Be warned :: I get sarky… and, I get political in this one… but, it’s intended to be humorous, so if you fancy a bit of a laugh, wade on in…

Wild As The Wind

Wild As The Wind The Launch The Laughs The Lows

I launched Wild As The Wind at the end of 2017 pretty much by accident.

Having been too ill to find the clarity of mind to finish a sentence four or five years earlier, I wanted to share all of the research I had done in order to facilitate my recovery. I had learned A LOT!

Modern technology, modern living and modern toxins had accumulatively caused me to go into a tail spin of such ferocity that it pretty much equated to me suffering from chronic inflammation, which cause auto-immune conditions like fibromyalgia etc, leaky gut, and early onset dementia. I also suffered raging Urticaria, (Hives), broken veins and Tinitus… all symptoms of exposure to wireless technologies, such as routers and mobile phones etc…

I was so unwell that if I walked half a mile I needed to sleep for six hours to recover.

That’s how much fun I used to be!

Things Weren’t So Straightforward…

Despite it being pretty difficult to research my mental decline when I was in mental meltdown mode, I managed to make headway in my understanding of what was happening. Small but sure steps were taken forward in my research, as well as in reality. I exercised daily, and over time I built up my stamina to walk further.

Having looked into bio-resonance and medical dowsing I also realised I was infected with a particularly nasty parasite, which I had likely gotten from eating raw seaweed.

The horror of realising I had a parasite that grew to 7cm in length and 2cm in width was quite something. But, instead of referring to them as Fasciolopsis Buski Gigantica, I simply referred to them as my Goldfish!

It took the edge off 😉

(Incidentally, both the Bio-Resonance chap and the medical dowser arrived at the conclusion I had Fasciolopsis Buski Gigantica independently, within six months of each other…)

Exercise Was Critical

Gently moving our body is absolutely vital for our health… but exercising outdoors, which is what I did… was the real key to major health gains.

I wasn’t jogging or cycling, and so I wasn’t increasing my heart rate. What I was doing was walking as briskly as I could which allowed my Lymphatic System to drain.

Our Lymph Glands are what detox the body. In fact, it’s the Lymphatic System that detoxes and it’s the Lymph Glands that release the toxins out of the body.

Lymph Glands are located at important points within the body… the armpits, the top of the thighs and in the neck etc… so gentle and consistent movement helps massage the outlets of the Lymphatic System to release their toxins… Nature is a beautiful thing!

Aside from clearing out my Lymphatic System I was also recalibrating my Circadian Rhythm. I’ve written a fair amount of information about our Circadian Rhythm in Morning Detox Protocols and Evening Detox Protocols so I won’t bang on about them here… But, suffice to say, natural light and being in nature are utterly critical for our well being.

I urge everybody to learn about these things… especially if they have trouble sleeping and / or have difficulty regulating their body in any way, whether it be hormonally, or in terms of weight gain, or whether they have digestive issues, and, of course, if they suffer from brain fog and forgetfulness like I did etc etc…

So! It was the recalibrating of my Circadian Rhythm as well as natural sunlight that played a MASSIVE role in my recovery!

It All Happened By Accident

By the time I’d restored my health, which had crashed in no small part due to working sixteen hours a day on a computer, usually seven days a week… (it is the curse of being a writer in this modern era… low pay makes us work around the clock to meet tyrannical deadlines for not so much money… and, modern technology makes us really ill!)… it’s really a vicious circle… I was ready for a new start!

Reducing my hours online was critical to my recovery… and, eventually I began to find more energy, enabling me to initiate an upward spiral. But, it wasn’t long before I emerged out of my peri-menopausal state and leapt wholeheartedly into full-on menopause.

Now, that was a mistake!

I was having massive hot flushes every 20 minutes within which I would pour with perspiration from my brow, and, of course, elsewhere… it was horrendous!

I never felt clean. I never got a decent nights sleep. My temper was so short-fused the fuse was missing! Every time I opened my mouth, I growled!

And, there began another couple of years of research… right there!

Dr. Google Tells Fibs!

Using Google to research medical conditions is NOT something I would advise ANYBODY to do. There’s so many dodgy bloggers out there, all trying to scratch a living from writing half-baked, badly researched information, that a lot of the internet makes no sense at all.

Luckily, because I’ve been a writer for digital publication for more years than I care to remember, I knew the terrain really well… I knew how to spot a charlatan at a hundred paces, and I knew how to get beyond them and search for the really worthwhile stuff… What you put in the search box really matters! It very much influences the type and quality of information you are likely to be served up.

Nevertheless Dr. Google threw me quite the barrage of googlies, before it started coughing up the good stuff!

Big Pharma Tells Whoppers!

To compound Google’s googlies Big Pharma has farmed out so many pieces of scripted shite that it would, if it weren’t metaphorical, keep a city-sized sewage plant in business FOR LIFE!

Big Pharma is all about the drugs! It wants diagnoses because there’s a drug protocol hanging off the back of every, single one of them.

It’s all about the money!

And don’t go thinking that just because you don’t pay for your prescriptions, or you pay very little, that the NHS in the UK, or insurance companies elsewhere, aren’t haemorrhaging cash to pay Big Pharma the exorbitant cost of the deficit. Prescriptions in the UK, as we know, are subsidised… which effectively means that one of the most profitable industries in the world is being subsidised by the tax payer.

I occasionally get really “animated’ about this!

I pay for all of my treatment because I only consult with alternative practitioners. I pay for all my meds, because I use vitamins, essential oils and herbs to treat my maladies…

And, I also pay for all of the blood pressure meds, antidepressants and gut-rot meds for the schmucks that think it’s perfectly alright to drink ten pints a night, eat deep fried Mars Bars and laugh whilst declaring salads, “Rabbit Food”… you get my drift…

Tax payers shouldn’t be bemoaning the Eastern Europeans who are lean and braun enough to be putting a roof over our heads, because we lardy Brits aren’t capable of a hard days work any more, (and besides, it’s technology stealing our jobs, not Marek!)…


But, we should be kicking-off big-time about all of the 60 plusers, who voted for Brexit, that are bankrupting the country with their dependence on Big Pharma meds just so’s they can carry on eating Palm oil enriched(!) cakes at elevensies…

It’s the cost of keeping misogynistic, misanthropic, xenophobic, Brexiting, drug-guzzling, lardy-pants rattling with pills that’s bringing the UK to it’s knees… not Europe!

And, the drug companies know it. And, it loves them for it. ♥

Rant over…! More or less…

If you aren’t convinced I’m telling it how it is then you need to watch the video below… It’s vey short and features Peter Rost explaining how corrupt Big Pharma is.

Rost is the former Vice President of Phizer, and author of the sensational book which really blows the gaff on any pretence that Big Pharma is in any way concerned about you… Very quickly you will learn that Big Pharma is only interested in lining it’s pockets… at the cost of our financial, physical and mental health…

Whistleblower : Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman By Peter Rost

Pfizer has a rich heritage of working within the UK since our first facility was opened back in 1952.

Pfizer is the largest drug company in the world, and is worth a whopping

US $52.54 billion

The Drugs Really Don’t Work

The problem is, the drugs are designed to treat symptoms and not provide cures, so the Drugsters have you hooked for the rest of your life, turning a very tidy profit for not doing you any good whatsoever. Western medicine is officially the third biggest killer worldwide, but, sadly… it’s actually an even darker story than that!

We are finally beginning to see through the big drug company heist that the drugsters have been subjecting us to for nearly a century… for example:

Whenever it’s called out for charging too much for drugs or outright price gouging, the pharmaceutical industry’s standard defense is to assure the public that its profits will be used to develop even better drugs in the future. Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli clung to that defense in late September when asked to explain his sudden decision to hike the price of a longstanding anti-parasitic drug by more than $700, prompting a collective eye roll among medical experts and an outraged public.

In reality, a good chunk of pharmaceutical “research and development” comes from the subsidized labs at universities and the National Institutes of Health, and now angry consumers and even some prominent politicians are demanding that the industry put its money where its mouth is.

Large pharmaceutical firms are some of the most profitable companies in the world, so what do they spend all their money on, besides advertising and hefty salaries for rich kid CEOs? Sure, some profits are reinvested to fund research and clinical trials, but hundreds of millions of dollars are also spent on political operations every year, and federal law requires that drug companies disclose this political spending to the public.

Read more at Truth Out

But, aside from buying our politicians so they vote in favour of big drug corporations at the expense of the proletariat, and buying our media, and generally brainwashing us into believing that alternative medicines, which have been practiced for three thousand years or more, are ooooh so dangerous, what else are they up to…?

Wading Through The Waste!

There was so much misinformation and subterfuge put out there on the net by Big Pharma that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees… for a while, at least. And, their bunkum usually makes for compelling reading… They sure know how sell you stuff!

More than once I nearly allowed myself to be convinced of going down the Western Medicine route… I even entered into the monumental time wasting process of going to see my doctor and allowing myself to be referred in several directions… What, the hell… what could it hurt…?

Well, the indignity of some of the examinations deeply hurt my feelings… I felt violated and very much diminished as a human being… a slab of meat! My self-esteem was severely damaged. I was vulnerable. I was massively run down. I was exhausted. And, the whole experience robbed me more and more of my energy, my resilience and my self-worth.

It also hurt my bank balance… the petrol for travelling significant distances, the exorbitant car parking fees… the prescriptions I ended up not taking after looking into them…

And, it hurt my prognosis. The stress of it all helped to compound my illnesses.

Last, but not least, it robbed me of several days of my life that I’ll never get back again, and exposed me to distressing experiences that could, if I’d let them, weaken my immune system, stress me out and depress me… but, instead, I always prefer to forget all about them and focus on what’s fun in life!

Dr. Mark Hyman has a much more enlightened view of the role of modern medicine…

Wild As The Wind By Accident

By the time I had learned all I needed to learn about my health, and had done all of the things I needed to do to turn it around, I was ready to share my findings with the world.


I approached a couple of market managers and explained what I wanted to do. I was going to tell people about their gut and their hormones and then invite them to sign up to my mailing list so that I could invite them to come to talks and workshops

And they replied in unison… “NOT HERE YOU DON’T!”


Oh my word! I couldn’t believe it. At the mere mention of the word hormone it was as though I’d suggested staging an orgiastic pornographic performance in public!

My education had found context!

It was at odds with mainstream Britain and there was no way of getting that to go with the flow!

The Lady’s Not For Burning!

Sooo… Not one to be carted off as a heretic, and also not in the least bit interested in giving up, I decided to finesse my manoeuvers by coming along side instead of maintaining a full-on broadside assault.

Et voila, the Wild As The Wind Skincare & Healthcare range was born!

Oh, and that little amber number that calls itself FACIAL OIL No. 2!

Hark, the fanfare and fireworks!!

And, Ka Boom! WIld As The Wind Was Born.

After about of week of ordering ingredients, packaging and all that kind of stuff, I lifted my head and burst out laughing… I waved my open-palmed hands at the table and said:

“Oh, so this is what I’m doing now, is it?”

(Yes, I really did say all that to myself with no-one else in the room! You know how it gets sometimes!?!)

I had basically doubled-down against the resistance and did my usual thing of problem-solving my way out of being hormona-non-grata… hitting upon the idea of hiding behind a bunch of products and THEN talking about the gut and hormones… and, of course, I’d become so immersed in the ideas around circumventing the objections that I brought the solution into reality before I even knew what I was doing…

(It was actually my friends who put me on to the idea, indirectly… but hey… this article is about me… not them!)

So, it took about a week for the reality of what I was doing to really register… and, when it did it was thrilling… but, in the scary as f**k kind of way that you don’t always appreciate!

I felt instantly like I’d just jumped off a cliff!

No Money, No Time

I had very few savings to buy all of the raw materials and I had very little time before Christmas for a launch.

Booking Christmas Fayres and buying ingredients was a real balancing act.

Of course, I didn’t have a clue what would be more popular than anything else, and so I bought way more Bathing Salts that I needed (although, they were really popular), but, thankfully, what saved me was my commitment to buying enough oils to make my face oil without compromising.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 flew off the shelves! 🙂

It was working!!!

Thank God for that!

I didn’t have a plan B, and I had just spent my safety net…

More than that…. I was maxed out on my overdrafts on both of my bank accounts.

Bad Weather & Bad Behaviour

The markets this year proved to be exceptionally chilly and certain market traders, seeing a promising new addition, made my life a living hell in an attempt to bully me into non-existence. They are of the small-minded view that money spent with me will mean that it cannot be spent with them.

Now, I’m no great world-beating entrepreneur, but even I know if their products are rubbish no-one will buy them!

So, why don’t they? 😉

But, a years worth of grief, and I am still hard-set to the grindstone whilst Wild As The Wind grows in stature.

The Wild As The Wind website had more than 250 clicks for the first time ever, only yesterday! 🙂


But, all the bad blood is nothing compared to how the banksters have robbed me of the option of being inside in the warm and growing my business…

Markets are the only feasible way of establishing a new business for most people in the UK…

Do you remember how excited everyone got when the price of their houses kept on increasing? And, how council house tenants bit off Margaret Thatcher’s hand when she offered them the opportunity to buy instead of let…?

You see, she, who is ‘not for turning’, had been reading a lot of Neo-Liberal nonsense, touted about by Milton Freedman, and had decided to sell off everything that the tax payer had bought and paid for, to her mates, for not very much money at all.

The old duffer Ronnie Reagan was up to the same kinds of tricks in the US, hence their longterm love affair!

But, it wasn’t until ‘he who can’t keep it in his pants’ Clinton effectively repealed the Glass Steagall Act, thereby deregulating the markets and giving the banksters access to our private savings for the use of investment banking, that the shit did verily hit the fan.

Oh, but not for the banksters… JUST US!

All the deregulation essentially created a boom and bust monster which the banksters unconscionably unleashed on the proletariat.

Banksters don’t profit when markets are stable… boom and bust is great for them. They sell when the market is high, thereby increasing their capital and then buy everything for a song when the markets hit rock bottom… or they short the market… a different approach, but with the same outcome… LOADSA MONEY!

It’s a great world when it’s on a roller coaster and you have capital… but if not… it really, really sucks!

War works on the same basis. Take the Middle East… The war machine provides destabilisation (which is the UK’s professed preference for the Middle East owing to it’s oil reserves etc…), and the munitions corporations whose products are used to blast countries apart are then the ones commissioned to go in and rebuild the blown-up infrastructure… yep… war is a win, win for those boys!

Anyway… wars are expensive, and all of the boom and bust price hikes makes everything f**k off expensive!

So, Wild As The Wind was never going to be birthed in a shop.

Only Chemicals Of The Lab will get to break out of the lowly stable and make it into the Mall in the warmth… (ya know…. the businesses like Superdrug, Body Shop, Boots etc…)

No-one profits from property price hikes apart from the very rich, (the ones who can buy more than one property at a time, sit on it, and sell when we boom) and then, of course, the banksters all make lots of money too… because all money is debt, and then those adorable little funsters that we all just couldn’t live without, earn stupid profits off our loans…

The loans get silly big when the price of a house means that we have to work for 19 years to save the deposit, instead of three years a couple of decades ago.

But I Don’t Mind


I don’t want to pay for another blessed prescription.

I don’t want to make another bankster rich.

I don’t want to fund another war.

And… I don’t want to stand out in the bloody cold again this winter.

But, it looks like I’m going to have to!

***Opinions in this article have been informed by a lot of research into the financial system as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

I urge you to watch the exceptionally well made documentary, below, that elucidates all of the problems with our financial system, and lays bare the worldwide consequences of unconscionable greed. Ross Ashcroft’s Four Horseman is a brilliant documentary of the highest order!

About Rachel Wild

Rachel Wild is the Creative Director at Wild As The Wind. She's been a professional writer for print and digital publication for more years than she cares to remember. She is no longer a 'writer for rent', now very gratefully, devoting all of her time to her passion... writing about health and well-being and sharing it as far and wide as she can. (Please help her!)

Rachel passionately supports creative endeavour and independent thinking. "The future, if it's good, will see a triumph of quality over quantity, substance over style and give rise to truly inspired thinking born of fearlessness and compassion."

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