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Real news sources are becoming increasingly important. We are standing at a pivotal point in human history and the stakes could not be higher. If we are to create a world that sustains all, instead of it continuing to be perilously plundered and polluted for the profits of a few, we need to stay informed of the facts and not the fictions being perpetrated by mainstream media.

Alt news is experiencing a boom in popularity and exposure courtesy of the digital landscape, but I’m also concerned about the voracity of a lot of the information being relayed via these portals. All too often I find the facts are dressed up in sensationalist and divisive prose that, to my mind, only make matters worse. We, more than ever, need even-handed, highly accurate and thoroughly considered information, presented objectively by compassionate individuals like the ones I’ve listed within this post.

This list includes Max Keiser, and so I’d probably best explain… Perhaps Max Keiser isn’t exactly ‘objective’, but he’s a genius and makes financial news entertaining, (which can’t be easy!), and there’s no questioning his brilliance and insight into the world of financial corruption and fraud… so, in short, I couldn’t leave him out!

I’m very much hoping you’re going to share your best real news sources with me too… and I’d appreciate it if you could select sources that generally correspond with the ideals laid out above. Thanks

The Truth Will Out!

Buried books that tell the real story of recent history are now going to see the light of day. Books that describe the long game being played by the 1% with their egregious strategy of boom and bust economics to further enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else, and the appalling terrorism wrought by the USA on the people of South Vietnam during the conflicts, (1 November 1955 – 30 April 1975), serving as an harrowing template for subsequent ‘economically engineered’ conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan etc, all of which are perversely spun in the media as the Wests attempts to ‘fight the war on terror’, but that result in a worsening of global terrorism, which ultimately leads to the stripping away of civil liberties in the Western world, the populace willfully trading their hard won democratic freedoms for the pretense of protection from the State…

Mark Crispin Miller, author and Professor of Media Studies at NYU, has initiated an extremely important publishing programme, starting with the five books that are discussed in the video interview featured below.

The initiative is entitled Forbidden Bookshelf and is being supported by Barnes and Noble and Amazon amongst others, so there’s several links that could be provided here. Instead, I suggest you do a little online research so that you can choose an alternate vendor should you decide to buy one or more of the titles available. But, here’s a list of some of the books within the series so that you can read reviews and make an informed choice about potential purchases.

Real News Sources

In addition to this I advocate looking at a few other resources for enlightenment on these and other subjects of critical importance:

Naomi Klein: Shock Doctrine, (published in 2006), and later made into a feature length documentary.

John Pilger: The War You Don’t See

Max Keiser: Financial War Reports Ex-financial trader exposes the multifarious large scale fraud that is impoverishing the 99% in regular installments via 25 minute videos.

Ross Ashcroft: Four Horsemen :: an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

Mark Curtis: Renowned British historian and analyst. He is the author of five books and numerous articles on British foreign policy. Regularly commissioned by agencies such as War On Want.

Mark Curtis published this article on 12 May 2017: Seven moderate foreign policies in Labour’s manifesto that are unacceptable to the extremist British elite

Carne Ross: The Leaderless Revolution

Michael Hudson

Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

The Young Turks

Jesse Eisinger

Electronic Frontier Foundation: “The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.”

Democracy Now!

Global Justice Now

Positive Money

These are just a few resources I use to get the real story of what is going on in the world. Please remember to share your best sources with me in the comments section, or via social media etc… Thanks.

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  1. Heidi Stephenson, writer and activist, has asked me to load the following links for her:

    International Times (which terms itself ‘the Newspaper of resistance’):

    Open Democracy, (whose tag line is ‘free thinking for the world’ and is used by journalists owing to their thorough approach to researching stories):

    Heidi has written the following piece about fox hunting, and has also asked me to share this here:

  2. The Accidental Anarchist | Carne Ross | TEDxSkoll

    “A former British diplomat in the lead up to the Iraq war, Carne experienced first-hand the lies and self-serving discourse of political power. After a profound crisis, he began a quest for a more just way of living together. In this moving and deeply personal talk, Carne explains what he discovered when he studied philosophies and visited communities from varied corners of the planet, and why he thinks anarchism is the best way forward.

    Carne Ross is a radical writer and thinker about world affairs who leads Independent Diplomat (ID), an innovative non-profit service that helps democratic governments and political groups use diplomacy to achieve justice. Their clients include the democratic Syrian opposition and the Marshall Islands which, with ID’s help, led a large coalition of countries to achieve a stronger UN climate agreement in Paris. Carne is a former senior British diplomat who resigned over the 2003 Iraq war.

    Having worked on Iraq/WMD for the UK for many years at the UN, the publication of his hitherto-secret testimony about the government’s lies helped create pressure for a full public inquiry into the war. Today, he writes and speaks about diplomacy and new forms of political action and democracy, in particular anarchism. He is the subject of a new feature documentary film Accidental Anarchist about his conversion from believer in government to anarchist, which will shortly be released globally.”

  3. Craig Murray definitely deserves to be included in this list for this alone: The Gross Dishonesty of the Mainstream Media on Catalonia ::

  4. I believe I should have had a section in this article devoted to those who have accurately predicted aspects of the future very accurately:

    Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (Venus Project)
    Doris Lessing
    George Orwell
    Aldus Huxley
    Margaret Atwood
    Edgar Cayce
    Noam Chomsky
    Barbara Hand Clow

    Please add more…

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