Muslin Cloths Introduction

Muslin Face Cloth

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Muslin Cloths are a vitally important element within all skincare regimes.

There are several reasons why it makes really good sense to use an exfoliating Muslin Cloth. It considerably improves the condition of your skin, by sloughing off old skin cells and helping to stimulate new cell growth. This, of course helps you achieve younger looking skin… but it also keeps your facial skin a lot more healthy and less vulnerable to infection.

Wild As The Wind Muslin Cloths are made in the UK from 100% unbleached cotton. They can be bought individually, or in stacks of 3 or 5.

Wild As The Wind sell two types of muslin cloths.

Wild As The Wind Muslin Cloths, like the one featured above, are double thickness, loose woven, organic cotton cloths.

Wild As The Wind Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths, are as the name suggest, brushed cotton on one side and loose woven, organic cotton on the other.


Muslin Cloths For Rejuvenation

Any protocol which increases cell turnover will result in more youthful looking skin. Muslin cloths are excellent for increasing skin cell turnover, so for this reason alone everyone should own one.

But muslin cloths are not a one trick pony! Muslin cloth deeply cleanse our skin, keeping it optimally healthy and resilient to breakouts.

Plus, using muslin cloths to exfoliate, once every two or three days, helps to tone our facial muscles as well as our skin, giving it more integrity.

Muslin Cloth Exfoliation For Healthy Looking Skin

Using a Muslin Cloth to exfoliate your skin will help to remove dirt, hardened sebum, as well as other impurities from our skin. The hotter the dampened cloth the more effective it will be in wiping away impurities.

*Hardened sebum is the cause of blackheads.

Muslin cloths are ideally used in combination with Wild As The Wind Toners after you have opened up your pores with hot filtered water..

First spray your choice of Hydrosol Cleanser / Toner directly onto your face, and then use your hot Muslin Cloth to wipe off the residue. Allow about 30 seconds for the essential oil content of you Hydrosol Toner to penetrate your skin, and then begin exfoliation. Keep on rinsing your cloth in hot filtered water to rinse away any buildup.

Once you have used your Hydrosol Toner, apply your moisturising facial oil whilst your face is still a little damp. Your facial oil will help to lock in this additional moisture, helping your complexion to appear firm, plump and youthful.

*Boil your Muslin Cloth regularly to remove any unwanted residues.


Muslin Cloth Exfoliator & Makeup Removal

There are two different Wild As The Wind Muslin Cloths to choose from, both of which can be used for makeup removal. However, one is gentler than the other and is therefore better for this purpose.

Wild As The Wind Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths

Learn how to use Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths to remove makeup in Wild As The Wind Makeup Removal Protocol.

Using A Muslin Cloth With Hot Water

In Wild As The Wind Muslin Cloths, and again in Wild As The Wind Muslin & Brushed Cotton Cloths, I explain how to use these cloths with hot water for optimal effect.

However, I don’t mention why it is important to use filtered hot water wherever possible… This section explains why…

We absorb a lot of environmental toxins through our skin and through inhalation. We absorb 60% of what we put on our skin within 26 seconds of applying it, and the ingestion of inhaled toxins is even more immediate.

This is why I advocate for clean cosmetics… or, actually no cosmetics at all… See Skincare Ingredients To Avoid to read about all of the toxic ingredients that are permissible, which are doing us no favours at all!

It is also why I advocate for cheap, simple household cleaning ingredients instead of waging chemical warfare in our homes and metabolisms.

**It’s estimated that cleaning your home with chemical cleaning products is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day. You can read about environmentally safe and human safe alternatives in this Green Cleaning article, (which explains why distilled white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda cost peanuts and are a lot more effective than the excessively expensive chemical alternatives.)

The Chlorine in our tap water is a synthetic Oestrogen which is very disruptive to our hormonal health. And, there’s other nasty toxins in tap water, which vary from one region to another. These include pesticides and herbicides (read more in the Importance Of Wildcrafted Essential Oils to understand how deathly these chemicals are), as well as protozoa, heavy metals and Xenoestrogens… all of which have the capacity to cause systemic problems for all living creatures, which ultimately make people fat and unwell.


Muslin Clots & The Environment

Your 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin Cloths are very durable. The chances are they will be looking a little discoloured before to long, but, if you boil them regularly there’s no reason your cloths won’t last for many months… even years.

This means these Unbleached Cotton Muslin Cloths will avoid the use of thousands of disposal cottonwool pads and cottonwool balls used by so many for the cleansing of their facial skin. 

This makes using Muslin Cloths a lot lighter on our purses than disposable alternatives, as well as a whole lot less costly on the earth.


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