Mineral Spritz

What Is A Mineral Spritz?

A Mineral Spritz is an atomised blend of concentrated Dead Sea Salt solution and Essential Oil Hydrosol.

Essentially, a Mineral Spritz is a great way of delivering therapeutic levels of minerals to the skin.

This is especially useful where minerals such as Magnesium are concerned, as Magnesium doesn’t like to be ingested via the digestive tract. Magnesium much prefers to enter the body via the skin where it is easily assimilated into the blood stream and ferried around the body to where it is needed most.

Many of us are Magnesium deficient, owing to a diet of highly processed food which contains a lot of refined white sugar.

***A lot of Magnesium is needed to process refined white sugar.

Geranium Mineral Spritz

Geranium confers a lot of healing benefits to the skin by itself. It promotes collagen production and is very healing.

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Using Geranium Mineral Spritz

Geranium Mineral Spritz can be applied facially, as long as you close your eyes firmly before spraying, and avoid all contact with the eyes if you are going to massage the spritz into your skin.

It can also be used as a body spritz also. Essentially we advise you use Mineral Spritz on any part of the body where dry skin is in evidence.

It is also helpful for Eczema and Psoriasis, but it may sting on application. This will die down in five or ten minutes and it’s worth enduring the discomfort for the benefits you will reap.

Even the most dry, knarly skin is much improved after a spritz, with many flaky dry spots of skin returning to a silky feel after one application.

***It is always important to close your eyes when spritzing with a mineral solution anywhere near your face. The mineral salts are unlikely to damage your eyes, but they will sting quite severely! ALWAYS RINSE IMMEDIATELY with cold water if any mineral salt solution gets into your eyes!

Geranium Mineral Spritz For Skin Health

Geranium Mineral Spritz will contain therapeutic concentrations of healing salts, but at a fraction of the amount used in bath salt baths. However, as you spray the Mineral Spritz directly onto your skin and leave it there, absorption rates are much higher.

will help with conditions like Acne and Eczema, and could even help to control and reduce mild skin fungal infections.

Geranium is known for it’s wound healing abilities.

The beauty of a Geranium Mineral Spritz is the ease of use. There’s no need to sit with your feet in a foot bath for a minimum of 20 minutes, or have the expense of running a hot bath for 20 to 40 minutes… Geranium Mineral Spritz can simply be sprayed directly onto the affected area several times a day, if being used therapeutically, or can be used several times throughout the day for it’s refreshing benefits.

Geranium Mineral Spritz will be very similar to the Wild As The Wind Cleanse & Restore product, except they will be a concentrated salt solution combined with Geranium hydrosol..

***Bath Salts are still available on request, via email, until further notice. ***Paypal payment is required. Further details at the end of this article…

Order The Wild As The Wind Bath Salt Range:

We only make make bath salts to order.

They cost £8.00 for 1kg, and are hand blended with a single essential oil, then hand wrapped in a natural muslin face cloth. Postage & Packaging costs apply :: £3.00 2nd class Royal Mail.

Please email your requirements, specifying which bath salts, accompanied by which single essential oil, you would like.

Bath salt choices include :: Himalayan Rock Salt, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt

Essential Oil choices include :: Geranium Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil

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