Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation

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Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is an incredibly effective for all manner of applications.

As Organic Nigella Sativa Oil is said to be “the cure for everything but death”, and Organic Oregano Essential Oil is thought by many to be the antibiotic of the future, as well as being anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic, this simple preparation has got an awful lot of bases covered.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation addresses all the main ways in which we can feasibly be infected.

However, Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is also a preventative as it supports immune function, and major detoxification pathways, such as the Liver owing to significant antioxidant action.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is essentially a full-spectrum first aid kit in a bottle!

However, it is a very potent blend and MUST NOT be used excessively.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is made by adding Organic Oregano Essential Oil to Food Grade Organic Nigella Sativa Seed Oil at a 5% dilution.

*A 5% dilution of any essential oil is strong, but a 5% dilution of Organic Oregano Essential Oil is very potent indeed! Please read this entire page before using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation


Use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For The Following:

  • Fungal / Mould infections
  • Parasitic infections
  • Gut issues, inc. SIBO
  • Liver issues
  • Toenail fungus
  • Xenoestrogen Detox (Thieves oil 2020 is better for this.)

There is a good reading list at the end of this article which you are urged to consult for the lasting eradication of your issues / conditions.

The nigella and oregano really worked well for me so thanks for that. Felt loads better.

Russell, North Somerset (Seeing a consultant re. liver / gut issues.)

Hidden Dangers of Fungal / Mould infections

Fungal yeast infections on our extremities (toe & fingernail fungal infections & Athlete’s Foot etc.), almost always point to a digestive fungal infection. These are just a few reasons why we need to take our fungal infections seriously:

  • As many as 96% of all cases of sinusitis are from fungal / mould infections.
  • Sinusitis is as chronic as toenail fungal infections in many people, lasting for many years.
  • Hyper-flexible people, (formerly known as double jointed people), are much more at risk from the serious adverse effects from mould / fungal yeast infections.
  • Mould or fungal yeast infections can cause systemic damage to our bodies and can seriously undermine brain and bodily functions if left untreated.
  • Tragically, mould and fungal infections can result in cancer and / or death in some cases.

Read the series of articles on the very real dangers of mould and fungal infections in the Wild As The Wind blog.

Fungal Infections & Diet

Fungus lives on sugar, yeasty foods and carbohydrates. It is best to cut these things out for the duration of your treatment period. I’m afraid this also means cutting out alcohol as well as bread etc.

As mentioned, people with dermal fungal infections will almost certainly have an internal yeast overgrowth also. For this reason you are also advised to do one of the following:

  1. Take this preparation internally for the first ten days of your toenail fungal treatment. Please see Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Internal Consumption, below, for more information…
  2. Use Thieves Oil 2020 by applying it to your abdomen 3 to 5 times daily for a period of ten days. 

Digestive fungal infections cannot hide as easily as toe and fingernail fungus can, so a single round of 10 day use of either of the above should be enough.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation Availability

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is available in the  Wild As The Wind Online Shop, and at the markets attended by Wild As The Wind.


Using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation 

The way in which you use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is dependant on what is wrong with you… Please scroll down until you find the information specifically applicable to you…

Please always remember to use this very potent preparation sparingly, and not at all in certain circumstances…!

Please also remember, the information provided here is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. Also, if you have any concerns, whatsoever, about using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation, please consult your healthcare provider prior to purchasing this product. Lastly, If after using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation, you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Internal Consumption

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is made using Food Grade ingredients, which means it can be taken internally. This increases the number of healing applications this special product can be used for.

It is ideal for digestive issues, including bacterial, and viral infections. Plus, it can be used as an extremely effective parasite cleanse, even helping to kill parasites hiding out in our gall bladder as well as our gut.

The Nigella Sativa and Oregano has worked amazingly. Thank you. Xxx

Gail, Winscombe (Taken internally for gastric issues and suspected parasites.)

Preventing Infections

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation can be used as a preventative, but there are two other products which can also be used:

Adults and children over 10 years of age can use Thieves Oil 2020 as an acute (short-term) preventative preparation to ward off bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. It is ideal for use on flights, visits to hospitals and doctors surgeries and when visiting relatives who are unwell etc.

Adults and children over 2 years of age can use Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil. Thieves Comprehensive Essential Oil can be diluted with a suitable carrier oil, like Nigella Sativa Seed Oil or Raspberry Seed Oil etc, and used for topical applications.


Using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Toenail Fungus

My wife purchased a solution for fungal nail infection in Wells market 5 months ago, recommended by you, after having the issue for 3 years. Nothing from the doctor or chemist has worked.
But finally there seems to be a big improvement thanks to your solution. Thank you so much for your advise and help.

On behalf of Susan, from Somerset

Directions for use

Apply three times a day to affected toe and finger nails. Ensure your nails are as short as possible by cutting them regularly as this helps to expose the fungus to the oil, and speeds up recovery times.

Place the fleshy part of the end of your thumb, (the part that bares the thumb print), over the opening of the bottle of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation, and turn the bottle upside down allowing the oil to come into contact with the pad of your thumb. Right the bottle and release.

Push the Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation down the nail by dragging the fleshy part of your thumb firmly across the end of the infected nail. This should be done by dragging the preparation from the underside of the nail towards you.

***Avoid exposing your thumb to the risk of cross-infection by never putting it in direct contact with the infected nail.

Repeat firmly until you are satisfied you have delivered as much of the Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation as far down the underside of your infected nail(s) as possible. 

Rub the remainder of the oil around the cuticles and over the top of your infected nail Rub vigorously to generate heat as this will help absorption rates.

Repeat for all infected nails.

Continue using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation until well after all signs of fungal infection have disappeared.

Continue use until three weeks after all signs of infection have disappeared to guarantee no recurrence.

*Remember to sterilise your nail clippers and scissors after you have used them, especially if you share them with other family members. Failing to sterilise these implements could result in cross-infection of yourself and others.


Using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Verrucas & Warts

Verrucas & Warts are viral infections which can afflict us for many years. Warts will tend to die off eventually, but they may take many years to do so, and they will have potentially cross infected many other people, as well as yourself, in that time. The same is true of Verrucas, especially if you use public swimming pools.

I was pleased to purchase the oregano and nigella sativa oil from you in order to combat the infection on my toenail. I ventured to try this on my Verrucas, which had refused to budge despite various treatments, and a short time later I realise they had disappeared. I consequently applied this to a wart on my thumb, and this too disappeared.

Eva, Somerset

How To Use For Warts & Verrucas

Apply one drop per verruca or wart three times daily..

Please remember Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation must be diluted to a 50% dilution for those of 10 – 14 years of age. Any good carrier oil can be used for this purpose, including Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil and Olive Oil etc.


H ow To Use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Internal Use

Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation is excellent for digestive bacterial and viral infections.

Nigella Sativa, on it’s own, is excellent for restoring gut health. (Go to the Organic Nigella Sativa Oil [Food Grade] page to learn how one customer cured her debilitating 30 year IBS after only three weeks of using Nigella Sativa!)

Take Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation as advised for parasite cleanses, (directions below), to clear your digestive bacterial and viral infections.

I was soooo impressed with the Nigella and Oregano. I will admit to being sceptical but the change in my gut and how I felt in general are undeniable.

Russell, Bristol

Please be aware there are very specific restrictions to using Organic Oregano Essential Oil internally.

Organic Oregano Essential Oil for internal use must be discontinued after a ten day period. You can resume taking it for a further ten days after a full one month break. It must also be discontinued after this second ten day period, for a further one month cessation period, before being resumed if desired / required. A third round is very unlikely to be necessary.

Oregano Essential Oil should NEVER be used neat.

Organic Nigella Sativa Oil [Food Grade] when taken on it’s own, can be continued without a break for as long as required, even for months, or years… However, the daily dose must never exceed 1tsp, taken in two doses, morning and evening washed down with a glass of warm water.

Gastric fungal, bacterial and viral infections are all managed in the same way when using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation. The same usage instructions apply to those treating a suspected parasitic infection.

Please follow the directions below in the Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Parasite Cleanses if you are treating any or all of the following :: gastric fungal, bacterial and viral infections.


Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation For Parasite Cleanses

Both Oregano Essential Oil & Nigella Sativa possess anti-parasitic properties, and so rubbing the Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation on your abdomen can help clear parasite infections. However, it is better to take this preparation internally and use Thieves Oil 2020 for external / topical application .

Rubbing the Thieves Oil 2020 into your abdomen where your Gall Bladder and Liver are located, as well as over your intestinal area, is particularly useful for cleansing parasites from the Gall Bladder and Liver as well as from the gut. Thus, using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation internally as well as Thieves Oil 2020 externally is the preferred method. 

If you are on a tight budget it is possible to get good results by using Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation both internally and externally, but using Thieves Oil 2020 is preferable as it will improve the chances of a good outcome.

This combination of oils is only advocated for internal use up to a maximum of ten days.

*If you are going to use Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation internally you will need the larger sized bottle (100ml), and you are likely to need two of them.


Directions & Dosage For Parasite Cleanse :: External Use

Apply 5 to 10 drops three to five times daily for up to ten days for parasite infections.

Dosage For Parasite Cleanse :: Internal Use

Take 45 drops (roughly half a level tsp) washed down with warm water, twice daily, in the morning and evening.

It’s best to avoid eating within 20 minutes either side of taking Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation, but not vital.

***It is imperative to follow-up the initial 10 day treatment with another 10 day treatment period a month or so later.

You must take a one month break before resuming the use of Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation after the first course of treatment. The second course is required because some of the eggs, which had not hatched in time to be cleared by the first course of treatment, will need eliminating with a second course. These newly hatched parasites need to be neutralised before they are able to lay eggs themselves.

These newly hatched parasites will be most active a month later.

Ideally start a parasite cleanse on the day of a full moon and for nine days thereafter. This is because parasites return to the gut to lay eggs, and so they are most accessible at this time.

Parasites exhibit biological rhythms. Researchers continue to study how the biological rhythms of parasites are regulated and exhibited. Disrupting parasite rhythms can be helpful for eradicating parasites.

The full moon is associated with higher parasite activity. Your body’s circadian rhythm responds to the moon’s cycle. Parasites are more active and reproductive coinciding with your circadian rhythm.

During the full moon, we produce less melatonin and more serotonin. Melatonin is the neurotransmitter that helps you sleep and helps to control your immune system. With lower levels of melatonin, your immune system does not fend off parasites as well.

Serotonin, your “feel good” neurotransmitter, increases during the full moon. Like humans, parasites have receptors for serotonin. Parasites use serotonin to help them move. With access to more of your serotonin, they have more movement. The combination of less melatonin and more serotonin, gives parasites a heightened ability to move around and cause issues.

Dr David Jockers

IMPORTANT :: It is also advisable to do one of the two options listed below alongside your Oregano & Nigella Sativa Preparation for parasites.


Read more information regarding parasite cleansing towards the end of the Nigella Sativa page.

Parasites undermine immune function and contribute towards autoimmune diseases. They also make us more toxic and less well nourished as parasites are either living off our food intake, or our blood, and they excrete their waste back out into us. (They also cause toxic waste due to die off when we start treating our parasite infections.)

Parasites also cause us to have a histamine response, which exacerbates our allergies and generally undermines our health.

Parasites undermine our immune systems by knocking out our T Helper 2 Cells. (Our immune system is largely comprised of TH1 and TH2 cells.) This causes major inflammation due to cytokine storms. (The inflammatory markers in this instance are Interleukins which then impact TH1’s by turning on genetic coding to induce viral replication…)

A lot of viruses persist because we have a compromised immune system, such as Cytomiglavirus and Herpes Virus etc.


Not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

Not to be used by those under ten years of age. 

Must be diluted to a 50% dilution for those of 10 – 14 years of age. Any good, food grade carrier oil can be used for this purpose, including Olive Oil etc. Try and use organic base oils wherever possible.


Learn From Parasite Experts

Todd Watts, DC, PScD

Jay Davidson D.C., PSc.D

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The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

Deepen your knowledge by using the Wild As The Wind Recommended Resources

Another resource you may find useful can be found by following the link below. *Please note, I use sources from the Recommended Resources list as well as sources from the Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources list when researching articles for the Wild As The Wind Blog.

Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources.

Wild As The Wind use a number of resources when deciding which essential oil formulas to put together for optimal healing and efficacy, as well as to support any health claims we may make.

We use the industry ‘bible’ on essential oil safety: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals [2nd Edition] by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, to establish the safety of the Wild As The Wind formulations.

We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Penny Price and Patricia Davis.

Many of the scientific studies used to inform the claims made on this website are via GreenMedInfo, as well as via Dr. Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger on the Truth About Cancer website as well as, on the odd occasion, Dr. Eric Zielinski

Other resources include:

  • PubMed
  • WebMD
  • Robert Tisserand
  • Dr. Robert Pappas
  • AromaWeb

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