New FACIAL OIL Bottles

New Facial Oil Bottle

Since the UK went into lockdown I haven’t been able to buy bottles from my usual supplier, and I’m running low. As the UK government seems reticent to get us all back to work, I may run out of facial oil bottles before we are completely back to normal.

Luckily, I have found a stockist who supplies amber glass bottles in the correct sizes which are certified as being suitable for facial oils. The only problem is they look a little different. But may be that’s a good thing?

New FACIAL OIL Bottle Timing

Is it time for a new facial oil bottle anyway?

I’ve decided to let you decide…

*Please forgive the less than perfect editing of the image to the right… But, at least it adequately portrays both facial oil bottles for you, so that you can make a fully informed visual choice about which facial oil bottle you prefer…

FACIAL OIL Bottle Shape

I like both bottle shapes for different reasons. The existing shape is more slender and streamlined, and the alternative facial oil bottle is a little more rotund. My feeling is the alternative facial oil bottle is better proportioned, but it’s because of this it has a drawback for me. It means the neck of the bottle is narrower, and that means slower pouring times and more spillages when I’m bottling up… and I’m already completely maxed out for time! The idea of this dissuades me considerably, but I like the appearance of the new bottle better.

So, on balance, I like them both equally.

FACIAL OIL Bottle Pipettes

The facial oil bottle pipettes are obviously very different. The proposed new facial oil bottle has a pipette which is made of white rubber, and has a sleek silver perimeter band of hard plastic holding the pipette together. The glass element of the facial oil pipette is identical to the old style facial oil pipette glass elements.

These pipette glass elements have a nodule at the end so that the oils can collect at the base of the pipette instead of dripping everywhere. These glass nodules are shaped like a ball at the end of the pipette. They also slow the flow of oil down so that none is wasted.

I personally really like the look of the white rubber element of the pipette, especially in conjunction with the silver band beneath it, but my concern around this is that it might get discoloured after continued use, or after it has spent a few weeks in someone’s handbag or gym bag.

However, the quality of the rubber used for this new facial oil bottle pipette is high and the pipette has an equal amount of integrity to the old style facial oil bottle pipettes. In fact, I am quietly hopeful that the new style facial oil bottle pipette has even more integrity than the old style facial oil bottle pipettes. *I have a feeling this may be the case because the perimeter band of hard plastic seems to contain all other elements in a more comprehensive way… Although I could be wrong about this, as i have not had the time to test it for a few months.

Lotion Pump Action!

30ml-Bottle + Lotion Pump Black 30ml-Bottle + Lotion Pump Whote30ml-Bottle + Lotion Pump WhiteI’m not so keen on the appearance and finish of these. They’re not the best quality pump action oil dispensers, and I don’t know how well they’ll perform in all weather conditions, with the oils running faster and slower depending on temperatures. However, I am aware that some people have issues with the pipettes and are inclined to spill their oil, (although, most who spill their oil only do it once, but I’m aware of a few people who’ve done it twice.)

I’ve included the white pump action top purely because it depicts the lid a lot more clearly than the black option. However, the white pump action top is not an option as it looks especially unattractive to my eyes.

One of the major issues with this option is the disproportionate size of the top compared to the amber glass bottles. These pictures depict the pump action tops without their caps, and they’re attached to a 30ml size bottle. When their caps are on the lids are a good few millimetres taller, and even seem to tower over a 50ml sized bottle.

However! And, it’s a big however! These dispensing lids are great in terms of the testing I’ve done so far. Even on a hot day I still feel as though I have complete control over how much oil is dispensed, which is excellent news… but it’s not all by a long chalk…


These lids confer quite a few other benefits…

  • They considerably reduce the amount of exposure to the air which will slow down the deterioration of the contents, which could even make the facial oils last longer.
  • They are a lot quicker to use.
  • They are much less likely to leak in transit.
  • There is no opportunity for spillages.
  • They are reusable and so people can order refill bottles with aluminium lids, thereby cutting down dramatically on the use of plastic. *In defense of the pipettes, they are reusable too.

The downside is they look anything other than romantic, and they’re more expensive than all the other options, so the price of the facial oils will have to go up a little if people prefer this option in the main.

Only One Bottling Option Is Possible

Unfortunately, bottles are sold with their lids, so it’s not possible to buy a few of these and a few of those… I have to buy a thousand bottles with one option of lid… and that’s it.

I could buy the bottles in much smaller amounts… In trays of 105 for 50 ml and trays of 156 for 30ml bottles, for which I could select a different lid for each tray, but the price more than doubles if I do it this way.

Which Facial Oil Bottle Option Will You Choose?

Soooo… there it is. It’s looking likely that I’m going to need to place a bottle order before I’m able to buy them from my existing supplier, and this means a change will very likely need to be made.

What will you choose now you know all the facts?

Please let me know in the comments or on social media. Thanks! ♥ ♥ ♥ 


  1. Hi if you cant get the original pipette then I think the white topped pipette is a good choice x

    • Hello lovely, yes, I entirely agree. This has been the consistent opinion so far! I’m just praying my supplier will reopen soon! Hope you’re keeping well lovely x x x (It’s as hot here as in some places in Spain at the mo, although it must be super hot where you are!!!) I’d love your feedback on Nigella Sativa if you get a mo… Really hope it’s working well for you x x x

  2. Darlene Paulden says

    Hi Rachel. I like the silver and white. It looks fresh and more modern. But in the end, it’s your fabulous oil that I’ll continue to purchase ❤️ I’ve lost track of how many I’ve gone through but my skin loves it! Especially after sun exposure (using spf of course) the oil is super nourishing.
    Very best wishes, Darlene xx

    • Thanks Darlene x x x <3 x x x Did you know that Pomegranate Seed Oil actually has a natural SPF of 8, and Almond is 5 SPF, and Jojoba is 4 SPF? Rosehip Oil does not have an SPF so it can’t protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but, as you say, it can help strengthen the skin barrier and repair some of the damage caused by the sun. <3 Yours is the only comment on the product page of the new Wild As The Wind Shop website… x x x It can be found on this page x x x FACIAL OIL No. 2

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