Organic Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oilOrganic Orange Essential Oil, or more precisely, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, is a real therapeutic powerhouse. It possesses anti-cancer, anti-ageing, anti-arthritic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, antispasmodic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and aphrodisiacal properties.

It is also believed to treat colds and flu, increase circulation, aid digestion, improve blood pressure, support lymphatic drainage, boost immunity, significantly help with detoxing the liver, improve chronic fatigue, treat oral and skin infections, and have a sedative effect.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Organic Orange Oil is made from the peel of the fruit, which is very rich in oil content. As it is relatively straightforward to extract, and therefore not too costly to process, this makes Orange Essential Oil one of the most affordable essential oils available.

The healing properties of Organic Orange Oil are so potent and the breadth of therapeutic applications is so extensive, Orange Oil is an invaluable essential oil to have on hand, at all times, in an emergency First Aid Kit.

The orange tree originates from China, where the oil has been prized for thousands of years for its topical applications.

Buy Organic Sweet Orange Oil In The UK

It is important to buy your Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil from a reputable supplier in the UK. The reason being, you need to be sure you’re buying an unadulterated organic essential oil.

A non-organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil will be toxic due the pesticide residues and disreputable suppliers may sell you an adulterated essential oil.

*See price comparisons for reputable oils at the end of this article.

Organic Orange Oil For Anti-Ageing

Orange is amazing for the skin: it cleanses, it’s a decongestant, it rejuvenates and repairs the skin, as well as promoting the formation of collagen. It is, therefore, a great anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle remedy in any dilution.

However, it is critical to use an organic oil rather than a conventionally produced oil. Conventionally farmed fruit will have toxic residues from the pesticides, herbicides and larvicides that are routinely sprayed on the oranges as they are growing.

As orange oil is extracted via a means of cold pressing the outer skin of the fruits this means that toxic residues from the chemical sprays will be present in non-organic orange oil in relatively high concentrations.

Citrus fruits are often toxic for other reasons even when they are organic. Fruits such as Lemon, Lime, Bergamot and Bitter Orange (Citrus × Aurantium, or Seville Orange), are four of the eight photo-toxic essential oils which cause photo-sensitivity if applied during sun exposure or before using a tanning bed.

The general consensus regarding how long a person should wait before exposing themselves to direct sunlight after applying a photo-toxic oil is 12 to 18 hours. It is also believed that a photo-toxic reaction can continue to occur 36 hours after sun exposure has ended.

Thankfully, Sweet Orange oil is not in the least photo-toxic so it can be used topically in the sun at any time of year.

Organic Orange Essential Oil For Skincare

Because it possesses such healing properties for the skin, without the downside of being photo-toxic like other citrus oils, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is ideal for full body skincare preparations.

Wild As The Wind make a beautiful Sweet Orange Essential Oil & Frankincense Essential Oil combination Massage Oil / Body Oil that is used professionally for Osteopathic treatments, but is formulated for everyone to use.

Orange Essential Oil for Treating Serious Conditions

Orange essential oil is one of the best sources of d-limonene, an extremely therapeutic constituent, clinically proven to be a potent cancer-fighting agent. It also provides Orange Oil with gastro-protective actions, and as a powerful antioxidant it helps fight free radical oxidative damage and reduces inflammation.

Orange oil is composed of 90% D-limonene, whereas Lemon has 20% less at 70% D-Limonene content, and Lime has 25 % less at 65% D-Limonene content.

Myrcene constitutes between 0.5% to 3% of Organic Orange Oil, and when coupled with d-limonene these monoterpenes are the dietary component that have proven to be effective in reducing tumours.

According to Dr. Axe:

Research suggests that monoterpenes block mammary, skin, liver, lung, pancreas and stomach cancers. The ability to fight carcinogenesis is likely due to the induction of Phase II carcinogen-metabolizing enzymes, resulting in carcinogen detoxification. Monoterpenes also help induce apoptosis and growth-regulating proteins.

Orange Oil contains a broad range of very therapeutic compounds aside from D-Limonene and Myrcene including; pectin, linalool, quercetin, hersperiden, rutin, polymethoxyflavones, naringin and various carotenoids.

It is a great essential oil for elevating immunity. Follow the dosage suggestion below to obtain immune boosting support.

Orange Essential Oil Taken Internally

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil supports the liver as well as the lymphatic system, helping the body to eliminate toxins.

It supports the Gall Bladder and assists the Liver in digesting fats, so it helps cure gall stones. It also eases gas and bloating, and helps settle all manner of digestive issues.

Dosage: Put two drops of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil  in a little warm water and drink 20 minutes before each meal. This can be done three times a day.

Read more about Sweet Orange Oil and detoxing the major organs in Morning Detox Protocols.

Orange Oil Is Clinically Proven To Be Uplifting

Whilst most healing properties of Organic Orange Essential Oil are to be obtained from the topical application or, where the Organic Orange Oil is determined to be of food grade, the internal consumption of the oil, there are also certain conditions that respond to olfactory stimulation. Simply put, this means that the emotional support offered by Orange Oil is provided through inhaling the oil, preferably through either defusing or nebulising the oil.

Orange scent has been medically proven to reduce anxiety, improve mood and induce a greater state of calm in recipients.

There’s also evidence on GreenMedInfo that:

Major components of orange oil inhibit Staphylococcus aureus growth and biofilm formation, and alter its virulence factors.

Considering the plethora of curative properties and healing actions of Organic Orange Essential Oil we advise everyone to keep a bottle at hand in their emergency medical chest.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Eco Cleaning Products

We even advocate that you use it in your homemade cleaning formulas. It has an astringent action and so is good at removing grease and dirt. Because of its antimicrobial actions it can kill things like Staph and Salmonella, so its a pretty good disinfectant too. This is why you’ll find it in a whole host of commercial cleaners as well.

All of the things that make it good for cleaning our external environments are also great for helping keep bacteria in check and detoxing our bodies.

As an anti-inflammatory, relaxant and circulation-enhancer, orange oil can promote better digestion and ease cramps or constipation. Use some in a massage oil in the abdominal area. It also improves detoxification if ingested since it acts like a mild diuretic, which increases urine production and prevents bloating. Since it helps stimulate the lymphatic system, liver, kidneys and bladder, it helps draw out toxins, excess sodium and waste from the digestive tract.

Dr Axe

We can use a dilute form to cleanse our face, and we can add a couple of drops to coconut oil for the purposes of oil pulling. This will really make a big difference to gum health. (Oil pulling is essentially the practice of swishing coconut oil around the mouth and through the teeth for up to 20 minutes each day. It has a dramatic effect on oral hygiene, and with a little Orange Oil added it will go a long way to improving the breath!)

All of the health claims of Organic Orange Essential Oil made in this article have been medically substantiated. Please use the links provided to GreenMedInfo if you would like to delve further into the scientific research that has been conducted on Orange Essential Oil. (We actually highly recommend that you subscribe to the GreenMedInfo blog as we believe it is the best online resource for alternative / complimentary medicine available.)

Wild As The Wind supply 10ml of Organic Orange Essential Oil for £5.00

Neal’s Yard Orange Oil is £6.50 for 10ml

Sources of d-limonene:

Sweet orange (83.9 – 95.9%)
Grapefruit (84.8 – 95.4%)
Clementine (94.8 – 95.0%)
Bitter orange, peel (89.7 – 91.7%)
Tangerine (87.4 – 91.7%
Lemon, expressed (56.6 – 76.0%)
Celery seed (68.0 – 75.0%)
Mandarin (65.3 – 74.2%)
Tangelo (73.2%)
Lemon, distilled (64.0 – 70.5%)
Dill seed (35.9-68.4%)
Elemi (26.9 – 65.0%)
Palo santo (58.6 – 63.3%)
Yuzu (63.1%)
Lime, expressed (51.5-59.6%)
Lime, distilled (55.6%)
Fir needle, silver (54.7%)
Bergamot, expressed (27.4 – 52.0%)
Caraway (36.9 – 48.8%)

Here’s an easy-to-read infographic created by Dr. Axe























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