Muslin Cloth Exfoliator

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator

There are several reasons why it makes really good sense to use an exfoliating Muslin Cloth. Not only will it considerably improve the condition of your skin, by sloughing off the old cells and helping to stimulate new cell growth. This, of course helps you to achieve younger looking skin… but it also keeps your facial skin a lot more healthy and less vulnerable to infection.

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator For Rejuvenation

The way in which a Muslin Cloth Exfoliator works to rejuvenate your skin is very simple. Using the Muslin Cloth Exfoliator as a cleansing aid, by using it dampened with hot water, (filtered if possible), increases cell turnover.

Anything that increases cell turnover will keep us looking younger!

Using A Muslin Cloth Exfoliator With Hot Filtered Water

We absorb a lot of the toxins in our environment through our skin and through inhalation. We absorb 60% of what we put on our skin within 26 seconds of applying it, and the ingestion of inhaled toxins is even more immediate.

This is why I advocate for clean cosmetics… or no cosmetics at all… See Skincare Ingredients To Avoid to read about all of the toxic ingredients that are permissible, which are doing us no favours at all!

It is also why I advocate for cheap, simple household cleaning ingredients instead of the chemical warfare we tend to wage in our homes and metabolisms.

It is estimated that cleaning your home with chemical cleaning products is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day. You can read about environmentally safe and human safe alternatives in this article on Green Cleaning, (which, incidentally, are a lot more effective than the chemical cleaners in a lot of instances, anyway!)

The Chlorine in our tap water is a synthetic Oestrogen that’s very disruptive to our hormonal health. And, there’s other nasty toxins in tap water, which vary from one region to another, that aren’t any good for us at all. These include pesticides and herbicides (read the section entitled Wild-Crafted Essential Oil Importance in Wild-Crafted Essential Oils to understand how deathly these things are), as well as protozoa, heavy metals and Xenoestrogens… all of which have the capability of causing systemic problems within our bodies, which will ultimately make us fat and unwell.

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator To Cleanse The Skin

Using a Muslin Cloth Exfoliator helps to remove dirt, hardened sebum, which is the cause of blackheads, as well as other impurities from our skin. The hotter the dampened cloth the more effective it will be in wiping away impurities.

It is ideal when used in combination with the Wild As The Wind Hydrosol Cleanser / Toners.

First spray your choice of Hydrosol Cleanser / Toner directly onto your face, and then use your hot Muslin Cloth Exfoliator to wipe off the residue. Allow about 30 seconds for the essential oil content of you Hydrosol to penetrate the skin, and then begin exfoliation. Keep on rinsing your cloth in hot filtered water to rinse away buildup.

Boil your Muslin Cloth Exfoliators regularly to remove any unwanted residues.

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator & Makeup Removal

I advocate using the very healing 100 Uses Makeup Remover for removing oil based makeup. This can be applied, quite vigorously, to the face, warming the solution as it is rubbed all over the face, and then, with the hot Muslin Cloth Exfoliator, the makeup remover can be wiped off.

Keep on rinsing your cloth in hot filtered water to rinse away buildup.

This is likely to discolour your cloth, but it will not diminish it’s effectiveness.

Boil your Muslin Cloth Exfoliators regularly to remove any unwanted residues.

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator For Smoothing & Toning

Your Muslin Cloth Exfoliator will very much help to smooth and tone your skin. In sloughing off old skin cells and removing residues the skin settles down as there is nothing to react to, and nothing to make it feel bumpy to the touch.

This will be especially true if you use the Hydrosol Cleanser / Toner with your Muslin Cloth Exfoliator.

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator For The Environment

Your Muslin Cloth Exfoliator will be looking a little discoloured before to long, in all likelihood, but, if you boil it regularly there’s no reason it wan’t last you for many months… even years.

This makes it much lighter on the purse than disposable alternatives, and a lot less costly to the earth.

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