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Digital PR

Wild Digital takes an innovative approach to public relations. This is largely due to the digital focus we apply to PR activities.

National and regional press is great for incredibly topical items, but there are few long-term gains to be made if digital exposure isn’t granted alongside inclusion within print formats.

Newspapers and magazines have an impressive online presence. Producing large amounts of quality content on a daily basis, accompanied by great visual content, the search engines love them. They are considered to be some of the most trustworthy ‘authority sites’, alongside educational and governmental websites.

Capitalising On Press Coverage

The scope of what can be achieved if a story appears online is greatly enhanced. Any digital coverage can be integrated into social media strategies, or help shape new campaigns.

Adding a news and press section to a website often elevates it in stature and helps it to rank higher within Google. An archive of press coverage  can improve website conversion rates in much the same way that testimonials influence decision making.

One of the greatest advantages of online press coverage is that it allows businesses that own un-ranked websites to appear in highly advantageous positions within SERP’s, (search engine results pages).

Online PR Isn’t Confined To The Press

One of the other key advantages of digital public relations is that stories can be featured within all manner of other formats. One of the most popular alternatives to the press is blogger sites.

It may astonish some to learn that certain blogs have readerships that exceed those of the national press. Nevertheless, it is often easier to be featured on a blogging site as they are more flexible in the way that they determine what is newsworthy, and are more likely to write a review style piece about a business, which are usually very influential endorsements.

The vast majority of blogs have a very particular focus and so their readership is highly defined. Being featured in a blog can therefore be an extremely targeted exercise.

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Content Curation And PR

Content curation is on the increase. In response, heavily featured content curation platforms are also growing in number.

Content curation provides businesses with an impressive means of archiving digital press coverage and presenting it in a professional format. It also permits companies the opportunity to re-publish articles about their business alongside other articles offering industry insights and product reviews etc.

These collated archives can be integrated into social media marketing campaigns and represent a great opportunity to present high quality content a very little cost.

Read more about content curation here.

Why PR Instead Of Advertising?

If handled correctly, digital communications can provide incredible returns on investment. PR is relatively  inexpensive, especially when compared with alternatives such as advertising. PR generates third party opinion which is known to convert inordinately better than advertising.

Public relations exercises are extremely flexible and can be rewarded with an assortment of benefits. An integrated approach means that PR campaigns are highly targeted and can achieve multiple results, (where advertising is a lot more one dimensional):

  • Lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion to achieve optimal ROI.
  • Brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Reputation Management and brand development, providing compelling stories that prompt consumer identification and engagement
  • Market penetration within new sectors
  • Extending market reach within existing markets
  • Educate and inform
  • Increase reputation and authority
  • Augment thought leadership activities.
  • Document Innovation

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