumption there will be precious few resources left by the time they are adults!


Order The Wild As The Wind Bath Salt Range:

We only make make bath salts to order.

They cost £8.00 for 1kg, and are hand blended with a single essential oil, then hand wrapped in a natural muslin face cloth. Postage & Packaging costs apply :: £3.00 2nd class Royal Mail.

Please email your requirements, specifying which bath salts, accompanied by which single essential oil, you would like.

Bath salt choices include :: Himalayan Rock Salt, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt

Essential Oil choices include :: Geranium Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil



  1. Sue Jones says

    Hi Rachel , I hope you are well?
    I am missing Wells market and your stall. Your facial oils are amazing & I can definitely tell the difference now that I have been forced to buy different brands online!
    In particular I’m missing the mineral spritz that makes a difference to my skin & sleep & was wondering if as I’m local I think to near where you live I could come & buy it direct from you?
    Look forward to hearing from you, take care

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